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BL Night with the Baltimore Orioles


Kathy Arnold, Head of Lower School, will be singing the national anthem!

Dyson Ehrhardt '59, Associate Headmaster for Development, will be throwing out the first pitch!

The Boys' Latin Alumni Association (AA) and the Boys’ Latin Parents’ Association (PA) once again will host a night at Oriole Park. The game will take place on Thursday, May 22 against the Cleveland Indians.  Tickets will cost just $13 with $5 going to the AA and PA.

Space will be limited to 200 tickets. Mark your calendars for another great night at the ball park!

Contact Mac Kennedy at for more information.  

Support BL's Senior Prom & Enjoy a Night Off from Cooking

Third Quarter Academic Honors

The upper school gathered on Thursday morning to celebrate the academic achievements of many members of the community for the 3rd quarter.  Students who made the Honor Roll and the Dean's List for the third quarter were publically recognized for the dedication and commitment that they have displayed.  Additionally, several students were called down and publically recognized for their improvement or effort during the third quarter by one of their teachers.  

This assembly is a perfect microcosm of our overall academic mission, as we continually strive to challenge students to achieve at the highest levels while at the same time recognizing and supporting the vital role that effort and improvement play in being a successful student.  This assembly provides an excellent short term goal for students for the fourth quarter.  For some, it's the incentive to try to make the Honor Roll or Dean's List for the first time, and for others it encourages them to improve their effort as the year comes to a close. 

Pictured above are seniors Casey Bordick, Michael Whitehurst, Jake Merrill and Jeremy Lange, along with junior Chas Collison who were all recognized by Ms. Mullally for their effort throughout the year in one of her math classes.  Also recognized for effort and improvement were freshman Alec Blume by his English teacher Mr. Barron, sophomores Ben Starkey and Shaumar Wilson by their Chemistry teacher Mr. Hilpert, and freshman Greg Ey by Mrs. Rosiak.  To the left are the Dean's List members of the junior class along with Mr. Franklin and Mr. Mitchell.  More photos from the Academic Honors Assembly for the 3rd quarter can be found on our SmugMug page. 

In our middle school, the student council and the 8th grade advisory delegates worked collectively to write and deliver a speech to the middle school student body during today's Academic Honors Assembly.  The speech reflects the student perspective on academic achievement, goal setting, and the purpose of recognizing students who have earned distinction.  Eight graders Brandon, Regan and Carrington presented the speech to their fellow students.  Please click here to view the speech.

In our lower school, students in grades four and five who achieved Effort Honor Roll were also recognized in assembly this week.  Congratulations to fourth-graders Michael and Luke and fifth-graders Elliot, Jack, Thomas, Ethan, Stefan, Charlie, Xander, Riar and Aidan. They are pictured with Lower School Head for the Day, Mr. Jack (more on this in a story below).
Prior to the introduction of the Effort Honor Roll certificate recipients, Mr. Post spoke with the boys about citizenship, which is our value of the month for April.

Studio 1 Art Students Gain "Perspective"


Here's a little bit of "perspective"... Studio 1 Art students teamed up for a "perspective contest."  By creating perspective drawings on the walls in Smith Hall using painters tape they practiced the skill of perspective needed when drawing landscapes and buildings.  Each group was responsible for coming up with a planned design and then executing the plan.  The goals were to create an interesting design, a believable depth and quality workmanship.

The contest winners were Garrett Glaeser, Jalen Milton, Tucker McGuffin and Andrew Hayes (in photo above)! More photos are available in SmugMug with parent login.

Junior-Senior Debate Recap

The annual Junior-Senior Debate provides an opportunity for three juniors and three seniors to go head to head in a public debate about an important national issue in front of the upper school community.  On Tuesday, the debate was held in the Gelston Athletid Center with faculty member Mr. Bowling presiding over the event.  Mr. Bowling, who is the faculty sponsor of the Debate Club, works extensively with the teams to research the issue at hand and then develop and craft thoughtful and persuasive arguments. 

The topic this year was whether marijuana should be legalized.  The senior team, consisting of Sean Horning, Travis White, and Tally Bruno were given the task of debating the affirmative (it should be legalized), while the junior team, consisting of Charley Hughes, Conner Ward, and Julian Baker debated the negative (it should not be legalized).  Students and faculty alike were impressed with the level of research that each presenter had put into their argument, and it was an energetic assembly full of rhetoric and passion.  In the end, the seniors were victorious, and congratulations to all participants, moderators, time-keepers and debate club members for their work in contributing to this debate!

Students Receive Response From the White House

In October, the 8th grade students participated in the Axis of Hope global awareness and conflict resolution program. They spent a day learning about and then debating different sides of the immigration issue. Two students, Chase Bailey and Will Krulak, chose to continue the work on this project and began composing a letter to the White House asking for change in the US immigration policy. In December, they started working on the task in earnest, meeting at lunch to puzzle through the various notes and papers from that fall day.  With guidance from Mrs. Brackins and Mr. Hopkins, Chase and Will worked through the letter writing process largely on their own.  The letter they composed on their own is a testament to their persistence and dedication.  On April 15 (Tax Day!) they received a  response from President Obama.  

Chase and Will were recognized for their work  at the recent Academic Honors Assembly. They read their letter and then Mr. Mollett read President Obama's response. The correspondence will be displayed proudly in the library along with the signed photo of the President. Congratulations to Chase and Will on their persistence and dedication to the task.

Please click here to read Chase and Will's letter.
Please click here to read President Obama's response.

Join Us & Bring Your Team

For the full flyer and registration form click here.

Alumn Returns to Teach Lower School Students about Taking Care of the Pearly Whites

Dr. Matthew Feild, Boys' Latin Class of 2002, visited assembly Tuesday morning to give us all a lesson on taking care of our teeth.  After graduation from BL, Matt went  on to Johns Hopkins, then to dental school, and now practices with his father in Feild Family Dentistry.  His highly entertaining presentation captured the attention of the boys, and we hear that they went home full of stories about what they learned!

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Y of Central Maryland Thanks BL

Today despite the heavy rain, the Y of Central Maryland held their “Send a Kid to Camp” kick-off event at Camden Yards.  Boys’ Latin was invited to attend in thanks for our donation of $2,000 from the dress down day in January leading up to our MLK Assembly.  Middle school boys Carrington and Ricky represented Boys' Latin with Director of Service Learning Susan Brown.  The boys were honored to meet Baltimore Orioles' outfielder Adam Jones who also supports the Y of Central Maryland's efforts to provide summer camp scholarships to area children.  In the photo below, Adam Jones takes a minute to sign a baseball for Ricky and a card for a friend! Thanks to all who helped BL to support our larger Maryland community.

Donate a Book & Build a Stronger Community in Maryland

Jack as Head of Lower School Today

Mrs. Arnold gets her instructions from Jack today who won an opportunity to be Head of Lower School as part of our BL annual Bull & Oyster Roast auction in the fall.

Dr. Jones on Racism as a Grandfather, Professor and Link to Literature

On Monday, the middle school was fortunate to host Dr. James Jones, Professor of Psychology at the University of Delaware.  Dr. Jones received his Ph.D. from Yale University, and his academic focus is understanding enduring racism and its impact.  Yesterday’s presentation was part of a broad discussion in the 6th grade around race and equality which is framed in a discussion of the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  BL 6th graders have just read this novelwhich is about racism in the depression-era south, so Dr. Jones perspective as the grandfather of a 6th grade student, professor and link to literature comes at just the right time.  Our boys had insightful questions and greeted Dr. Jones as one of the family with enthusiasm and warmth.  For more on Dr. Jones, click

Forensics Class Uses Maggots in Criminal Investigation Practices

Students in Jim Haluck's Forensics Honors course are exposed to a variety of materials throughout the year as they conduct their lab experiments.  This week, however, students were talking quite a bit about the new lab.  The lab, entitled Sarcophaga bullata, deals with meat and maggots in an attempt to determine if drugs were used by a hypothetical deceased human body.  Mr. Haluck explained "The boys in honors forensic sciences are loading their test tubes with drug laced ground beef and larvae of Sarcophaga bullata flies. These flies lay eggs on deceased humans and can be used to determine time of death and any drug use by the deceased individual. After about three days of feeding on the drug laced meat, the boys will extract the maggots and grind them to prepare their body fluids for thin layered chromatography analysis. The samples taken from maggots will be compared to reference drug Rf values for identification.  Honors Forensic Science class examines the scientific techniques used by criminal investigators in the laboratory to solve crimes. Boys enrolled spend 90% of their class time in the laboratory applying scientific concepts and theories to crime scene evidence."

The photograph shows Mr. Haluck dropping maggots into a meat filled test tube held by Matt Marshall, while lab partner Nick Morton looks on.  Matt and Nick are both juniors.  Nick said "It's weird using maggots, but how the science works is really interesting.  It's fun!"

The story was picked up by national press:
Digital Journal 4/15/14:
WNCT9 CBS 4/15/14:


Social Media and Video Games: A Brain Perspective

On Tuesday evening, BL was fortunate to host a discussion featuring Vincent P. Culotta, Ph.D.  Dr. Culotta is a Board Certified Neuropsychologist and President of NeuroBehavioral Associates. The discussion with Dr. Culotta focused on the impact of social media and video games among children and adolescents from a neuroscience perspective.  Drawing from his experience ranging from clinical and administrative positions in medical, rehabilitation, and private facilities including serving as Director of Neuropsychology in the Neurosurgery division at the University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center, Dr. Culotta was shared statistics, data and tips that suprised many yet were received with enthusiam by the group.

About 55 people attended the event in BL’s Alumni House.  The discussion was open to the public, and local area teachers, students, parents, school administrative leaders, and consultants were present to hear about functional changes in the brain during video game use, the relationship of video game use to real-life violence, issues of desensitization to violence, and data on the use of social networking. 

Dr. Culotta cited shocking statistics like on texting:
- 3417 is the average number of texts a 13-17 year old boy or girl exchanges per month (Source: Nielsen)
- More than a quarter of teens in the current sample reported sending a naked picture of themselves to another teen, and more than half have been asked to send one.  (Source: Journal of the American Medical Association - Pediatrics, September 2012) 

His advice for parents is:
- Don't wait for an incident to happen to your child before you talk about the consequences of sexting.
-Remind your kids that once an image is sent, it can never be retrieved - and they will lose control of it. Ask teens how they would feel if their teachers, parents, or the entire school saw the picture, because that happens all the time.
- Talk about pressures to send revealing photos. Let teens know that you understand how they can be pushed or dared into sending something. Tell them that no matter how big the social pressure is, the potential social humiliation can be hundreds of times worse.
- Teach your children that the buck stops with them. If someone sends them a photo, they should delete it immediately. It's better to be part of the solution than the problem. Besides, if they do send it on, they're distributing pornography - and that's against the law.
- Check out That’s not It's a fabulous site that gives kids the language and support to take texting and cell phone power back into their own hands. It's also a great resource for parents who are uncomfortable dealing directly with this issue.
- Set rules. Do you let your kids drive drunk? Do you let them ride in the car with no seat belts? So why give them something as dangerous as a cell phone and not establish rules? Start random checks of the phone (yes, you'll need to learn how to use it), and go through everything on it regularly.
- Take away the cell phone. Drastic, yes, but sometimes necessary when nothing else is working. If you truly don't trust your child, why would you trust them with a tool they can use to bully others? And to those who argue that their kids "need" cell phones - oh, come on now. Really? Fine. Then get them the most basic model possible, with no texting capabilities.
- Google search your child’s name in quotations “Jane Doe.”  You may be surprised what you find.

On video games, Dr. Culotta had more startling data, and his summary is that video games…
- Suppress brain centers supporting reasoning, logic, and self-regulation
- Activate brain centers associated with aggression, arousal, addiction , and reward
- May leave a “neural signature” for hours after play ends
- May desensitize brain’s reaction to violence

Violent Video Games…
- Increased aggressive behavior
- Increased aggressive thoughts and fantasies
- Increased argumentativeness with peers, teachers and parents
- Increased hostile attribution bias
- Increased levels of depression, anxiety and social phobia
- Increased likelihood of being a victim of aggression
- Decreased academic performance
- Decreased empathy and prosocial behavior

Dr. Culotta provided the following warning signs of abnormal, unhealthy use of video games:
- Playing for > 20 or more hours per week
- Spending less time doing other activities (sports, playing, outdoor activities)
- Becoming more anxious or depressed
- Hiding the fact that they are playing
- Making increased references to video games
- Lying about doing homework or chores
- Thinking and believing they can solve problems by implementing something seen in a video game.

Home Strategies for Parents (Larry Silver MD, 2008):
- Parents must be the ones to set and enforce limits — especially with children who have already become use to video-game overuse.
- Parents must first agree on a set of rules.
- Sit down with your child to discuss the rules and explain how they’ll be enforced
- Remember that while a new game will sometimes completely consume your kids, the novelty will pass and other pursuits will eventually hold more appeal.
- Do whatever is necessary to encourage and support your child's participation in other activities. If your child doesn't seem to be interested in anything other than video games, you might encourage him to read books with fantasy themes.
- Control video game spending:  Video games, consoles and online video game subscriptions are expensive. To keep costs down, you can rent or borrow games and consoles.
- Your kids are much more likely to follow your advice if you show them you are genuinely interested in their video game playing.
- When your kids are young, choose video games for them. Look for games that don't contain violence or stereotyping. Talk to other parents for advice and suggestions of good games.
- Always check the rating and content descriptors on a game before renting or buying it.
- As they get older, talk to your kids about the games and be there when they buy or rent them.<
- If possible, have your computer or video game console in a public area of your house so you can closely monitor what your kids are playing.

For more information on Dr. Culotta and his practice go to NeuroBehavioral Associates is a “specialty consultation practice serving children, adolescents and adults with comprehensive neuropsychological, referral services, and educational consultation.  NBA is located in Columbia, Maryland.“ 

Dr. Culotta graciously shared his presentation slides with Boys’ Latin and the audience.  If you would like to have a copy of the full presentation, please contact Sara Rosiak at  Boys’ Latin thanks Dr. Culotta for an insightful and helpful presentation, and the BL Parents’ Association together with Sara Rosiak and our Educational Support Services group for organizing and supporting this presentation.

Spring has Sprung! Spring Concert: April 24th

Robotics Team Ends Season in Top 10

The upper school robotics season came to an end on Saturday afternoon at the Chesapeake Regional  at the University of Maryland College Park.  The team and the robot performed very well throughout the Friday and Saturday qualifying matches, with a 10th place overall FRC ranking, 10th highest overall match score average, and 12th highest autonomous score average.  Fifty-four  teams participated in the event, hailing from Ontario, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Mrs. Kellerman said, “I am in awe of the individual and collective efforts of this team of students and parents who spent countless hours in the lab designing, building and testing the robot.  This team clearly understands that excellence comes from preparation, dedication, focus and tenacity and that compromising any of these results in average rather than excellent performance. Individually and collectively, students and coaches alike brought a new and reenergized supply of this mission critical mindset with them each and every day.”

Congratulations to the students; their hard work and long hours paid off!

Special recognition to the following team members:

Anthony North

Bob Schwartz

Charley Hughes

Derrick Thomas

Grant Iodice

Greg Bennett

Harry Purdue

Jason Price

Jeff Ring

Jim Haluck

Josiah Bedford

Lemoine Vilceus

Logan Atkinson

Logan Atkinson

Matthew Bennett

Michael Chalawksy

Michael Hopkins

Michael Knott

Nick Aucoin

Noah Vilceus

Parker Hawkins

Ryan Trupia

Trey Burrell


Photos of the event can be found on our SmugMug page. 


Join Us for a discussion of "Social Media and Video Games: A Brain Perspective"

A special invitation to BL families and the community--
Join us for a discussion of
Social Media and Video Games: A Brain Perspective

Featuring Vincent P. Culotta Ph. D.Board Certified Neuropsychologist
President, NeuroBehavioral Associates
Tuesday April 8, 2014
7:00 – 8:00pm
Smith Alumni House, North Campus

What is the impact of social media and video games among children and adolescents from a neuroscience perspective?  Learn about:
- functional changes in the brain during video game use
- the relationship of video game use to real-life violence
- issues of desensitization to violence
- console-based and internet-based video games, particularly violent video games
- the implications of role-play games, multi-user role-play games, and other interactive strategy games
- data on the use of networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Tumblr
- information on texting/sexting and safety for adolescents
- resources for more information and game ratings

Watch Live - BL Robotics in the Chesapeake Regional Competition This Weekend

This weekend the upper school robotics team competes in the FIRST FRC Chesapeake Regional competition. This year's event is being held at the University of Maryland College Park.  Our Team Number is 2534.  

Watch the Lakers via the web at:

Follow the results:

Follow us in theses matches:

Friday, April 4Q17 - 10:36 AM
Q27 - 11:36 AM
Q34 -1:24 PM
Q39 -1:54 PM
Q51 - 3:06 PM
Q62 - 4:12 PM
Q71 - 5:06 PM

Saturday, April 5Q79 - 9:42 AM
Q90 - 10:48 AM
Q97 - 10:30 AM


Spring Break in Ecuador - Part II of BL's Exchange

Ecuador 2014

Boys’ Latin-Colegio Menor Exchange Program

Through the leadership of World Language Department Chair Kristen Tubman, six Boys’ Latin students traveled with to Quito, Ecuador over spring break.  This is a reciprocal trip after BL hosted five students from Colegio Menor school in February – for more on that visit see our Feb 6, 2014 All School News story.  While in Ecuador, BL students attended classes at Colegio Menor and stayed with the families of the young men who visited us here in Baltimore two months ago.  They also did many other activities including volunteering in a senior center, touring Quito on a double-decker bus, visiting the “Mitad del Mundo” (Equator), bathing in hot springs, going to an indigenous market and more.  After their 10 day abroad experience, the boys returned home not just with souvenirs, but expanded knowledge and lifelong experiences.  Miss Tubman commented “we had a wonderful trip.  What amazing experiences and memories the guys are bringing back with them.”  On the way home, the boys wrote personal reflections on the exchange experience; below are excerpts:

Luke Edwards:
Overall I think the Ecuadorian exchange was a great idea and all around well done.  I am very glad the Ecuadorians got a chance to see snow when they were here in Baltimore. ...I personally had a blast on the trip to Ecuador.  A highlight of this trip was Nate and I going around to Adrian and Mateo's classes together forming relationships with teachers and students alike.  Going to a different not only country but continent can be a little scary at least for me because it was my first time.  I bought many gifts including a giant stuffed llama for my sister and a bracelet for my mom.  Although not speaking much Spanish (but trying my hardest to when I could I think), I gained a further understanding of the language which is what I was hoping to get out of the trip in full.  ...This trip was one of the most exciting things I've done in my life, and I will remember it for the rest of my life too.  I had many people while leaving telling me to come back one day, and I hope to see them again one day too.

Grant Iodice:
The whole experience overall was great.  I felt I really learned a lot about the Ecuadorian culture and of South America as a whole. Colegio Menor was interesting.  It was very similar to Boys' Latin, yet had several differences as well. ...My favorite place we went to was the hot springs because it was so relaxing.  However, the highlight of the trip was going to Arturo's cousin's farm.  It was fantastic there. My host family was really generous to me.  

Nate King:
The trip to Ecuador was a really great experience. I had a great time learning about the very different culture of Ecuador, and I think the students from Ecuador had a good time coming to Baltimore.  Most of the trips we took in Ecuador were very interesting.  I liked seeing the many different landscapes throughout the country.  One of my favorite trips was the hot springs, and overall my favorite part was the one weekend we had there. … We got to see what the kids do on the weekend, and that was what I was the most curious about.

Ikechi Ndukwu:
Since this was my second year going, my expectations were higher than last year as I drew from my past, good experience.  I did find that the trip was fun as well as enlightening.  The visits in Baltimore and Ecuador did a good job of showing the best parts of the cities and countries with education and entertaining parts in them too.

Jonathan Sembly:
The trip was really fun and most certainly enjoyable. All of the activities that we took part in were fun, beautiful and relaxing.  Personally I believe that this is a very good trip for students to experience a different culture as well as see what it's like in another country.  The students at Colegio Menor are nice and the teachers are as well.  Living with the host families allowed us to see what a typical "day in the life" is like and allowed us to try some traditional and local meals.  Also the different fresh juices and fruits that we don't have in the states are nice to have.

Michael Shortt:
Overall I felt that the trip was very fun and was composed of many interesting activities.  …The student body at Colegio Menor was very inclusive when it came to conversations and fun things to do which I greatly appreciated.  It made that little time I actually spent at the school very enjoyable.  …I felt the hot springs were a very good trip in addition to going to Otavalo.

Kristen Tubman:
In Ecuador, all of the host families were wonderful and caring, and the host boys got along very well with the visitors.  Many thanks to all of the parties involved in making this exchange happen, especially:
- CMSFQ:  Juan Carlos Casares - Director of Student Life (primary coordinator); Santiago Naranjo - ninth-grade Spanish teacher (chaperone to Baltimore); Nicole George - College Counselor (personal friend and host for Kristen); and host families!
- BL:  Brian Mitchell - US Head of Student Life (administration support and contact); Trish Fallon, Marie Scheurich and Trish Rogers in Finance; the World Language Department; Robin Smith, Steve Dubin, the upper school faculty, and all BL host families!

For more photos, go to

Upper School Teacher Eric Whitehair recognized by Center for Jewish Education

The Center for Jewish Education has recognized faculty member Eric Whitehair as an outstanding educator this year, which puts Mr. Whitehair in the running for a named award.  The Center for Jewish Education seeks to promote a committment to excellence in education by people who play a large role in the Baltimore Jewish community.  Mr. Whitehair teaches World Religions I and II and is the faculty leader of the Jewish Awareness Club.  Mr. Whitehair, with typical humility, noted that the club has been able to achieve great things this year "because of amazing student leadership".  Congratulations to Mr. Whitehair!

New Date for the Junior Car Wash


BL Robotics Pittsburgh Regionals

Last weekend the Robotics Team headed to Pittsburgh for FIRST® Robotics Competition.   The competition featured 48 robot teams, with BL finishing 6th in overall average match points, 8th in average autonomous points and 24th in the event rankings.  Anne Kellerman,Director of Technology Programs,who travelled with the team over the weekend said,"While we return with no "hardware" (other than a van full of actual hardware and the robot) we return having competed successfully from start to finish.

Competitors were impressive and technically sophisticated group, coming from from as far south as Miami, Florida and as far north as Canada.  The boys and the robot performed with well and with precision.  During the competition Mrs. Kellerman reported there were no component failures and only minor mechanism adjustments along the way. The team successfully deployed their “scouting app” and shared results with other teams who sought the team’s advice on developing one for their team.  The app was design with the help of junior Michael Knott and Academic Technology Director, Annemarie Merow, who helped make improvements and adjustments to the app for this year's game.

After long days at the competition the boys were sure to take in all that Pittsburgh had to offer.  Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, they went to dinner at a Steelers themed sports grill  one evening and sported their Baltimore Ravens wear.

The team is looking forward to competing again this weekend (April 3, 4, 5)  in the Chesapeake Regional at the University of Maryland College Park.

Photos are available on our SmugMug page!

BL Night with the Baltimore Orioles

The Boys' Latin Alumni Association (AA) and the Boys’ Latin Parents’ Association (PA) once again will host a night at Oriole Park. The game will take place on Thursday, May 22 against the Cleveland Indians.  Tickets will cost just $13 with $5 going to the AA and PA.

Space will be limited to 200 tickets. Mark your calendars for another great night at the ball park!

Contact Mac Kennedy at for more information.  


Watch Live - BL Robotics in the Pittsburgh Regional Competition This Weekend

This weekend the upper school robotics team competes in the 2014 Greater Pittsburgh Regional FIRST FRC competition at California University of Pennsylvania, located near Pittsburgh.  You can watch our Lakers via the webcast at: Our Team Number is 2534, and our match times are:
Q6 - 9:40 AM
Q10 - 10:13 AM
Q18 - 11:09 AM
Q26 - 1:05 PM
Q49 - 3:51 PM
Q61 -5:15 PM
Q72 - 10:06 AM
Q80 - 11:02 AM
Q85 - 11:42 AM

Athletic Awards

Click here or Athletic News to see the full article and photos from this week's celebration of fall and winter athletic awards.

Reminder: Discussion of "Social Media and Video Games: A Brain Perspective"

A special invitation to BL families and the community--
Join us for a discussion of
Social Media and Video Games: A Brain Perspective

Featuring Vincent P. Culotta Ph. D.Board Certified Neuropsychologist
President, NeuroBehavioral Associates
Tuesday April 8, 2014
7:00 – 8:00pm
Smith Alumni House, North Campus

What is the impact of social media and video games among children and adolescents from a neuroscience perspective?  Learn about:
- functional changes in the brain during video game use
- the relationship of video game use to real-life violence
- issues of desensitization to violence
- console-based and internet-based video games, particularly violent video games
- the implications of role-play games, multi-user role-play games, and other interactive strategy games
- data on the use of networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Tumblr
- information on texting/sexting and safety for adolescents
- resources for more information and game ratings

Congratulations to Walker Santos '17


Freshman Walker Santos was recently awarded a Youth Leadership Corps (YLC) summer scholarship from Outward Bound Baltimore.  Walker was chosen along with 7 other students from across Baltimore to receive the scholarship.  Outward Bound noted that this year's applicant pool was the largest and most qualified in the history of the YLC, so congratulations to Walker!  The summer scholarship opportunity will allow Walker to participate in a 14 day backpacking and caneoing trip in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia.  


Two Sophomores Reach State Finals for Writing Contest

Dom Maggio

Matt Lugat

Each year the Letters About Literature contest seeks to encourage young readers in grades 4-12 to write to an author through a letter expressing how that author and book changed their worldview and themselves.  The Letters About Literature program is administered nationally by the Library of Congress and at the state level by the Maryland Humanities Council.

This year, we are honored to announce that sophomores Dom Maggio and Matt Lugat were both named finalists in this exciting state wide contest - way to go Dom and Matt!

Alumni Luncheon – FBI, Corruption, Mafia & Undercover Operations…plus Dessert

On Thursday, March 13th Former FBI Agent Butch Hodgson ’61 returned to his roots at Boys’ Latin.  It was a treat to have Mr. Hodgson at the BL Alumni Luncheon as our featured speaker and hear his story of fighting corruption in politics in Baltimore.  Many of his classmates plus a few young alumni on spring break from college, staff and friends attended and lingered for questions and greetings.

Hodgson was mentioned in The Baltimore Sun by Dan Rodricks in his Dec 28, 2013 column Abscam and 'American Hustle' have Baltimore lineage.  1970s FBI corruption sting in city pre-dated operation that is basis of motion picture.

Hodgson described moving from Detroit back to Baltimore in 1974 to work on the local FBI Organized Crime Squad.  With the arrest of con man and hustler Salvatore Spinnato, Butch gained the opportunity for access inside secret deals.  Together with partner Ron Miller, Butch created a new undercover, sting-style operation in order to prove extortion and other corrupt practices in state and local government.  This investigative approach led to key arrests, trials and convictions in 1975-77 in Baltimore; his experience and advice were key in deploying the new sting approach on the much broader scale, Abscam in NY/NJ/PA.  As a result of the Abscam sting, six U.S. representatives, a senator, and many other local officials were convicted of bribery.  With recent publicity for the movie “American Hustle,” we are reminded not only of the Abscam sting but its roots in Baltimore.

Brighton Beach Brings Bravos!

“Bravo to Gina Molling and the cast and crew of Brighton Beach Memoirs.”  The play was fantastic.  Carson Rehfield was a perfect Eugene Morris Jerome.  You can just hear Carson in lines like, ‘It was a tense moment for everybody.  I love tense moments, especially when I'm not the one they're all tense about.’ "  “I had tears in my eyes from laughing and tears in my eyes from crying. The actors are fantastic and truly believable.”  These are some of the accolades heard on campus for Brighton Beach Memoirs.

BL junior Max Marshall did a fantastic job as the student Director.  We thoroughly enjoyed sharing his interesting perspective and reflections in an earlier All School News article on March 11th and encourage you to scroll down if you have not had a chance to read that.  Max, Artistic & Managing Director Gina Molling, the cast and the crew all did an outstanding job bringing full dimension to this play.  They worked their magic so that seven students filled the room with both laughter and poignancy. 

Set in Brooklyn, NY in September of 1937 with WWII looming as a backdrop, Brighton Beach Memoirs is Neil Simon’s autobiographical portrait of a young writer dreaming of baseball and girls while enduring his extended family in a cramped apartment.  The cast artfully revealed themes of financial stress, death, hard work, hope, dreams, sibling bonds and battles, disappointment, anger, dignity, principles and adolescence.  Ms. Molling mentioned that one of her favorite lines was when Kate (the mom) lost her temper screaming “Put the cookie on the table!  Put the cookie on the table.”  Audiences agreed as they erupted in laughter.

The last performance is tonight, so we hope you have a chance to catch it.  Tickets are sold out, and there were full-house performances each night so far.  Many more professional photos are available at with a BL community login.

From the Gina Molling at the Theater Arts Desk -- "Please join me in congratulating Max Marshall and the student actors and crew members listed below for a fabulous performance and experience in our spring play, Brighton Beach Memoirs!"

Director..............................................................Max Marshall
Artistic & Managing Director................................Gina Molling
Assistant Director................................................Myles Cohen
Stage Manager....................................................Anastasia Jeffries & Richy Wiklund
Set Designers......................................................Dan Hicks, Max Marshall & Gina Molling
Set Builders.........................................................Dan Hicks, Paul Shapanus, Ryan Hitt, Elliott King,
                                                                                                   Matthew Manzoni, Will Page & Andrew Samm
Lights and Sound.................................................Jonthan Sembly, Michael Knott, Jason Price
Scenic Artists.......................................................Sarah Molling, Julian Baker, Hunter Legg & Max Marshall
Cast Photographer...............................................Larry Canner
Program..............................................................Jill Trupia

Cast of Characters
Blanche..............................................................Katie Nisbet
Eugene...............................................................Carson Rehfield
Jack...................................................................Matt Attman
Kate...................................................................Ellie Profaci
Laurie................................................................Teresa Norman
Nora..................................................................Holly Hutton
Stanley..............................................................Julian Baker

Senior Student Athlete Media Event

This week Boys’ Latin held a media event to recognize and celebrate seniors who have been invited and agreed to play for a college team.  The BL community would like to congratulate the following senior student athletes for their effort and dedication to academic and athletic success here at Boys' Latin. Many of these boys are multi-sport athletes who have been instrumental to the success of many BL teams.  We are proud of these young men for their accomplishments and wish them well as they head off to their colleges and universities in the fall.

Seated (left to right):

Brian Becker - Roanoke College (soccer)
Frederick Bopst – St. Francis PA (football)
Jordan Brooks – Salisbury University (basketball)
Austin Brown - University of Richmond (lacrosse)
Tally Bruno - Johns’ Hopkins University (lacrosse)
Liam Burman - Denison University (lacrosse)
Colin Chell - Ohio State University (lacrosse)
Brady Dashiell - Furman University (lacrosse)
Colin Dempsey- St. Mary's College (lacrosse)

Middle Row Standing (left to right):

Evan Dohler – University of Maryland Baltimore County (lacrosse)
Nick Gesualdi - Cornell University (football)
Christopher Lobo - Wheaton College (lacrosse)
Patrick McManus - Washington College (lacrosse)
Jake Merrill - Mount St. Mary's College (lacrosse)
Hunter Moreland - Johns Hopkins University (lacrosse)
Hugh Mosko – University of Michigan (lacrosse)
Tyler Moyer- High Point College (lacrosse)
Keegan O'Connor – University of Maryland College Park (lacrosse)
James Parker- Sewanee, The University of the South (lacrosse)


Back Row Standing (left to right):

Riley Peters - Fairfield University (lacrosse)
David Pisanic - University of Maryland Baltimore County (lacrosse)
Shack Stanwick - Johns Hopkins University (lacrosse)
Michael Whitehurst – Susquehanna University (football)
Bennett Wisner - Loyola University Maryland (golf)



“General” Rules for Success

This morning BL’s upper school and eighth-grade boys had the privilege of hearing from General Charles C. Krulak, President of Birmingham Southern College.  Gen. Krulak has an impressive background:

- retired commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps
- with military honors including the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star Medal, three Bronze Star medals, two Purple Heart Medals, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the French Legion of Honor, among many others
- former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
- past chairman and chief executive officer of MBNA Europe Bank in Chester, England
- past vice chairman and chief administrative officer of MBNA America Bank N.A.
- co-chairman of the Founders Group of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation
- serves on the boards of the ranging from the Cleveland Browns and Aston Villa Football Club of professional soccer's English Premier League to  Union Pacific Corp., the medical school for the U.S. Armed Forces and more
- member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Hope for the Warriors, Human Rights First, and Officer Christian Fellowship

Gen. Krulak has worked closely with Presidents Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Clinton.  From this, you can understand that he lives with the gusto evident in his statement, “life is not a dress rehearsal…don’t ever let anyone limit you.  Don’t believe the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

This background is impressive indeed, yet Gen. Krulak is humble.  He began by telling the boys that they are lucky to go to BL, “a school with an outstanding reputation throughout the nation.”  Gen. Krulak noted that he regrets dropping out of high school for professional surfing and losing two years.  One can easily see that he lost no time catching up; he graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy, earned his bachelor's degree in engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and master's degree in labor relations at the George Washington University.  

Gen. Krulak defines success as being a man or woman of character.  With the BL core values of courage, compassion and integrity in our minds, we could all see Headmaster Post smile as Gen. Krulak described his view of the essential elements of character:

  1. selflessness – Be there for each other and get the job done no matter who gets the credit.
  2. moral courage – Don’t let others define you and don’t be afraid to speak the truth.
  3. integrity – Your word is your bond.  No one can take away your integrity, so don’t give it away.

Gen. Krulak pointed out that the boys already have gifts including intelligence (or they would not be here in this school).  However, “character is a choice.”  Winners or heroes do not inspire or stand the test of time if they cheat.  He asked the boys to look at who inspires them and notice that character is most likely at that person’s core.  A student asked Gen. Krulak who inspires him; he said his dad (who served in WWII and Korea), his mom (who raised three boys largely on her own) and a dear friend (who is his moral compass).

The boys had questions about Gen. Krulak’s military experience.  He also pointed out that education is different than training because “training is preparation for the expected, and education is preparation for the unexpected.”  He encouraged the boys to get everything out of their experience here at BL – to drain every last bit of information out of their teachers.  Gen. Krulak paused and spoke pointedly to the boys “because you are our future leaders.”

Gen. Krulak and his wife of 50 years have two sons.  They love this chapter in their lives working with students at Birmingham Southern College.  Gen. Krulak is the uncle of Lower School Technology Coordinator Debi Krulak and her husband Bill and great uncle to lower and middle school students.  

Many thanks to Brent Hilpert for arranging to bring General Krulak to BL’s campus for this wonderful opportunity!  For additional information on Gen. Krulak, see his full bio at  

Watch General Krulak's Speech here:  

Part 1:

Part 2:


Chorus Sings to Hampden

Yesterday, the middle school and upper school choruses visited the United Methodist Church in Hampden to perform in their Lenten Concert Series.  The concert was a short production of about 40 minutes long, and a wonderful afternoon refresher for those who attended.

The upper school chorus sang songs ranging from “spirituals” like “Ain’t Judging No Man” to pop-culture songs like Bruno Mars “When I Was Your Man.”  Next, the middle school chorus sang a similar range of genres, starting with the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” and a version of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”  Mrs. Anderson, spoke between songs about the tonal ranges of both sections, noting that the middle school boys voices provide a higher range, while for the most part the upper school boys provide deeper voices that are developing into stronger singing voices.  Videos of their perfomances have been posted on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

Students will be performing next at the Roland Park Area Arts Festival at Friends on Thursday, April 3.


Dodge For A Cure Event Clobbers Cystic Fibrosis


Last Friday, students from the Baltimore area came together to “Dodge For A Cure”  to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The event was presented by Kelly & Associates Insurance Group and is a kick off to the Great Strides Hunt Valley Walk on May 4, 2014 at the Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  

The numbers are in from last Friday and are incredibly impressive! 600 students from 20+ Baltimore area schools came together and raised over $10,000 -- now, that is some serious team work!  Participating schools/groups included:

Beth Tfiloh
Boys’ Latin
Bryn Mawr
Calvert Hall
Dulaney High
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Garrison Forest

Institute of Notre Dame
Notre Dame Prep
Ridgely Middle
Roland Park Country School
St. Paul’s
St. Paul’s for Girls
Towson High

For more information visit the Great Strides Hunt Valley event site.

Perspective on "Brighton Beach Memoirs" from BL Junior Max Marshall, the Director

My first show as a director of Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs opens this week.  As I look back to reflect on my first experience as a director, I realize just how far I have come.  For the past five years, I have acted, stage managed, and assistant directed eight shows beginning with the production of Othello when I was in the seventh grade.  Throughout my five years, I have always admired and respected the student directors and was thrilled with the opportunity to direct this play.

I chose Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs, because I really love the comedy aspects of this crazy, dysfunctional 1930s New York family.  Simon’s dialogue captures the essence of the human spirit while also highlighting the meaning of family.  Although the undertones are serious, Eugene’s character lightens the mood and the tone of the circumstances allowing for the audience to remember back to when they were young, hopeful, and naive.

I have come to realize that directing is a long, educational journey.  I cannot believe how much I have learned about myself, my cast, and the theatre process.  My journey began with selecting the play.  I read many scripts, and, finally, selected Brighton Beach Memoirs for the quality of the characters and the story line.  The process proceeded on to the auditions, which was one of the hardest tasks that I have ever undertaken.  I made decisions which altered the course of my peers for the next six weeks of their lives.  I felt my responsibility!  The next six weeks presented itself with a whirlwind of responsibilities, such as:  meeting to discuss and analysis the meaning of the play, directing the actors, deciding on music, programs, lights, costumes, props, blocking, set build development, and conducting the dry techs.  Mrs. Molling’s mentorship was invaluable to me as she coached me through the long, hard process.  I feel grateful to her and to the school for offering such a program.

In the final analysis, directing a play is a rewarding and enriching experience.  I have learned that I can make strong decisions, delegate responsibilities, work with people in different professional fields, and direct the synthesis of a Theater Arts production.  Although exhausting at times, heading the production for Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs has been a truly, unique experience that I will cherish for many years to come.  This experience pushed me to the limits and beyond where I discovered the true measure of my capabilities.

Diversity Rocks!

Many thanks to upper school teacher Kristen Tubman for working with the Diversity Club to sponsor a wonderful coffeehouse event last night with excellent performances of dance, singing and instrumentals. There were about 40 people in attendance from BL and Oldfields schools. Special thanks go out to the club leadership: Jarek Hardy, Michael Chalawsky, Michael Hopkins, Andrew Hairston, Justin Williams and Ikechi Ndukwu.


World Read Aloud Day

Five years ago the international nonprofit LitWorld designated the first Wednesday in March as "World Read Aloud Day" to enlist parents, students, teachers, and communities across the globe in the fight against illiteracy.  There are more than 793 million people worldwide who cannot read. Wednesday, March 5, third graders ventured up the hill to the middle school where they were read aloud to by seventh and eighth graders and by middle school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Brackins, who read to the entire group in Spanish. It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved!


Box Office Open

From the Theatre Arts Desk........

Support our Theatre Arts!
Support our Theatre Arts Students!
Grab Your Tickets!
Box Office Open!
BL's Student Directed, Spring Production of
Brighton Beach Memoirs

Tickets sold in the upper school lobby!
7:30 AM - 8:00 AM 
During Lunch Times

$5.00 students/$7.00 adults

Brighton Beach Memoirs Opens
Wednesday, March 12th - Friday, March 14th
7 PM Curtain
The Sheridan Studio

Senior Night!
Tuesday, March 11th at 6 PM
All Seniors Invited to Attend
Success for BL Model UN!

This past weekend, the Boys’ Latin Model United Nations (BLMUN) team traveled to the University of Delaware to attend HenMUN II.  Our twelve delegates debated modern issues such as the current crisis in Ukraine and corruption and paramilitary actions in South America, as well as historical topics like the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople and the underground communist movement in the United States during the Cold War.  The delegates worked alone in General Assemblies, Economic and Social Councils, and Crisis Committees.  In these committees, delegates represented Turkey, Peru, Lebanon, and various historical figures.  Team Coach Mac McDonald said “it really is cool to see our guys get into character, give speeches, draft resolutions, and start wheeling and dealing in a room full of their peers.”

The trip was the most successful in club history with three delegates winning awards.  Max Marshall won an Honorable Mention in the conference’s premier crisis committee, The Sleepers.  Michael Ostendorf also received an Honorable Mention in the Historic General Assembly on the Six Days War, and Nick Morton was recognized as the Outstanding Delegate for his excellence in the G20 Summit.  HenMUN was a great experienced for all those who attended.  The team also thanks Mike Hopkins for his dedication and good work as a Model UN delegate for all four of his years in the upper school.

This was the last tournament of the regular season.  Stay tuned for the possibility of one new event under consideration.  To wrap up, Coach McDonald proudly describes the MUN club as “a great group of guys.  Most importantly, they are all a part of the club for the right reasons and are willing to do what it takes to succeed - whether that's writing extra papers outside of class or scouring foreign news sources for the latest updates.”  Congratulations to the entire team on their success. 


Announcing BL's Summer "Drawing & Painting" Camp

One Book, One BL Discussion a Success!

BL's annual "One Book, One BL" discussion took place Thursday night in the upper school and was a great success with about 70 participants.  Many thanks to librarian Claire Ricci for her tireless work in promoting and planning this event, and thanks to the boys and faculty that read the book and came out to the discussion.  Claire provided this recap...

"Single digit temperatures in February did not put a chill on our 'One School, One Book' event which gathers students, teachers, parents, and staff across the BL community for an evening of book discussion.  Escape From Camp 14 by Blaine Harden details Shin Dong-Hyuk's remarkable escape from one of North Korea's most horrendous prison camps - Camp 14.  This harrowing read, supported by near daily news coverage of North Korea, prompted energetic yet sobering discussion as participants grappled with possible repercussions for human rights violations, the responsibilities of the global community, the role of propaganda, and our own personal obligation to stand up to a brutal dictatorship."



Baltimore Jewish Times Coverage - "History Lesson"

The Baltimore Jewish Times recently included a good article by Heather Norris entitled "History Lesson:  Boys’ Latin hosts Holocaust survivor."  Included here is an excerpt, and for the full article go to

"Rubin Sztajer tells Boys’ Latin students and staff that surviving the Nazi concentration camps was 'the greatest miracle in the world.'  Dozens of boys packed into the school theater at the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland to listen to Holocaust survivor Rubin Sztajer’s story.

“You people are the future of this country,” Sztajer, an 88-year-old native of Poland, told the standing-room-only crowd assembled in front of him. “You go home to your parents, tell them how you feel about them, how lucky you are to have parents, grandparents, siblings.”

"The Feb. 11 talk was hosted by the school’s Jewish Awareness Club in conjunction with The Louise D. & Morton J. Macks Center for Jewish Education’s Teens Can Identify program. What began as 15 kids interested in hosting a Holocaust talk quickly grew to around 60, said the CJE’s Zack Pomerantz.

"Sztajer began by describing the events that led up to his being taken from his family. ..."

Lower School Goes to Space with Skydome


On Monday morning, the Skydome Planetarium (part of Mobile Ed Productions) arrived in the Iglehart Gym.  The inflatable, silvery dome seats up to 90 students and projects high-definition stars, constellations, and even characters from Greek-mythology.  Through the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ the students enjoyed the 45 minute presentation full of over 120,000 stars, the moon, and the entire solar system. Students from grades K-5 were also guided through the night sky in different seasons and from different global perspectives from the Northern Hemisphere.

For more information on the Skydome Planetarium visit here.

"Dodge for a Cure" on ABC2News

Click the following link to see a story on ABC2News about the upcoming "Dodge for a Cure" event:

Dodge For A Cure

Proceeds benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Presented by Kelly & Associates Insurance Group
Kick off to the Great Strides Hunt Valley Walk

This repeats an All School News posting from January 31st - The Maryland Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) announces an exciting event, the 2nd Annual Dodge for a Cure, an area middle and high school co-ed dodge ball tournament.  Students will form co-ed teams and compete, while enjoying food, T-shirts, prizes, raffles and music.  Proceeds from this event will go toward CFF.

When: Friday, March 7, 2014
Where: Boys’ Latin School
Cost: $10 per person
Time: 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Teams must consist of a minimum of 6 players and a max of 10.  All schools are welcome. Participating schools to date include:  Boys’ Latin, Bryn Mawr, Friends, Garrison Forest, Gilman, Notre Dame Prep, Roland Park Country, St. Paul’s School for Boys , St. Paul’s School for Girls, Calvert Hall, Pikesville High, Towson High, and Loyola HighPikesville Recreation and Fellowship of Christian Athletes will also be represented.  Contact Adam Osborn to join the BL team (

This event is a kick off to the Great Strides Hunt Valley Walk scheduled for May 4, 2014 at the Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  Great Strides is the CFF’s largest national fundraiser; in 2013, Great Strides raised nearly $40 million nationwide and nearly $1.2 million in Maryland, in critical funds to support lifesaving cystic fibrosis research, education and care.

Funds raised through Great Strides help spur dramatic progress in the lives of those who have CF.  Fifty years ago, most children with CF did not live long enough to attend elementary school.  Today, people with CF are living into their 30’s, 40’s and beyond.  CF is a fatal genetic disease that afflicts 30,000 adults and children in the United States and 70,000 people worldwide.  It causes debilitating lung infections that lead to premature death.  More than 10 million Americans are symptomless carriers of the CF gene.

About Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is the world’s leader in the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis.  The Foundation funds more CF research than any other organization, and nearly every CF drug available today was made possible because of Foundation support.  Based in Bethesda, Md., the Foundation also supports and accredits a national care center network that has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health as a model of care for a chronic disease.  For more information about the organization, go to

For more Information about the tournament, contact Maren Blum at (410) 628-0795 and Kari Mutscheller at 410-628-0795.

Welcome to Newly Admitted Students!

This morning, Boys' Latin was excited to host a warm welcome for newly accepted families in our annual admissions Welcome Breakfast.  The Smith Alumni House was packed with smiles.  New students and parents were greeted by current students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni.  Brandon Gaines shared his perspective as a 1972 BL graduate and parent of Dylan, who is currently a BL junior, and triplet boys who graduated in 2007.  Headmaster Post gave brief comments that highlighted our commitment to excellence in education for boys, outstanding faculty, wide-ranging academics, vibrant co-curricular programs and purposeful character formation.  It was a record breaking crowd and a joyful start to the day. 

When newly accepted students heard their good news, they received a congratulations video similar to the one below.  Click the first image below to play video.

"The Stanwick Way"

Pressbox recently posted this story which is just as much about family and character as it is about lacrosse.  "The eight Stanwick siblings share a strong work ethic and have been standouts on Baltimore lacrosse fields for more than two decades. ... When it comes to their mettle as lacrosse players and as people, the Stanwicks are all in. They all have a relentless drive -- academically and athletically -- to be the best. ... You know what you are going to get with them. They work hard and they are selfless, and they set the tone in practice. I run into them at Starbucks. They are all super nice people and fun to be around. They walk the talk."  Steele credits his parents for their children's success, and said "It's about how you treat people. Skills and athleticism will only take you so far." Congratulations to BL senior Shack, who is ranked the No. 1 lacrosse recruit in the country.

For the full article, go to

February Letter from Headmaster Post

Dear BL Families –

I hope that you enjoyed the President’s Day weekend.  The weather has made for a fitful start to 2014, and today was no exception.  While our facilities staff has done a fantastic job of clearing the campus itself, the conditions on Lake Avenue have been invariably hazardous.  This past weekend, our own snow removal group actually cleared Lake Avenue between our property and Roland Avenue, as there was not a full lane accessible in either direction.  Just this morning, there was a car accident near the entrance to school around 6 a.m.; unfortunately, Lake Avenue remained untreated.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with less than optimal conditions.

AIMS Update
You may recall from my earlier letters that we are in the midst of our 10-year re-accreditation process though the Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS).  All is going well, and we are nearing the conclusion of this process.  After strong, positive feedback in the visiting team’s report, we are completing our Action Plan, to be submitted later this spring.  The Action Plan details the various steps that we will take in each area of the School, to move forward as an institution over the next ten years.  I extend my gratitude to the faculty and staff for their wisdom and innovation as we consider the ways in which we can have the greatest impact on your sons’ experience.  I’ll share more about this at the upcoming Parents’ Association General Meeting on Wednesday, March 5 at 7 p.m. in the Alumni House. 

College Counseling
As our seniors and their parents can attest, the first half of the academic year has been busy with not only classes but also college applications and interviews.  Now we are into the first wave of decisions as our seniors anxiously wait and watch the inbox, mailbox and web postings for news from colleges.  Remaining decisions are typically shared by late March and early April.  Congratulations to the many seniors who have received good news already, and many thanks to our faculty and staff for advice, encouragement and letters of recommendation.  The following colleges/universities have accepted one or more of our seniors:

Adelphi University
The University of Alabama
American University
The University of Arizona
Auburn University
University of Baltimore
Bard College
Boston College
The Catholic University of America
Clemson University
College of Charleston
Coastal Carolina University
Cornell University
University of Delaware
Denison University
University of Denver
East Carolina University
Elon University
Flagler College
Florida Institute of Technology
Florida State University
Furman University
George Mason University
Goucher College
High Point University
Indiana University at Bloomington
James Madison University
Johns Hopkins University
Lebanon Valley College
Loyola University Maryland
Loyola University New Orleans
Lynchburg College
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Miami

The University of Montana
University of Mississippi
Mount Saint Mary's University
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina at Asheville
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
North Carolina State University
Ohio University
Ohio Wesleyan University
Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg
Pennsylvania State University, University Park
University of Pittsburgh
Rice University
Richmond The AIC in London
Rider University
Roanoke College
Rollins College
Saint Francis University
Salisbury University
Sewanee: The University of the South
University of South Carolina
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Stevenson University
Susquehanna University
The University of Tampa
The Ohio State University
Towson University
Tulane University
University of Vermont
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
University of Virginia
West Virginia University
Wheaton College (MA)
The College of Wooster
York College of Pennsylvania

Acceptances went out during the snow storm last week, and the response has been terrific so far.  We look forward to hosting accepted families on campus for our Welcome Breakfast this Thursday.  It’s heartwarming to hear the joy of new families and to be so proud of our many current student ambassadors who have helped share what a special place we have here in our BL community.  Thanks for all that you do to continue to advocate on behalf of our school.

Before we know it, spring vacation will be upon us, and the third quarter will be drawing to a close.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  I look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

All the best,

Christopher J. Post


Insights from Rubin Sztajer - Holocaust Survivor

At almost 88 years of age, Mr. Rubin Sztajer has a lot to share. He speaks yearly to thousands of school children educating them about the Holocaust and speaking about his own personal experiences as a survivor; on Tuesday, February 11th Mr. Sztajer spoke with Boys’ Latin upper school students and faculty. BL junior Matt Sachs introduced the event noting that this period in time demonstrated “man’s inhumanity to other men. ” Mr. Sztajer began with the comment, “The best way for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.” These thoughts took on deeper meaning for the audience when Sztajer dimensionalized the Holocaust where six million people were slaughtered, which is more than the population of Maryland.

As a young person who grew up in Poland before, during and after World War II, Mr. Sztajer lived in restricted ghettoes during the early 1940’s as an early teen, and then he was separated from his parents at age 14 and imprisoned in a succession of concentration camps.  Directly after the war, Mr. Sztajer was reunited with his sister by fortuitous coincidence.  He eventually made his way to the United States.  In Maryland, he worked his way up in sales with the same company for 43 years.  He retired at age 70 and is now going to Towson University, playing golf, exercising and enjoying his family.  He has been married for 59 years and has three grown, professional children and seven grandchildren.

Mr. Sztajer concluded his presentation by encouraging BL students to take full advantage of the opportunities they have.  Upper School English Teacher Marcia Flaherty summed up the sentiments of the audience well with gratitude for “an emotional and inspirational glimpse into a personal account of the Holocaust and surviving it.  Well done.  I was deeply moved.”  We would like to thank Mr. Sztajer, Eric Whitehair (BL History Teacher), the BL Jewish Awareness Club and the Center for Jewish Education of Baltimore for collaborating to provide this outstanding opportunity. 

For more information on Mr. Sztajer’s life, click here for a brief summary.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a parent login.

What Will Your Great-Grandchildren Think When They Retrieve Your Cell Phone Photos and Facebook Posts?

This was the question at the end of an interesting discussion on Monday February 10th when BL hosted author and cyber-expert Richard Guerry.  Guerry spoke on topics from his book, Public and Permanent, which is a trusted resource for schools across the country to learn and reinforce a powerful and effective method for reducing digital safety risks, cyber-bullying, and more.  Mr. Guerry’s presentation at BL was enlightening for all ages; his fast-paced, humorous, and down-to-earth style was engaging for middle students, teachers and parents. 

During the day, Mr. Guerry met with BL middle school students and shared a simple principle which he calls The Golden Rule of the 21st Century – what you say on any digital tool (email, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and new programs that crop up daily) is public and permanent.  Are you willing for everything that you say, show and store on digital platforms to be said in public and be read by your great-grandchildren?  It can.

BL would like to extend our many thanks to the Parent's Association for sponsoring this speaker.  Mr. Guerry has presented at the National Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention, the International Bullying Prevention Association and the National Symposium on Child Abuse.  He has also appeared as an expert on CNN and MTV's Thin Line Campaign, as well as in Parade Magazine and local, regional, and international publications.  After years in corporations, Guerry founded and is the Executive Director of the non-profit Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (IROC2) which seeks to educate the public about the importance of 21st century digital safety and citizenship.  For additional information on this topic, we encourage you to go to Mr. Guerry’s book (www.< and to the IROC2 website (

BL Senior Brett Roberts Captures Our "Ice Day"

Tuesday night's weather brought in ice that coated everything in town.  With school closed, senior Brett Roberts took the opportunity to capture the beauty of the day.  Please check out his slide show, which is posted on our upper school student newpaper, The Inkwell, website by clicking:  Ice Day.  (Note:  scroll down below the first photo to see the slideshow.)

Save the Date and Save a Life

BL Welcomes Exchange Students from Ecuador!

Through the leadership World Language Department Chair Kristen Tubman, Boys' Latin has an exciting exchange program with the Colegio Menor School in Quito, Ecuador.  BL is hosting five students from Colegio Menor February 1st-14th.  While they are here, the exchange students will attend BL classes, live with host families in the BL community, and experience numerous cultural outings designed to introduce them to American life. On Sunday, the group spent the day in the Inner Harbor hosted by the Ndukwu family, and then on Tuesday the group took a full day trip to DC to see the monuments. Over spring break, Kristen Tubman will lead six Boys' Latin students to Ecuador where they will attend classes at Colegio Menor and stay with the families of the young men who visited us here in Baltimore.  

After two delays due to weather closings, we held a reception this morning to welcome our visiting students.  Ms. Tubman presented the boys and their chaperone with a gift of BL spirit.  Please help us welcome our visitors and send out our students with our best wishes in March.

Arturo Hidrobo, 9th grade, staying with Nate King
Mateo Naranjo, 9th, staying with Drew Gray 
Adrian Salazar, 9th, staying with Nate King
Martín Endara, 10th, staying with Ikechi Ndukwu 
Matias Endara, 10th, staying with Ikechi Ndukwu 
Santiago Naranjo, chaperone, Spanish/Theater teacher, staying with Ms. Tubman


BL Students Going to Ecuador:
Ikechi Ndukwu, 11th
Michael Shortt, 11th
Jonathan Sembly, 11th
Grant Iodice, 9th
Luke Edwards, 9th
Nate King, 9th


Join us for "Dodge For A Cure"

Dodge For A Cure

Proceeds benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Presented by Kelly & Associates Insurance Group
Kick off to the Great Strides Hunt Valley Walk

[Baltimore, MD]- The Maryland Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) announces an exciting event, the 2nd Annual Dodge for a Cure, an area middle and high school co-ed dodge ball tournament.  Students will form co-ed teams and compete, while enjoying food, T-shirts, prizes, raffles and music.  Proceeds from this event will go toward CFF.

When: Friday, March 7, 2014
Where: Boys’ Latin School
Cost: $10 per person
Time: 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Teams must consist of a minimum of 6 players and a max of 10.  All schools are welcome. Participating schools to date include:  Boys’ Latin, Bryn Mawr, Friends, Garrison Forest, Gilman, Notre Dame Prep, Roland Park Country, St. Paul’s School for Boys , St. Paul’s School for Girls, Calvert Hall, Pikesville High, Towson High, and Loyola HighPikesville Recreation and Fellowship of Christian Athletes will also be represented.  Contact Adam Osborn to join the BL team (

This event is a kick off to the Great Strides Hunt Valley Walk scheduled for May 4, 2014 at the Hunt Valley Towne Centre.  Great Strides is the CFF’s largest national fundraiser; in 2013, Great Strides raised nearly $40 million nationwide and nearly $1.2 million in Maryland, in critical funds to support lifesaving cystic fibrosis research, education and care.

Funds raised through Great Strides help spur dramatic progress in the lives of those who have CF.  Fifty years ago, most children with CF did not live long enough to attend elementary school.  Today, people with CF are living into their 30’s, 40’s and beyond.  CF is a fatal genetic disease that afflicts 30,000 adults and children in the United States and 70,000 people worldwide.  It causes debilitating lung infections that lead to premature death.  More than 10 million Americans are symptomless carriers of the CF gene.

About Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is the world’s leader in the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis.  The Foundation funds more CF research than any other organization, and nearly every CF drug available today was made possible because of Foundation support.  Based in Bethesda, Md., the Foundation also supports and accredits a national care center network that has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health as a model of care for a chronic disease.  For more information about the organization, go to

For more Information about the tournament, contact Maren Blum at (410) 628-0795 and Kari Mutscheller at 410-628-0795.

Announcing -- "Brighton Beach Memoirs"

Save the Date...

March 12th - 14th at 7:00pm in the Sheridan Studio
For BL's spring play, Brighton Beach Memoirs
Directed by BL junior Max Marshall
Box office will open one week prior to opening night. 

From the Gina Molling at the Theater Arts Desk -- "Please join me in congratulating Max Marshall and the student actors and crew members listed below who auditioned for our spring play, Brighton Beach Memoirs!"

Artistic & Managing Director................................Gina Molling
Director..............................................................Max Marshall
Assistant Director................................................Myles Cohen
Stage Manager....................................................Ana Jeffries & Richard Wiklund
Set Builders.........................................................Dan Hicks, Paul Shapanus, Elliott King, Ryan Hitt & Matthew Manzoni
Lights and Sound.................................................Jonthan Sembly, Michael Knott, Jason Price
Scenic Artist.......................................................Sarah Molling

Cast of Characters
Blanche..............................................................Katie Nisbet
Eugene...............................................................Carson Rehfield
Jack...................................................................Matt Attman
Kate...................................................................Ellie Profaci
Laurie................................................................Teresa Norman
Nora..................................................................Holly Hutton
Stanley..............................................................Julian Baker

BL Middle & Upper School Students Participate in Virginia Tech Honor Band

Last weekend four BL music students embarked on a Weekend Music Rush at the annual Virginia Tech Honor Band Weekend.  From a pool of 1500 students from about 200 different schools in the Cheasepeake area, 400 students are selected to rehearse and perform under the direction of Virginia Tech faculty and other guest conductors in a weekend of excitement, intensity and performance.  The 400 students are split up into four different 100 piece symphonic bands by audition; and they spend Friday afternoon, all Saturday, and Sunday morning in preparation for a concert Sunday afternoon.  In between rehearsals, the students get to enjoy master classes put on by students and professors of the university, as well as performances by the Jazz Enesemble, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and the Marching Hokie band. 

From the Upper School: Josh Smith (2nd Chair Percussion), Josiah Bedford (7th Chair Trombone) and Matt Kleiser (9th Chair Trombone) all rehearsed with the Orange Hokie band, which was one of the three High School aged bands rehearsing this past weekend.

From the Middle School: Joey Shortt (8th chair French Horn) rehearsed with the Silver Hokie Band.  This was the only Middle School aged band rehearsing this past weekend. 

The boys undertook a thorough audition for placement into ensembles, rehearsed for 12-15 hours, got to experience the quality and virtuosity of the Virginia Tech ensembles, and were able to tour the campus and see the benefits of attending a large university like Virginia Tech.  Overall, this was an exhilarating and challenging experience for our boys.  We are very proud of the effort they put in this weekend and their dedication to music.  We would also like to extend our thanks to Mr. Clarke Nyman for his coaching, leadership and energy in organizing this opportunity!


Middle School Robotics

The middle school robotics teams wrapped up their 2013-14 season last Saturday, competing in the Fifth Annual “Roar of the Robots”, a FIRST Lego League (FLL) Regional Qualifying Tournament at Carroll Community College. Congratulations to the boys for all their hard work on Saturday and throughout the first semester.  The boys were true Lakers throughout the entire competition.

The teams’ composure during the morning judged sessions (Core Values, Robot Design and the Research Project) was admirable.  For their research, the One Heartbeat team studied the cause and effects of landslides. They developed a plan for an innovative ground water sensor network to alert people of an impending landslide, similar to a smoke detector for fire.  The Laker Nation team studied tsunamis and developed an innovative solution, the Disaster Relief Band (DRB) and Disaster Relief Server (DRS).  The DRB is a watch which would include GPS and heart rate sensors.  If worn in a natural disaster, the data transmitted to the DRS would allow first responders to locate victims more quickly.

The boys encountered many unexpected obstacles during the afternoon robot game matches, including ever-changing ambient light conditions which adversely impacted the performance of their on board light sensors.   The boys’ determination to adjust programs when competition irregularities occurred was commendable. The veteran boys will attest that anything can happen on game day - and Saturday just wasn't BL’s day on the competition board.

Special thanks to the parents, Ms. Brown and Mr. Mollett for making the trek to Carroll Community College to support the teams. Coaches Merow, Williams and Kellerman congratulate the members of the teams for their hard work throughout the season, and for representing themselves and Boys’ Latin with courage, integrity and excellent sportsmanship despite the encountered obstacles.

Images and videos from the day can be found on SmugMug with a parent login -

Senior Speeches – a Tradition and an Experience

Experience…really that’s what this is all about.  This has been a BL tradition for decades. 

For the senior, he gains experience with public speaking from concept development and writing to delivery and thinking on your feet.  Facing an audience of well over 300 people, each senior presents to his upper school peers, his parents and family, Headmaster Post and many faculty and staff.  Each senior is supported and coached initially by his advisor, then by 12th Grade Dean/English Teacher Beau Dagenais, and finally by Theater Arts Teacher Gina Molling.  There are important life lessons on knowing your audience, meaningful topic selection, making it personal and engaging, and confident delivery.  Seniors learn that, just like in music or sports, practice makes a difference, so in the week prior to each senior’s speech he works on relaxation, body language, eye contact, tempo, articulation, and projection for … experience.

For the audience, this is quite an experience.  Behind that podium may be a tall, deep voiced, broad shouldered senior, but several in the audience see the little fellow we taught in kindergarten or who was shy in middle school.  Each week, the upper school gathers in the Gelston Athletic Center for speeches from 3-5 seniors.  Before and afterward, you will see high fives and fist pumps for good luck and congratulations.  Proud families gather for photos after all others have returned to classes.  

This week, we were treated to five outstanding senior speeches by Michael Conner, Jake Metzger, Casey Bordick, Chris Lange and Nick Gesualdi.  The topics covered a broad range:  getting my driver’s license, my most embarrassing moment, my evolving taste in music, standing by decisions in life, and where would you want to be if you could be anywhere in the world.  What seemed as if it would be a light topic grew to be deep and touching.  What seemed to be a profound topic was also personal and humble.  Mrs. Bordick pointed out that Jack and Casey (plus twin brother Dylan) have all been together since first grade which made this even more touching.

It was a good week for senior speeches, yet many weeks are just that.  What I love best is to see a senior who has made it near the end of his speech, and he looks for his parents.  They connect with a knowing nod or shrug, and by then his parents often have tears of joy, laughter and pride.  At the end, seniors and parents enjoy hugs and congratulations from teachers and advisors who feel like family too.  Attached below is a sample video clip, and additional photos are available with parent login on SmugMug.

Middle School Play "The Prince & the Pauper"

This year’s middle school play was the Mark Twain classic The Prince & the Pauper.  Mrs. Kathy Anderson, BL's Fine & Performing Arts Department chair raved, "The MS play was a fantastic success.  I was impressed from the first moment to the last.”  Brothers Ryan and Tommy made the look-alike characters come to life and delivered the humorous case of mistaken identity with charm.  There were sword fights, lords and even a fanatic hermit to keep the action moving.  The actors showed well key themes of truth versus temptation, haves versus have nots, and reality versus perception. The show was dramatic and captivated audience members of all ages. 

Artistic and Managing Director Gina Molling said "We have had a blast!"  She noted that many of the cast and crew had never been part of a theater arts production before this.  Mrs. Molling commented, “all student actors and crew members learned a lot about themselves, how to be a cast and crew members, and the value of live theatre!”

The Sheridan Theater is an intimate studio theater with flexible staging that can be designed according to the showing play.  For this production, our thanks go out to Mrs. Molling, the cast, crew with special thanks to Dan Hicks (set building and design), Paul Shapanus (lighting design),  Jenn Scandora (sound crew), Larry Canner (photography),  junior Max Marshall (Assistant Director) and seventh graders Liam and Ryan (Co-stage Managers).   Additionally, Art Teacher Sarah Molling designed the scenic art and taught students how to use art beyond the classroom walls.

Many of the middle school performers took on more than one role in the play and required acting twice as many lines.  Bravo!

More pictures are featured on our SmugMug page.

The next play will be “Brighton Beach Memoirs” from March 12th - 14th.  It will be student directed by junior Max Marshall, with junior Myles Cohen as the assistant director. 


Well Said Mr. Ehrhardt

From the Baltimore Sun, January 25, 2014, Letters to the Editor --,0,580738.story

"As someone who has spent more than 50 years in education and, more importantly, in developing the character of the young men who passed through Boys' Latin's doors, Richard Sherman's outburst after the Seattle Seahawks victory saddens me greatly ("Richard Sherman was out of line," Jan. 20).

"Many of our professional athletes fail to recognize they are role models for the fans of all ages. Mr. Sherman's outburst is another glaring example of a complete failure to win with grace and humility. The truly great athletes, the ones that time does not forget, are those who are true sportsmen and use their position to make the sport, and the community in which they play, better.

"He may have been an honors student athlete in high school and then at Stanford University, but he never learned much about character in those classrooms or on those fields."

Dyson P. Ehrhardt
Associate Headmaster for Development

Read more:,0,580738.story#ixzz2rbxSwycs

Article in The Daily Record features BL's AP classes

The Daily Record published their "January 2014 Independent Schools Guide" special section recently and included an article about AP courses. Many thanks to Charles Franklin who worked with the reporter and is quoted and to Anne Kellerman and Brian Higginson whose AP classes are photographed in the article.  Click here to see the full article.

Audition Open for Spring Upper School Play

Auditions open for "Brighton Beach Memoirs" this Saturday, Jan. 25th at 12 noon in the Sheridan Studio on BL's upper school campus. Boys and girls needed. Come one! Come all!

Here is a description of Niel Simon's play from Samuel French:
"Here is part one of Neil Simon's autobiographical trilogy: a portrait of the writer as a young teen in 1937 living with his family in a crowded, lower middle-class Brooklyn walk-up. Eugene Jerome, standing in for the author, is the narrator and central character. Dreaming of baseball and girls, Eugene must cope with the mundane existence of his family life in Brooklyn: formidable mother, overworked father, and his worldly older brother Stanley. Throw into the mix his widowed Aunt Blanche, her two young (but rapidly aging) daughters and Grandpa the Socialist and you have a recipe for hilarity, served up Simon-style. This bittersweet memoir evocatively captures the life of a struggling Jewish household where, as his father states 'if you didn't have a problem, you wouldn't be living here.'"

"In many respects his funniest, richest and consequently the most affecting of his plays." -New York Daily News

"Simultaneously poignant and funny. The characters are fully dimensional, believable...An outstanding show. - Variety



Laker Alum Spreads Hope Through Lacrosse

Tyler Steinhardt '12 spoke during Friday’s assembly about how he is using his love for lacrosse to make a difference in Africa with the organization Fields of Growth.  Tyler’s passion for volunteering in Uganda began his junior year at Boys’ Latin.  That year, he spent two and a half weeks with the Lacrosse Volunteer Corp and was asked to help coach the men’s lacrosse team in Uganda and was hooked.  While there he also spent time working at local and newly established school called the HOPEFUL School.

The HOPEFUL School was built in rural Uganda where getting to school was difficult or far for kids.  The school teaches school age children life skills and English so they may work in the city.  He spoke fondly of the beautiful country of Uganda and the happy and positive Ugandans. 

Tyler, now a sophomore at American University, returns frequently to visit both the HOPEFUL School and the Ugandan men’s lacrosse team.  Tyler now works with the non-profit organization Fields of Growth.  With the help of Fields of Growth, lacrosse has spread through Uganda, bringing a sense of community and common place across the country.

Tyler reflected that the time he has spent traveling has opened his eyes.  Tyler said lacrosse has given the Ugandan’s “belief in the right to dream" and their dream is to compete in the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships.  Today, they are training and making strides towards their goal with the help of Tyler and Fields of Growth. 

Tyler offered ways for the boys to help.  Whether big, through a lacrosse equipment donation or organized fundraiser, or small through Fields of Growth's $1 for Uganda campaign (which ends February 1st), every bit helps grow the community of lacrosse.  For more information, visit Fields of Growth's Facebook page here.

(photo courtesy of Fields of Growth)

Students Impressed by Apple Co-founder's Discussion

By Anne Kellerman, Director of Technology Programs and Teacher-- Students in the upper school Intro Programming and AP Computer Science classes had the rare opportunity on Tuesday, January 14 to hear from one of the world’s leading innovators and computer engineers, Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.  Mr. Wozniak spoke at Stevenson University’s Greenspring campus to an auditorium packed with high school students from the Baltimore area. He spoke about his lifelong passion to become an engineer (like his dad) or to become a teacher – both of which he fulfilled.  While Wozniak is widely known as the genius behind the wildly popular and innovative Apple products, few people know that he worked as a fifth-grade teacher for eight years.

Mr. Wozniak spoke about his passion for innovation, expounded about his relationship with Steve Jobs (including his perspective on the recent Steve Jobs movie and, in his opinion, its many flaws), and spent 45 minutes answering students’ questions.  A self-professed geeky introvert, Wozniak informed the students that he developed a passion and uncanny instinct for circuitry and computing processes before there were books, much less YouTube videos, published on these topics.  He explained that he began his career in Silicon Valley working at Hewlett Packard on the handheld calculator product, a product which replaced the slide rule and gave birth to the consumer electronics and computer industry.  Prior to joining Steve Jobs to form Apple, Wozniak also created break through circuit board designs for Atari.Mr.  Wozniak encouraged the students to read, learn everything they can about topics they are interested in, and to focus on designing great products rather than on making money.

Students prepared for this event by watching Professor Alan Brown’s (University of Surrey) interview in which Mr. Wozniak shared many stories about his passions and his career with Apple.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly Honors Teamwork

Today, all grades gathered in an assembly to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and our theme of teamwork. Middle School STOMP opened the assembly today featuring drum sticks, tambourines and bells, and other creative, everyday items to make acoustic sounds.  Their thumping set the tone for a joyful event celebrating the life of Dr. King and his passion for civil rights.  Going along with this year’s teamwork theme for MLK, various speakers talked about those who teamed up with Dr. King, and various classes collaborated on multimedia presentations and songs.

An inspiring multi-media presentation directed and composed by Ms. Gillian Vernan, middle school English teacher, was shown with inspiring movie clips and Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  Ricky Arthur-Merow and Carrington Scott shared a brief introduction about the civil rights movement then introduced the first speaker.  Juniors Matt Attman and Devin Harvin plus French Teacher Terry Howell presented brief biographies of Asa Phillip Randolf, Baynard Rustin, and Diane Nash (respectively).

Mrs. Howell was a show stopper when she sang “Woke Up This Morning” which received a standing ovation.  Mrs. Debi Krulak prepared a touching pre-recorded storybook video featuring Ms. McKew’s class, and the chorus from all three divisions sang “Lean On Me.”

Headmaster Chris Post closed the assembly noting the teamwork that went into organizing the entire assembly.  He also presented check, from this week's dress down day, to the Central Y of Maryland for almost $2,000.  The money donated will help fund new sporting equipment and other summer programs.

A wonderful ‘thank you’ to the hard working team of faculty members:
Adam Osborn
Amy Shaifer
Barb Starkey
Debi Krulak
Elizabeth Wilson
Eric Whitehair
Gillian Vernon
Kathy Anderson
Kathy Arnold
Shara Hine
Susan Brown
Terry Howell

After the assembly, Mr. Brian Higginson said, "The organizers of this assembly truly surpassed themselves. It was creative, entertaining, informative and very moving. The whole event was seamless and integrated. The theme of teamwork was inspirational.  There were logos, ethos and pathos in abundance.  Madame Howell's singing brought tears to my eyes, as did the choir.  Thank you all for the creative energy, the intelligence and the compassion that went into this - not to mention the hours of work.  Beleive me - it was worth it.  Dr. King would have been pleased, I am sure."

More images can be found on our SmugMug page.


Chorus and Handchimes Perform at Glyndon United Methodist Church

BL's Upper School Chorus and Advanced Handchimes classes performed at the 11:00am service at Glydon United Methodist Church yesterday. Freshman Robbie Dittmar also played an organ/piano duet with BL Fine & Performing Arts Director and music teacher, Kathy Anderson. Mrs. Anderson commented, "Please congratulate the boys when you see them, they did a phenomenal job."  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a parent login (

Young Alumni Return to Advise the Junior Class

This afternoon, College Counseling Office hosted their annual Alumni College Panel for the junior class. During lunch, the juniors enjoyed pizza and perspective from their class of 2013 and 2012 peers.   Each alum spoke about things they miss the most, new experiences they never expected and other advice for the class of 2015.  The panel included:

Brandon Cherry '12 (Johns Hopkins)
Nick Shepherd ' 12 (Dickinson College)
Craig Dougherty ' 13 (University of Virginia)
Jacob Katinsky '13 (University of Maryland)
Bobby Norman '13 (University of South Carolina)

Sophomore at Dickinson, Nick Shepherd '12, talked about missing the BL faculty and the environment.  He is also excited to be applying to study abroad and beginning the new lacrosse season.  Nick encouraged the boys to give various colleges a chance and not rule them out before visiting first. 

Brandon Cherry '12, a sophomore at Johns Hopkins, is playing football and majoring in Public Health.  He misses the daily routine from BL and reminded the juniors to focus on the academics at the schools when looking at colleges.

Craig Dougherty '13, is currently a freshman at UVA and talked about the experience of dorm life and connecting with other fellow Baltimoreans at UVA.  He suggested students take many different college classes their freshman year before declaring a major. 

Across the board, the panel gave one final piece of advice ... enjoy the last year and a half at Boys’ Latin and all of the resources at hand. 

Jennifer Gilbert Speaks to Inkwell Class

Today, Mr. Bryant’s Inkwell class welcomed Jennifer Gilbert, from Baltimore’s Fox 45 news station, to speak about working in journalism.   Jennifer has been working in Baltimore for 21 years and, as self-proclaimed adventurer, she has traveled to exciting and newsworthy places to report on events like natural disasters and the Super Bowl.  She spoke about the “parallel” she feels after visiting New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and then last year during the Super Bowl for the Raven’s win and how wonderful it was to see New Orleans in it's best state after such disaster.

She encouraged the class to take an internship in a field they are interested in and make connections.  Jennifer recalled getting her start in an internship which, although was unpaid, created a connection that paid off in the end.  While working in Lancaster, a former photographer colleague called her about a potential position in Baltimore and the rest is history.  With the current job climate, Jennifer also talked to the boys about the need to be multi-faceted since many reporters are also filming and editing their stories without an extensive crew.  Jennifer encouraged the boys to stay connected to the news and keep working hard towards their goals. 

Visit the new digital Inkwell here!


Upper School Robotics Team 2014 Kick Off

The upper school robotics team kicked off it's 2014 season on Saturday January 4th and is now gearing up to design and build a robot to compete in the FRC challenge AERIAL ASSIST.  Nearly 70,000 high-school students on more than 2,700 teams in 92 cities around the globe joined the 2014 Kickoff via NASA-TV broadcast and webcast; approximately 30 Boys' Latin team members, parents and coaches gathered on Saturday to participate in the kick-off event and to begin prototype design and construction of this year's robot.

AERIAL ASSIST is played by two Alliances of three teams each.  Alliances compete by trying to score as many balls in goals as possible during a two-minute and 30-second match. Additional points are earned by robots working together to score goals, and by throwing and catching balls over a truss suspended just over five feet above the floor as they move the ball down the field.  This year's game piece is a 24" diameter exercise ball.  Goals are located near ground level and also at approximately 9' off the ground.  An animation of the AERIAL ASSIST game can be found here:

Various prototype efforts are underway including this animated concept to pick up a ball.  The animation was created by freshman Harry Purdue using Adobe Flash.

Merrill Lynch Celebrates 100 Years

BL would like to offer our best wishes to Merrill Lynch in recognition of their 100th anniversary today. We share this email below that was forwarded by an ML employee:

The 100 Year anniversary has a special connection to Baltimore.  Edmund Calvert Lynch was born in Baltimore in 1885 and attended Boys’ Latin and graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1907.  Ed then went to New York City and became a stock broker.  In 1907, he met Charlie E. Merrill in the lobby of the NYC YMCA as Charlie was paying his 50 cent monthly membership fee.  Ed was looking for a roommate and asked Charlie if he was interested.  Charlie agreed, and they went on to become best friends and business partners.  Charlie started his business in January of 1914, and Ed joined him in May; the rest is history!!!  Unfortunately, Ed died on a business trip in 1938.  Charlie Merrill paid tribute to his friend by removing the comma between Merrill and Lynch and Merrill, Lynch became Merrill Lynch!

Living the BL Motto at the Holidays

This is a heartwarming example of Coach Haugh living the BL motto -- Esse Quam Videri, "to be, rather than to seem". He would likely prefer that we not share this with you, but we want to share our thanks with him too. Athletic Director Michael Thomas added a comment that "the Catholic priest is Father Michael White from Church of the Nativity in Timonium, who attempts to make disciples of each member of the parish...Coach Haugh is quietly one of them.",0,3303159.column

We hope that you are experiencing the best of the holidays.  Best wishes!

Lower and Middle School Holiday Concerts

Before the boys said "goodbye" for the winter break, the lower and middle schools showcased all of their hard work during two separate holiday concerts this morning.  In the lower school, Mrs. Wilson led the boys singing songs such as Charlie Brown's "Christmas Time is Here" and "Dreidel, Dreidel, Driedel."   In the middle school, Mrs. Anderson led choral, handchime, STOMP, guitar and keyboard performances.   Mr. Nyman has been practicing since the beginning of the year with boys in both the lower and middle school bands.  Their performances were fantastic!  To showcase their hard work, we share two videos below.  Enjoy!

Lower School


Middle School

Happy Holidays!
As we reflect upon this holiday season,
Boys' Latin School recognizes that our boys are our most precious gift.
In gratitude, we offer you this short video
which celebrates the bonds our boys share here in our close-knit K-12 community.
On behalf of our entire community, thank you so very much
for your generous support in 2013.

Community Service: Boys’ Latin Upper School Continues a Tradition – Helping St. Vincent Villa Prepare for the Holidays!

In the picture, from left to right, are Billy Wingo, Jalen Milton, Jamie Owens, Matt Purnell, and Mike Turton.

Soon after Thanksgiving, BL faculty members Mac McDonald, Cathy Badmington, and Claire Ricci were planning for the holidays.  They organized a group of over fifty faculty and students to help a good cause, St. Vincent's Villa.  There were five events in this service mission: 
-Friday, December 6th - After school, the BL group set up over 100 trees in advance of the community Christmas decorating
-Saturday, December 7th – BL volunteers returned to set up decorations and make things festive!
-Saturday, December 14th - BL volunteers accepted and organized gift donations from the toy drive.
-Wednesday, December 18th – The gifts were transported.
-Saturday, January 4th – A BL group will return to take down and pack decorations.

St. Vincent’s Villa is located in Timonium on Pot Spring Road just across from Stella Maris.  St. Vincent’s Villa is a residential treatment center that provides therapeutic services for children whose behavioral and emotional needs have not been met at home or in their communities.  St. Vincent’s Villa diagnostic, evaluation and treatment programs help the organization to thoroughly assess each child and address their needs.

Again this year, Boys’ Latin’s freshman class adopted many of the middle school age children for the holiday season.  Each advisory donated the entire wish list for a boy who has items on his list such as CD players, footballs, football jerseys, scooters and gift cards for recreational activities.  Many thanks go out to all the parents for all of your donations!

This is a wonderful partnership with St. Vincent’s Villa that we intend to continue in the future.  In the near term, please see Mr. McDonald if you are interested in helping to take all the Christmas trees and their decorations down on January 4th.  All students and parents are welcome but must sign up with Mr. McDonald via email at  Volunteers may meet our group at the Timonium site if that is more convenient.


"Who Killed Mr. Mathematics?"

Hands on.  Real world application.  Solving a problem.  These are a few of the characteristics of best practices for boy learning that have been embraced by our faculty in the last few years.  One excellent example of this approach can be seen in the midterm exam offered in Mr. Haluck's Honors Forensics course in our upper school.  The midterm is entitled "Who killed Mr. Mathematics?" and students in the class are presented with a crime scene.  Using the techniques and skills that they have learned throughout the first semester, they then have to figure out who the killer of the imaginary Mr. Mathematics is. 

The students test for poisoning, analyze shoe prints, analyze fibers left at the crime scene, conduct fingerprint analysis and do a blood analysis (Senior Pat McManus is conducting a blood test in the picture).  Using what they find in these hands on tests, they then have to determine which of the "suspects" presented to them is guilty of the crime.  

This exercise has several important educational benefits.  First, it provides students with an exposure to what working in a crime lab is like.  In addition, it also engages the boys and gets them excited about showing and proving what they've learned so far in the course.  Hats off to Mr. Haluck for designing this engaging exercise!



The following letter was shared with the BL community on Monday, December 16, 2013:

Dear BL Alumni, Parents and Friends,

More than 50 years ago, Dyson P. Ehrhardt ’59 began his professional career at Boys’ Latin.  Over five decades, he has served in countless roles:  from teacher, coach and advisor; to director of admissions and financial aid; and ultimately to overseeing our advancement efforts in fundraising and external outreach.  During his tenure, Dyson has been involved in almost every facet of Boys’ Latin.  Our campus has been transformed.  Our endowment has been built from scratch, and generations of “Lakers and Latinists” have connected and re-connected with a home that has moved from Brevard Street to Lake Avenue.

At the conclusion of this year, Dyson will retire from full-time work.  He will remain here at Boys’ Latin on a part time basis, serving as Associate Headmaster Emeritus. We are fortunate that “Mr. BL” will continue to attend alumni and development functions and be our #1 fan and cheerleader.  He will continue to advocate on behalf of the place he loves so much, while enjoying more time with family and friends, and perhaps even slowing down a bit!

We are fortunate, too, that this transition comes with years of planning.  Dyson approached us more than two years ago with his thoughts on the future, and since that time, we have collaborated on succession planning.  We have worked closely to identify and select the right leader who has a passion for Boys’ Latin, can continue to build strong relationships within our broad community, and has the practical experience to lead our advancement efforts well into the future.

I am excited to name J. Patrick Gugerty, a Boys’ Latin alumnus from the class of 1983, as Assistant Headmaster for Advancement, effective July 1, 2014.  Pat has served as the Director of Development at the Tatnall School in Wilmington, DE for more than six years.  Under his leadership of an advancement group, the school has seen significant growth both in alumni and parent participation, which has yielded a more than 50% increase of total dollars raised.  Eric Ruoss, Tatnall’s headmaster, shared that Pat excelled both in running the fundraising operation at Tatnall but also in connecting with donors, in telling the story of the school.

Prior to his work in non-profit development, Pat worked for MBNA for more than 15 years.  In addition to his professional work, Pat has served as a trustee of various, non-profit organizations.  Along with graduating from Boys’ Latin, Pat is a graduate of the University of Maryland.  Pat is excited to return to Baltimore, where many of his family remain.  Pat is married to Kate, and they have three children: Paige, a junior at the University of Delaware; Mac, a freshman at Ithaca College; and Claire, who is in 9thgrade at Tatnall.

In every conversation I have had with Pat, his desire to build upon the strong foundation already in place here at Boys’ Latin is only outweighed by his passion for our school.  He speaks eloquently about the difference that Boys’ Latin has made for him and his own desire to have that kind of impact for other young men.

This is an exciting time for our school.  In the months ahead, there will be opportunities to celebrate and to thank Dyson and to meet Pat, welcoming him home to Boys’ Latin.

In the meantime, I hope that you and your families enjoy the many blessings of this holiday season.  As I reflect upon all that is great and good about our school, I am thankful for Dyson and his selfless commitment to Boys’ Latin, for Pat and his passionate desire to give back to his alma mater, and to all of you, for the many gifts that you share with us, each and every day.

Wishing you joy and peace this holiday season and in the year ahead,

Christopher J. Post

Experiencing Art and History

Boys' Latin fourth graders visited the Walters Art Museum this week to tour the special exhibit, Egypt's Mysterious Book of the Faiyum.  Dr. Julia Marciari-Alexander, mother of Jack and the new Director of the Walters, had come in earlier to talk with the boys about the exhibit and to do an activity with them in anticipation of their trip.  At the Walters, interactive exhibits and a unique wall timeline helped to put ancient events into perspective for all ages.  Egypt's Maysterious Book of the Faiyum is a wonderful exhibit for families, and we encourage you to make visiting the Walters a part of your winter break plans.

From the Walters:  "The Book of the Faiyum is an exquisitely illustrated ancient papyrus depicting Egypt’s Faiyum oasis, a center of prosperity and ritual during the Greco-Roman period. Major sections of the manuscript—reunited for the first time in 150 years—are displayed alongside Egyptian statues, reliefs, jewelry, and ritual objects to illuminate the religious context that gave rise to the enigmatic tale of Sobek, the crocodile god who brings sun to the Faiyum."




Amazing Results from the "Hour of Code" Event

In an effort to emphasize the importance of understanding basic computer code, the worldwide Hour of Code was created for Computer Science Education Week (December 9-15). At of the time of this writing, 13,847,680 people have completed an Hour of Code with 447,655,841 lines of code written.

Way to go BL!  Even with the challenge of snow closings this week, BL has been able to participate in the worldwide event.  Every student in K- 8 grade, plus four Upper School classes (with only a few classes pushed to next week) will have spent a class period writing code.

In the lower school, Mrs. Krulak tweeted "My 4th graders were literally RUNNING to the lab to do the #HourOfCode," and Shakira@ShakiraSpace favorited her tweet!  The sixth grade boys did a fabulous job completing Code Combat while the seventh and eighth graders designed an iPhone app. 

Check it out for yourself:  Pictures from the event can be found on the Smugmug gallery with a parent login.

In-School Holiday Concert

Today, after two days off due to snow, the Boys’ Latin community came together for the middle and upper school holiday concert.  Under the direction of Mr. Clarke Nyman and Mrs. Kathy Anderson, both divisions put on a show that was festive and interactive. 

The Middle School Band played “Majestica,”  Jazz Workshop played “Moondance” and “25 or 6 to 4,” and Jazz Ensemble played “Vehicle” and “Runaway Baby” all led by Mr. Nyman.  The bands had the audience clapping along the entire time.  Between band performances, Mrs. Anderson led Advanced Handchimes in an inspiring “O Come, All Ye Faithful,”  MS & US Choruses in “Christmas Time is Here” and "A Hanukkah Remembrance,” US Chorus in a humorous version of “Jingle Bells,” and MS Chorus in “Lullaby on the Wind.”

At the close of the assembly before dismissing classes, Headmaster Post applauded their stellar performances and reminded the audience that their fantastic performance comes from much practice throughout the year. 


December 20th at 9:00 am -- Lower School Holiday Concert 

December 20th at 11:00 am -- Middle School Holiday Concert

Visit our Facebook page for a video collage of our concert today and visit our SmugMug page for more photos!



Students and Faculty Attend Annual POCC

Every year the National Association of Independent Schools hosts their People of Color Conference and Student Diversity Leadership Conference.  This year, the event was held nearby in National Harbor, Maryland, which allowed us to send a group of students and faculty.  Two faculty members, World language Department Chair Kristen Tubman and Middle School Dean of Students Demond Baine, chaproned three students:  9th grader Trey Gaither, 11th grader Ikech Ndukwu, and 12th grader Justin Williams.  The group left early on Thursday morning, and they will return on Saturday afternoon.

The group will be involved with workshops, affinity groups, and guest speakers.  As stated on the NAIS website, the PoCC "provides a safe space for networking and a professional development opportunity for people, who, by virtue of their race or ethnicity, comprise a form of diversity termed "people of color" in independent schools. PoCC serves as an energizing, revitalizing gathering for people who experience independent schools differently. The conference includes general sessions with keynote speakers, dozens of practitioner-led workshops, extensive affinity group work, and dialogue sessions."

Our students will also have the opportunity to be involved with the diversity leadership program.  The SDL program "SDLC focuses on self-reflection, allyship, and community building. Led by a diverse team of trained adult and peer facilitators, participants will develop an appreciation of their own identities, build effective cross-cultural communication skills, better understand the nature and development of effective strategies for social justice, and practice expression through the arts, while networking with their peers."

We are very excited to have this group of BL represntatives attend the conference, and we are looking forward to all that they will bring back to our community.


All School Art Show

Last night in Smith Hall, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends gathered for our 2013 Winter All School Art Show.  All enjoyed creations from BL students as well as paintings by guest artist, David Buckley Good.  David is a graduate of Bowling Green State University (1975) and the Schuler School of Fine Arts (1988).  For more on his work, go to 

Many thanks to our four art teachers, Marta Cardarelli, Demond Baine, Sarah Molling and Amy Digges, who work with our students to develop their skills.  The gallery display and the reception were lovely.  If you were unable to be here for the opening, please take the opportunity to view the work of all of our talented BL artists in Smith Hall or photos on SmugMug (password bl822).


BIG Holiday Sale at the Campus Store

This chilly, December day begins the Campus Stores “12 Days of Christmas Sale” promotion.  Each day a new item or group of items will be on sale and posted the Campus Store’s Facebook page.  Remember to visit the Campus Store page and to click ‘Like’ to stay up to date on the latest sales!  Curious about what will be on sale? 

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12/18: Adult BL Champion Hoodie (Sizes XS-XXL) – $35.00 (a $15.00 savings)

12/19: Adult BL Sweatpants (Cotton Variety Only) – Only $24.00 (a $12.00 savings)

12/20: All BL Ladies Clothing – 25% Off


**Gift Wrapping is Available**

The Campus Store will be open Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.  The Campus Store will close early Friday, Dec. 20 at 12:00 pm.  

Insights on “The Pressured Child” -- From Michael Thompson, Ph.D.

Michael Thompson, Ph.D. has been a regular speaker and advisor at Boys’ Latin School for the past two years as resident fellow with BL’s Bauer Institute for Leadership and Personal Growth. In this visit, Dr. Thompson’s focus drew from his book The Pressured Child: Helping Your Child Achieve Success in School and in Life, which tackles “America’s performance-driven obsession with the accomplishments of its kids.”  Over two days, Dr. Thompson consulted with faculty in each division, led a parent discussion that was open to the public, advised our College Counseling Office and met with BL seniors.  Dr. Thompson provided the compassionate advice of a grandfather and father and the proven knowledge of an experienced psychologist.  His perspective guided adults on how to listen for truth in our children’s experience and allow school to be a developmental unfolding rather than a race.  His asked seniors if they feel connection, recognition and mastery in school – that’s success.

Dr. Thompson is a distinguished author, psychologist and expert on male development.  He has worked in more than 500 schools in the US, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  In addition, he has authored nine books.  The Pressured Child builds from the series of previous topics which drew from his other books:  Raising Cain:  Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys, Speaking of Boys: Answers to the Most-Asked Questions About Raising Sons, Best Friends/Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Worlds of Children, and It's a Boy!: Understanding Your Son's Development from Birth to Eighteen.  For more on his previous visits, click here to see more including TV news coverage from his April and September visits:

In addition to his work on The Pressured Child, Dr. Thompson met with Boys’ Latin dads over breakfast where he spoke on "The Importance of Dads in the Lives of Sons."  This breakfast was back by popular demand after a strong positive response from BL middle school dads to this type of session in April.

Movember Comes to a Close

It seems that November came and went faster than we could say, “Nice beard!”  In the upper school, students were invited to grow beards and moustaches for November’s Movember to spread awareness and raise money for men’s health.  A total of over $1,000 was raised during Movember for men's health programs.

Students who participated started with a clean shaven face on November 1st and grew their beards, moustaches, and a few other creative styles throughout the month.  November has come and gone and so will their beards until next year.  Before all their hard work is shaved off, the upper school met to recognize those who participated.  Winners were crowned for Best Beard, Best Moustache, Best Design, and Worst Attempt at Growing Facial Hair. 

Best Faculty Beard: Mr. Barron

Best Student Beard: Patrick Coffay

Best Moustache: Colin Dempsey

Best Facial Hair Design: Glen Becker

Worst Attempt at Growing Facial Hair: Cole Whitehurst

Grandparent & Special Friend Day at the Lower School

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it seems fitting to have Grandparent and Special Friend Day at the lower school.  Grandparent and Special Friend Day is a day for the lower school to show their thanks for the love and support they receive throughout the year and beyond.

This year’s program was filled with Thanksgiving themed songs and poems from K-1, and a song sung entirely in Latin by the second and third graders.  The story “When I Am Old With You” by Angela Johnson was read aloud by two 4th grade students to honor grandparents and special friends.  Then, a presentation of drawings and descriptions were shown inspired by Johnson’s book.  Heartfelt and moving, they ranged from playing chess and fishing to traveling around the world and watching sports with their grandparents.

Students, grandparents, and special friends spent the remainder of the morning back in the classroom.  Finally, Mrs. McKew and fifth graders presented “Boys and Learning” with fun facts about what makes boys special and interesting facts about how they learn differently.

For more photos, visit our SmugMug page.


We hope you enjoy this video of "A Turkey Named Bert" performed by the kindergarten and first grade classes.



Ray Rice and BL Students Stand Up Against Bullying

On Friday, November 22, a group of students and faculty attended Ray Rice’s “Links of Kindness” anti-bullying event at Towson University’s SECU Arena.  During the event, a local family spoke about the negative impact cyber bullying has made on their family and Maryland’s new “Grace’s Law” to protect children from cyber bullying.  Ray Rice, along with Quinton Aaron from The Blindside, spoke about standing up to bullying and supporting each other against bullies.  Students last year were invited to write on paper links about how they can be kind in their community.  During the event, everyone was invited to lift up the continuous chain of kindness and stand against bullying.

Following the program, the movie BULLY was shown.  BULLY is a 2011 documentary following several kids from schools across the country.  BULLY is billed as, "the first feature documentary film to show how we've all been affected by bullying, whether we've been victims, perpetrators or stood silent witness."

For more resources on bullying, visit BL School Counselor Mrs. Flower’s resource page here. You can find more photos from the event on Ray Rice's Facebook page here.




Fun at the annual Boys' Latin School Bull & Oyster Roast

There was fun for all ages at the annual Bull & Oyster Roast last night. Smiles and laughter were the common themes among alumni, parents, students, families, past parents, faculty, staff and friends who gathered. The community enjoyed delicious food, bidding on unique auction items and fabulous class baskets too. For all of you who won at the "Bacon Wheel," we hope you are enjoying a delicious breakfast this morning.  More photos are available to BL families on SmugMug.

Academic Honors Assembly

This year’s Academic Honors Assembly had a different format from previous years.  The senior class was asked ‘what their most rewarding education experience?’ and ‘what was the most important thing they have learned?’  Some of them were selected to read their responses as a way to inspire other students to work even harder through the year.

Evan Robinson recalled taking an AP course as a junior and the way it has improved his writing skills.  Jimmy Parker has learned that the little things, like holding open a door, is what matters.  Andrew Woerner has learned the importance of remaining true oneself.  Dylan Hazlet spoke about the importance of participating in discussion.   Fred Bopst talked about the magic of AP Physics and how helpful hands on learning can be.  Brett Roberts told the assembly about how intimidating it seemed at first to take an AP course and this year he is taking three AP courses.

Each division’s honor rolls were announced by their respective division heads.  Mrs. Arnold announced the effort honor roll and spoke briefly about the new report card system.  Mr. Mollett announced the effort honor roll and Dean’s List, specifically student who have received all A’s, for the 6th through 8th grades.  Mr. Mitchell announced the 9th through 12th grade honor roll and the Dean’s List by grade.

Before the closing of the ceremony, Headmaster Post commented that he was “struck” by each seniors’ varying experiences and point of views, and how each other them have discovered a passion.  He also noted how many students mentioned the impact faculty had made on their learning and thanked them for their dedication to teaching at Boys’ Latin.


For more photos of this year’s assembly visit our SmugMug page.

New Campus Store Facebook page!

The holidays are almost here, and the Campus Store is ready to help you check off your gift list!  One stop shopping for family and friends.  

Don't forget to visit and 'Like' the new Campus Store Facebook page to stay in the loop about the latest BL merchandise.  




Replenishing the Gunpowder Valley

On November 9th, a group of Boys’ Latin students worked alongside members of the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy and students from other local area high schools to help replenish the environment around Loch Raven Reservoir. Across .75 acres, over 140 native trees were planted helping to restore and expand stream bank buffers. Junior Matt Manzoni commented, “Not only was it fun to do a community service project that was physically engaging, but it was also rewarding at the end of the day to be able to see the product of our efforts in planting all of these saplings.” --- story by Jeremy Bryant


Veterans Day

It is one of BL's special traditions that we recognize Veterans Day with an assembly for the middle school and upper school. Both divisions gathered to remember current and past veterans. Mr. Maisel first recognized all faculty and staff who had served or are serving in the military. He then shared a brief, personal and touching anecdote about each of the 34 students he taught at Boys' Latin who went on to serve in the military. The point came home that those men were once just like the students sitting in the Iglehart here today.

This year's guest speaker was Patrick Young. Patrick, a Baltimore native and Marine, was a close friend with alum Nick Ziolkowski '01, who was killed in action in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. During last year's Veterans Day event, Patrick was an honored guest. This year, his stories were moving and shed light on serving in the military and living for others. Patrick remembered Nick fondly as someone who pushed himself to work hard and better himself.

Headmaster Post wrapped up the assembly with a moment of silence as the boys departed. The upper school then gathered at the alumni veterans memorial in front of Alumni House. Patrick Young and Luke Kluttz '14 placed a wreath on the memorial. Mr. Maisel went on to meet with the lower school to explain the meaning and history of Veterans Day. For more photos visit our SmugMug page. 


BL Launches a New Writing Center with Student Interns

On Friday, November 8th, Boys' Latin held its official grand opening of the Writing Center in front of a group of over one hundred faculty, students and community members. Located in the Upper School library and staffed by both English faculty members and student interns, the Writing Center is dedicated to helping all students with their academic and personal writing. The opening festivities featured a musical performance by the chorus, food contributions from both the Cooking Club and the Parents' Association, and speeches by Inkwell editor-in-chief Alex Andrews and head Writing Center intern Nick Wheeless. The event culminated with the ceremonial ribbon-cutting by senior intern Chad Hazman and freshman Writing Center participant Chris Meyers, who was chosen to do the honors in a random drawing. Over fifty students have already visited the Writing Center, and the grand opening figures to help in drawing an even wider array of student writers.

Halloween Celebrations

Halloween on campus today was filled with smiles and laughter as many students, faculty and staff donned costumes.  In the morning, the entire lower school paraded over and through the upper school and were greeted by applause and candy handouts.  Mr. Post gave each of the boys a BL megaphone, which will come in handy tomorrow for the football game against St. Paul’s.  In the afternoon, the middle school gathered in the Iglehart and the upper school gathered in the Gelston Athletic Center as students competed in costume contests and games during their Halloween assemblies.  We saw ecstatic Red Sox fans, Lady Gaga, the Lakerman, the set of four Scooby Doo characters, Elvis (in lower and upper school sizes), and so many other notable costumes.  All enjoyed the day.  Parents may access SmugMug to see more photos.


Projectile Motion Contest

When you studied AP Physics, was it this much fun?  Today, Mrs. Rodriguez’s two AP Physics classes stepped out onto Boys’ Latin’s upper turf field with their inventions.  As part of their projectile motion studies, teams in each class designed, built and tested simple machines that kick a soccer ball.  The project concluded with a kicking competition on the soccer field where the boys measured hang time and range to calculate the soccer balls’ initial speed and angle.  The students did an excellent job designing, fabricating and operating their machines which made for a fun and exciting lesson.


Boys' Latin's 2013 Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees, in conjunction with faculty and staff, embarked on a comprehensive planning process in 2012 – 2013.  We accelerated our strategic planning to run parallel with our Association of Independent Maryland & DC Schools re-accreditation cycle, so that our efforts would have the greatest impact on the daily experience of our boys.  With purposeful and detailed research and benchmarking, reflection and discussion, and thoughtful prioritization of the needs of our boys and broad community, the Board adopted the 2013 Strategic Plan.  The plan includes a new statement of institutional identity as well as new goals and strategies.  We invite you to learn more in by clicking on the image below to see our summary document.  In addition, this document is now posted to our website at


Service to Others: Food Drive Kicks Off & Thank You for School Supplies

This week, BL’s Student Body President Luke Kluttz announced our fall food drive to benefit the St. Vincent de Paul charities.  This year's food drive is an interscholastic event with many of the MIAA member schools participating.  In the spirit of giving (and healthy competition), please donate canned or boxed food to help someone in need! Starting Monday through until Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 26), we will be collecting food in each of the division lobbies. Below is additional information SVDP. Thank you for any donations.

“St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore is a leading provider of community services to people suffering from the effects of hunger, homelessness, and poverty in Baltimore, Maryland.  Each year, over 50,000 people are helped through our comprehensive services that have a singular focus:  To help build better futures for those who are struggling in poverty.”

On the topic of service to others, thank you to everyone who donated school supplies as part of our 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance.  BL was able to supply 300 school kits due to your generosity!


Center Stage Comes to Visit

Four actors from the cast of Dance of the Holy Ghost came out to visit Mrs. Molling's Theater classes on Wednesday, Ocober 23rd.  Cast members led the class in improv exercises to work on "think on your feet acting." On Thursday, October 24, BL Acting I and Modern American Theatre classes had the opportunity to visit Center Stage, take a back stage tour and watch the performance of Dance of the Holy Ghost.

Dance of the Holy Ghost is playing now at Center Stage until November 17.



A Taste of Fall with the Cooking Club

This week, I was invited to join Mrs. Flaherty and the upper school Cooking Club for their fall tasting.  What a treat!  Everything was delicious, and I was impressed.  These young men know how to cook.  We sampled pumpkin dip, pumpkin bread, mini apple pies, mini pumpkin pies, apple crumble bread, harvest salad and pumpkin cheesecake.  The only thing difficult was choosing a favorite.  The group voted, and the winners were …
     in the sweet category, tied for first place:
     - pumpkin cheesecake by junior Robert Rice
     - mini-pies by freshman Zac Grace

     in the savory category:
     - harvest salad by Mrs. Flaherty

The Cooking Club is in its third year.  Interestingly, it formed after Mrs. Flaherty had a conference with Robert Rice’s mom and found out that he loves to cook.  Students who would like to participate need to prepare and bring a dish and talk to Mrs. Flaherty for dates and details.  Thank you to the group for a fun, festive and tasty event.

-- by Sarah Woods, Director of Strategic Communications

Thank You for Your Support of Our Open House

Thank you to the many parents and students who volunteered on Sunday, October 20th to help with BL’s annual Open House.  “It was a great day for our school, with as large a crowd as we’ve seen in years,” said Headmaster Post.  Thank you to Mr. Nyman and the Upper School Jazz Ensemble who treated us to cheerful selections from the start and throughout the day.  Many thanks also go to Student and Parent Ambassadors, our Ninth Grade Advanced Handchimes Group, lower school artists, representatives from our Middle and Upper Robotics Teams, upper school Inkwell, AP Computer Science and art students and all our outstanding faculty members who conducted mini classes or were on hand to share about their program.  It was a beautiful day on campus!

Support the Class of 2014 -- Order Your Christmas Tree, Wreath and Poinsettia

Click here for the order form, pricing and pick up information.

Bravo! Bravi! Standing Ovations for "To Kill a Mockingbird"

The BL Theater Arts Department and Mrs. Molling launched their season with sold out crowds for Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.   The show opened on Wednesday night and runs through Saturday, October 19th in Sheridan Studio Theater.  Tune in next week for more details, and click on SmugMug for additional photos.


Boys’ Latin 8th Grade Students Develop Proposal for President Obama on Mexico-US Immigration Reform

On Monday, October 21st, Boston University Professor and author of Raising Global IQ: Preparing our Students for a Shrinking Planet (Beacon Press) Carl Hobert will direct a one-day international conflict analysis, management and prevention workshop entitled Mexico-US Immigration Reform that will be held at The Boys’ School of Maryland on Monday, October 21st, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Prior to the workshop, each of the participating 8th grade boys will be assigned membership in one of six groups, which they will represent during the daylong workshop, in an attempt to successfully and peacefully reach an agreement on citizenship, education, and security policies concerning Mexican immigrants living in the US. These groups include: a Border Patrol Agent, a Border State Representative, a Mexican Government Official, a Mexican Immigrant, a US Tax Payer, and an Unskilled Labor Employer. The student recommendations for the three points of agreement (citizenship, education, and security) will be included in a typed and signed 250-word proposal. Copies of the recommendation will then be sent directly to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

Prof. Hobert is dedicated to developing in adolescents an understanding of alternative, non-violent approaches to resolving complex conflicts locally, nationally and internationally. By using his unique conflict resolution simulation approach, this workshop will enable Boys’ Latin 8th grade students to learn about preventing conflict in ways that enliven the imagination, awaken moral reasoning, and impart social and civic skills that they can use throughout their lives. Participating students will also gain important skills that will better prepare them for future challenges, as well as initiating a process of lifelong learning and responsibility as local and global citizens.Please see the attached schedule for the day, and for more information please contact Sarah Woods, Director of Strategic Communications,

Mexico-US Immigration Reform Workshop
The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland
October 21st, 2013

8:00 am
8:00 am – 8:10 am
8:10 am – 8:30 am
8:30 am – 8:50 am
8:50 am – 9:15 am
9:15 am – 9:30 am
9:30 am – 10:00 am
10:00 am – 10:30 am
10:30 am – 11:00 pm
11:00 am – 11:30 am
11:30 pm – 12:00 pm
12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
1:30 pm – 2:00 pm
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm

8th grade boys arrive
Welcome/overview of workshop by Boston University Professor Carl Hobert
Outward Bound icebreaker and team-building exercises and debriefing
History of Mexico-US Illegal Immigration issue (including first portion of documentary)
Individual, predetermined role-play groups presents 2-minute summary statements
Break for refreshments
Round 1 of negotiations (Goal: agreement of 3 points)
Round 2 of negotiations (Goal: agreement of 3 points)
Round 3 of negotiations (Goal: agreement of 3 points)
Round 4 of negotiations (Goal: agreement of 3 points)
Creation of Groups’ Political Cartoons, and Morning Debriefing
Working lunch, with second portion of documentary film
Round 5 of negotiations (Goal: agreement of 3 points)
Round 6 of negotiations (Goal: agreement of 3 points)
Sign 250-word Mexico-US Illegal Immigration Position Paper
Negotiation de-briefing and evaluation forms handed out


Box Office Opens Wednesday Oct. 9th ....

Get your tickets!
Upper School Theatre Arts production of
Harper Lee's

To Kill a Mockingbird
Tickets are sold in the upper school lobby from 7:30 - 8:00am
and during lunch periods on a first come, first served basis.
$5 for students and $7 for adults

Performance Schedule:
Wednesday, Oct. 16th - Saturday, Oct. 19th.
7:00pm curtain time in the Sheridan Studio.

To Kill a Mockingbird Production Team:
Gina Molling: Director, Max Marshall: Assistant Director, Richie Wiklund: Stage Manager, Andrew Haynes, Assistant Stage Manager.
Set Crew: Dan Hicks & Paul Shapanus, Phillip Springer, Ryan Trupia, Max Marshall, Parker Hopkins, Griffin Mc Shane,
Lighting & Sound Crew: Jennifer Scandora, Eric Hanson, & Paul Shapanus: Jaylen Milton,
Ed Bull, Evan Ellwanger, Brooks Michael, Tucker McGuffen,  Skyler Morris, Mitch Casper, Jonathan Sembly, & Michael Knott .
Scenic Artist: Sarah Molling   

The Cast of Characters:

    Scout: Madison Laudeman
    Jem: James Owens
    Atticus: Julian Baker
    Calpurnia: Anna Jeffries
    Maudie: Holly Hutton
    Stephanie: Claire Ciccarone
    Mrs. Dubose: Ellie Profaci
    Boo: Bennett Kauffman
    Dill: Michael Scandora
    Heck Tate: Nick Meittinis
    Judge Taylor: David Friedman
    Mayella Ewell: Julia Smouse
    Bob Ewell: Carson Rehfield
    Walter Cunningham: Matt Attman
    Walter Cunningham Jr: Teddy Roebuck
    Mr. Gilmer: Grant Iodice
    Tom Robinson: Matthew Singleton
    Clerk: Garrett Glaeser
    Rev. Sykes: Trey-Lonte’ Gaither
    Mob Scene Man: Will Krulak
    Trial Scene Black Assemble: Jarek Hardy, Brian Oguike, Josiah Bedford, MylesCohen, Asya Brandt, Neelen McMillan.
    Singer: Myles Cohen

Stories of Uganda - Tyler Steinhardt '12

I wanted to share this letter that we just received from Tyler Steinhart, BL Class of 2012 and General Manager for the Uganda Men's National Lacrosse Team.  Tyler is also a junior at American University in the Global Studies Program.  His passion for his work in Uganda makes us proud. 


I wanted to send my BL family the link to the new video and website for my work in Uganda.  It was through the support of you all and many more at the school that helped make this all possible in the first place, and for that I'm deeply appreciative. (Note that I even used my Williams Scholar money to go to Uganda for the first time.)


I hope all is well, and I look forward to seeing you all on my next break.

All the best,
Tyler Steinhardt

Kandote from Will McCance on Vimeo.

BL's Sukkah is in the Local News

As a follow up to the story posted below in All School News on 9/13/13, there has been some nice local coverage in the news.  This article, "Boys' Latin Club Builds Sukkah" by Heather Norris, was posted on Thursday in The Jewish Times  In addition, "Boys in the Hut," was posted Friday in Baltimore Jewish Life

Well done boys!

Two BL Teachers Wow WWII Veterans

Last weekend, BL teachers Eric Hanson and Butch Maisel ‘09H volunteered at an Honor Flight gathering of WW2 veterans from the Northeast.  Honor Flight is an organization that provides free flights for WW2 veterans from around the nation to see their memorial in DC. Mr. Hanson shared his experience in a blog post with photos here:  “Meeting so many of these men and women and bringing back memories for them was an amazing experience we hope to be able to do again,” commented Mr. Hanson.




Have you seen the new campus store?

“Wow! That’s what everyone says when they walk through the doors” says Joyce Barnett, Lower School Administrative Assistant and Campus Store volunteer.  BL parent Rachel Mygatt enthused about “the beautiful, newly expanded and renovated space.”  The project began in mid-August and was completed in September.  There is now more than twice the space, new vendors and a dedicated section for women’s apparel.  In fact, many ladies were seen at Fall Festival sporting new outerwear with the cooler temperatures. 

Special thanks to BL parents Nickie Boudreau, Debi Brent, Carol Goodman (P '11), Jamie Isaac, Chrissy Makris, Rachel Mygatt, Stacy and Ray Patterson, and Deb Wood, who dedicated a full day to helping BL Campus Store Manager Anne Whitman set up new space.

Stop by and see.  Anne can always use more volunteers in the store too.  If you are interested, call Anne at 410-435-2789.

Fall Festival Fun for All Ages

Last Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for BL’s annual Fall Festival.  With cool breezes and sunny smiles, students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends gathered on BL’s north campus for games and fun for all ages.  Fans cheered the Varsity Soccer Team in a close match versus Severn at 11am, and then gathered with renewed gusto to see the Varsity Football Team handily defeat Pallotti 36-0 at 1:30pm.

Many thanks to the BL Parents’ Association for organizing an outstanding event.  Fall Festival Chair, Amanda Lopez, and Co-Chair, Caroline Evans, put in many hours to bring in inflatable games, activities, a photo booth, new food options, and plenty of volunteers.  PA President Kathy Gray also played a large part in making things run smoothly.  Well done!

Here is a sample of photos.  Parents can login to see more on BL’s SmugMug site.


BL Junior Julian Baker on the Radio

Did you hear junior Julian Baker on the radio?  Julian recently worked with Ms. Sarah Woods, Director of Strategic Communications for BL, to record the ad at WPOC 93.1FM.  Ms. Woods commented, “Julian took the initiative to tailor the script to fit with his experience and his timing.  He came prepared and did an outstanding job.  Thank you Julian!” The photo below was taken in the WPOC studios when Julian was recording.

You will also be able to hear more of Julian on our own BL Web Radio this year. The group is gearing up for 2013-14 and will have a show schedule shortly. 

Click the image to hear the ad with Julian.


Robotics Battle of Baltimore at BL

The BL Robotics Team was the proud host of the 7th annual Battle of Baltimore off-season robotics event sponsored by FIRST BAA here on Saturday, Sept.21. Thirty (30) teams from as far north as New York City and as far south as Richmond, VA were on campus for the event bringing a record crowd of 600-800 robotics students, coaches, mentors and fans. 

Robots competed in the FIRST FRC Ultimate Ascent challenge, which required robots to earn points by 1) launching Frisbees into goals positioned at 3, 10 and 12 feet from the ground, and 2) climbing or hanging on a pyramid.  Needless to say, the competition was challenging and intense as teams battled for position. Our own BL team placed 2nd of 30 teams in the morning qualifying rounds but was plagued by circuitry issues causing them to bow out to another alliance team in the afternoon elimination rounds.  However, the team is motivated, dedicated, and off to a good start for the coming year’s competition. 

BL’s team is led by returning Lakers Matt Bennett (team captain), Anthony North, Jason Price, Charley Hughes, Rachel Cooper (celebrating her 16th Bday!), Mike Chalawsky, Avery Engel, Parker Hawkins, Mike Knott and Michael Hopkins. New team members included Noah Vilceus, Robbie Dittmar, Harry Purdue, Ryan Trupia, Trey Burrell, Corey Sekulow, and Grant Iodice.  As tournament hosts, the BL team was out in full force on both Friday and Saturday to help unload and assemble the NASA competition field and to assist teams at arrival and departure as they unloaded and reloaded their robots and equipment.  The team's individual and collective Gracious Professionalism, a key tenant of the FIRST experience, was in high gear. Of note, Matt and Parker had double duty on Saturday - they straddled their efforts between robotics matches and the Varsity Football game!

The team thanks parent mentors, Mr. Jeffry Ring (father of JB, Class of 2010) and Mr. Greg Bennett (father of senior Matt Bennett), and all team parents who helped with concessions, lunch pre-orders, volunteer breakfast goodies, etc.  Our parent mentors are truly a dedicated and talented group.

Thanks, also, to Mr. Derrick Thomas for photography and videography, Mr. Jim Haluck for managing the lunch pre-orders (we consumed 120 pizzas and 60 salads from Pepe's!), Mr. Cornish and the entire facilities maintenance staff.  All visitors were well cared for and impressed by the BL campus and hospitality.

Special kudos go to Anne Kellerman whose tireless efforts and leadership made the day such a huge success and who has led our Robotics Team, since its inception, to be respected contenders in the field.   Good luck to the Robotics Team in the coming competitive season.

by Marcia Flaherty


Join us TOMORROW for the "Battle of Baltimore" robotics competition

FirstBAA, an alliance of Baltimore area teams, is hosting the "Battle of Baltimore" robotics competition at Boys' Latin on Saturday, September 21st 9am to 5 pm in the Gelston Athletics Center.  Come watch 30 robots compete.

For more information, go to


A Peek into the Academic Life of the Upper School

One of the defining features of a Boys’ Latin education is how engaging a boy’s classes are on a daily basis.  I have had the privilege of observing a number of classes in the first week of school, and I am continually amazed at the vibrancy and energy that is present when I walk into a classroom.  The boys are engaged in their learning – they are the ones performing experiments, creating short stories, and solving equations.  Our educational philosophy is not focused on having boys sit in their chairs while a teacher talks to them about the day’s material.  Instead, our boys are actively engaged in the hands on work of scientists, authors, and mathematicians. 

This short video from our Forensics Honors class is an example of this philosophy.  The boys in this video (juniors Max Hyatt, Philip Springer, and Avery Engel) are working with fingerprint analysis.  They are learning by doing – an educational principle that resonates with boys.

(Click image to view video) 
Another unique aspect of our educational program in the upper school is the ability for teachers to create meaningful experiences outside of their respective classrooms.   English teacher Brian Higginson has created a partnership with lower school classrooms where upper school boys develop storytelling and writing skills.  In this video, Mr. Higginson’s Creative Writing students are meeting their pre-first storytellers for the first time, with the lower school boys telling the upper school boys what they want their story to include.  After this meeting, the upper school boys will have to go back and write a story that incorporates the information received from the lower school boys.  Later they will share that story with the lower school boy for an editing session, and then they will finally present their lower school buddy with the completed story.  In this example, we see two best practices for boy learning occurring - the creation of a product and serving as a role model for younger boys.

Click image to view video

These videos are just a little glimpse into the work that goes on in our classrooms, and throughout the year I will highlight other classes so that you can see the range of exciting educational experiences your sons are having here at BL. 


Charles Franklin

Upper School Director of Academics


What’s that structure outside Williams Hall?

The Jewish Awareness club helped construct a Sukkah yesterday afternoon in honor of the upcoming festival of Sukkot, “The Harvest Festival.”  The student leadership of the Jewish Awareness Club and some stalwart volunteers braved heat and an impressive thunderstorm to make this happen. “Huge thanks go to our friend at the Center for Jewish Education, Zack Pomerantz, for bringing the materials and directing us in the proper way to build a Sukkah,” said upper school history teacher Eric Whitehair.

Mr. Whitehair also extends this invitation, “Please come enjoy the Sukkah! While there is a traditional and spiritual dimension to Sukkot (and we want to be respectful of materials lent to us, of course), it is indeed a festival and it is considered a mitzvah (good deed) to spend time in relaxing, eating socializing or meditating etc. in this type of structure. Call or e-mail me if you have any questions.  More information about Sukkot, click Chag Sameach! (Have a happy festival time!)”


Patriot Day

Boys' Latin commemorated September 11th with an assembly for the middle and upper school students.  To set the tone, our middle and upper school chorus performed “America the Beautiful,” and the entire audience joined in for one verse.  Headmaster Post pointed out the significance of coming together as a community in reverence for the freedom, sacrifices, values and beliefs that we hold dear.  Then in a back and forth volley from Brandon Mollett and Ryan Hopkins, the audience quietly soaked in the striking similarities between quotes from President George W. Bush’s speech establishing 9/11 as a day of remembrance (Sept. 14, 2001) and President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (Nov. 19, 1863).  Reaching the crowd on another level, middle school teacher Gillian Vernon brought 9/11 back with striking images and the captions:  ONSLAUGHT, RESILIENCE, TOLERANCE, HOPE, and NEVER FORGET ONE’S INTEGRITY, COMPASSION & RESPONSIBILITY.

In a White House proclamation this week, President Omaba renamed 9/11 Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance. In BL’s service to others, Sally Brackins and Susan Brown announced that BL is sponsoring a school supply drive to aid children in need overseas, especially in areas torn by intolerance.  It is our contention that education is our best defense against the intolerance that fosters terrorism. We invite entire K-12 BL community to join us in collecting the following supplies:  packs of wide-rule loose leaf paper, single-subject spiral notebooks, unsharpened #2 pencils, blunt-tipped scissors, and 24-count packs of crayons.  If you would like to contribute any of the items, you can place them in the collection box in the divisional front lobbies between now and September 25th.


"Do boys learn differently from girls?"

Michael Thompson, Ph.D. and Headmaster Christopher Post were recently interviewed on WMAR ABC2 News.  The segment will air on October 13th at 6:50pm, and you can see it early here by clicking on the image below.

Maryland Spotlight -- Boys' Latin SchoolMaryland Spotlight -- Boys' Latin School



Special Invitation to BL Families and the Community

Join us for a special presentation on
What You Need To Know If Your Child Plays Contact Sports!

Dr. Kevin Crutchfield, Stroke Neurologist
Director of Comprehensive Sports Concussion Program
Director of Non-Invasive Cerebrovascular Physiology Labs at
The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute, Sinai Hospital

Learn about the symptoms, physiology, treatment options,
and recovery from a concussion.

Monday September 16, 2013
7:00 pm Presentation and 7:30 pm Q & A
Boys’ Latin School of Maryland-Iglehart Center, South Campus



Michael Thompson Leads Faculty & Staff Professional Development in Kick-off to 2013-14

Before students began their school year with orientation, retreats and new books, our faculty and staff gathered for professional development on August 21st – 23rd.  We were fortunate to welcome Michael Thompson, Ph.D. back to campus again this year for his fourth visit as our resident fellow with BL’s Bauer Institute for Leadership and Personal Growth.  As part of our continual improvement to provide the best in boys’ education, we focused over these professional days on understanding male development using literature.  All of our staff chose from a variety of texts in order to discuss what’s myth, what’s accurate and what’s relevant.  Headmaster Post commented “I personally enjoyed Wonder by R.J. Palacio, a compelling story of friendship and overcoming obstacles through middle and high school.”  Dr. Thompson will join us again on December 2nd at 7pm for a discussion of “The Pressured Child” that will be open to the public, so mark your calendars now. 

Before Dr. Thompson’s arrival as we initially gathered, Headmaster Post welcomed all faculty and staff back to campus.  Mr. Post also shared that last month Boys’ Latin received a comprehensive report from the AIMS Visiting Team, reflecting on their site visit in April.  Mr. Post praised the team for their work saying, “We are inspired by the visiting team’s thoughtful recommendations and gratified by their commendations. The team reflected that our classroom instruction, co-curricular programs, school leadership, and student support exemplify our mission and core values.  We could not have been paid a higher compliment, and we are humbled by this affirmation of the good work of our faculty and students alike.” 

The BL faculty and staff are grateful for this opportunity to join together as we learn and grow.  Many thanks to Dr. Thompson and Headmaster Post.


Auditions Open for "To Kill a Mockingbird"

The Boys' Latin Theater Department is excited to announce auditions:
- On Sunday, Sept. 8th & Monday, Sept. 9th in the Sheridan Studio on the upper school campus, across from the tennis courts from 6 - 7:30pm. 
- We need 12 males and 6 females for roles, and students in all grades are welcomed for auditions.
- Show dates are Oct. 16th - Oct. 19th in the Sheridan Studio at 7 PM.
- Tickets will be on sale one week prior to opening night, $5.00 for students and $7.00 for adults.

Welcome to Our New Faculty Members!

With the first day of classes for students on August 29th rapidly approaching, all faculty and staff returned to campus this week and have been busy with many preparations.  We have enjoyed welcoming and getting to know our new faculty members:

Joe Bailey – Math, Upper School
Mr. Bailey is a recent graduate of Wofford College with a degree in math education, and he completed his student teaching at Spartanburg Academy. Joe will also be coaching soccer and basketball.

Sheri Cobb – Science, Upper School
Mrs. Cobb is no stranger to Roland Park, as a graduate of Bryn Mawr School. She will be teaching science in the upper school, having previously taught in Baltimore County Public Schools. Sheri earned her undergraduate degree from Goucher College and two master's degrees from Johns Hopkins - one in Biotechnology and the other in Education.

Richard (Rip) Friddell – English, Middle School
Mr. Friddell previously taught at Collegiate School in Richmond, following his graduation from the University of Richmond. Rip is also a graduate of Gilman School. Rip will be coaching volleyball, basketball and baseball.

Brent Hilpert – Science, Upper School
Mr. Hilpert comes to Boys' Latin by way of Atlanta, where he worked as assistant department chair and grade dean at Woodward Academy. Brent will be serving as our 10th grade dean and will teach science. Brent earned his undergraduate degree from Washington & Lee University and his graduate degree from the University of Georgia.

Megan Kenney – Counselor, Upper and Middle Schools
Mrs. Kenny was most recently serving in a similar role at Notre Dame Preparatory School. Originally from Chicago, Megan moved to the area to attend UMBC where she played volleyball, and later she earned her master's in social work from the University of Maryland. Megan will also be coaching in the volleyball program.

Catherine (Cathy) Valdez – Spanish, Upper School
Mrs. Valdez is a veteran of independent schools, having taught at St.Paul's School for a number of years. Most recently, she served as an instructor at Loyola University. She earned her undergraduate degree from Middlebury and her master's degree from Loyola University.

Sarah Molling – Art, Middle and Upper Schools
Miss Molling is familiar to so many of us on campus, through Gina Moiling, Theater Arts Director ... and Sarah's mom. Over the years, Sarah has assisted in the set design and decoration for various productions and has been a long supporter of so many different activities. Sarah previously taught in Baltimore County Public Schools, and she earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from MICA: Maryland Institute College of Art.

James (Jimmy) Morrissey – Math, Upper School
Mr. Morrissey spent the past two years teaching math here in Baltimore through the Teach for America Program. Originally from Washington State, Jimmy earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington and his graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University. Jimmy will also be coaching basketball and baseball.

Lisa Reid – Math, Upper School
Mrs. Reid previously taught for many years in Baltimore County Public Schools. She earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Loyola University. Her sons, Micah, grade two and Owen, grade four, will also be joining us in the lower school.

Phil Sheehey - Math & Science, Middle School
Mr. Sheehey is a familiar face to all of us. Phil retired from Procter and Gamble a little over a year ago, and he became one of our stalwart substitutes last year, while also coaching basketball and baseball in the upper school. In addition to teaching, Mr. Sheehey will return as a coach for soccer, basketball and baseball this year. Phil earned his undergraduate degree from Denison University.

In addition to these new colleagues, we're also joined at the start of the year by Kirk Maggio, who will be teaching art in the upper school as Amy Digges will be on maternity leave as we begin the year. Kirk has been involved in a variety of coaching capacities here at Boys' Latin and has a strong art background, having earned his degree in graphic design from UCLA.

Education on a Mission in Sierra Leone

Lower School Learning Specialist Stephanie McKew recently returned from a summer trip to Sierra Leone, Africa on an educational mission to the Abigail Butscher Primary School.  This is Mrs. McKew’s second trip, and she commented “We were thrilled to see that the teachers and students were still using the books from ‘Reading A-Z’ that Boys’ Latin students assembled in 2011 as part of the School’s annual Service Learning Day.  It remains their primary reading source.”  It is heartwarming to see that BL's efforts from several years ago still have such a strong and positive impact. 


Two Student Summer Robotics Creations

These minds never rest. Two students, freshman Noah Vilceus and senior Michael Chalawsky, have been busy this summer with their own creations. Robotics Coach Anne Kellerman passed along these photos with pride and enthusiasm. Noah is pictured above with the robotic crane he built and programmed in two days. The footnote from his mom says “It's pretty awesome and can pick up much weight.”

Michael Chalawsky constructed a bridge from spaghetti with three teammates at the JHU Engineering Innovation “Bridge Load Testing Competition.” By competition rules the bridge must hold 18 kg of weight, and this one held 20kg while many other bridges crumbled at the 3kg hurdle! The team came in 8th out of 40 teams.

Congratulations to Michael and Noah for their creative constructions.


BL delegates attend 20th Annual International Boys School Conference
A delegation of ten faculty and administrators attended the 20th annual conference of the International Boys School Coalition, held June 30 - July 3 at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, Virginia.  This year 's conference theme, Brother to Brother, Looking In, Reaching Out, featured presentations from many well known experts in boys ' development and education, including Michael Thompson, Richard Hawley and Michael Reichert.  Many conference sessions highlighted the critical importance of connections and relationships in a boy's educational experience, both hallmarks of the Boys' Latin experience.  This truly international event included presenters and delegates from every corner of the globe, including China, Japan, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and the United  States.

Pictured from left to right:  Demond Baine, Chris Post, Missy Dudley, Cathy Badmington, Anne Kellerman, Molly Mullally, Kathy Arnold, Barb Starkey, Charles Franklin, and Greg Schnitzlein.

More on the Shootout for Soldiers from ESPN today

"In only its second year, the lacrosse event conceived by Tyler Steinhardt when he was a senior in high school has raised $231,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project."  Click this link to see the video and full article: The story includes a touching perspective from United States Army Spc. Calvin Todd who was wounded in Afghanistan.

Shootout for Soldiers II doubles participation and raises $126,000 for The Wounded Warrior Project

From Colleen Thomas with The Baltimore Sun, “The second annual Shootout for Soldiers event at McDonogh, which went from 9 a.m. Thursday until 9 a.m. Friday, raised $126,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project, according to Tyler Steinhardt, the event's organizer (and Boys' Latin class of 2012). The amount surpassed last year’s total of $120,000.

“The event had over 2,000 participants and thousands more spectators, Steinhardt said, including an appearance by Ravens coach John Harbaugh.  Though Steinhardt said the main goal this year wasn't to try to raise more money than last year's event, the substantial growth of the event is what helped this year's donation total grow.  The number of participants doubled from last year, and Steinhardt said over 100 veterans came out to the event, which included a veterans’ game at 9 a.m. Thursday." For the full story, click:

TV News also captured the story.  Follow this link for coverage Friday morning from WBALTV NBC  The player interviewed in the beginning of the story is R.J. Kaminski, 2013 Boys’ Latin graduate.

Pre-event coverage from The Baltimore Sun gave additional background on the event:

USA TODAY Profiles Shack Stanwick '14 in their "Ultimate Athlete 2013" series

by Sarah Gearhart for USA TODAY High School Sports -- "Boys' Latin lacrosse star follows in his siblings' footsteps, makes his case as the Ultimate Athlete."  Click the following link for the full article:

History Teacher Butch Maisel Profiled in the Philadelphia Inquirer

From the Philadelphia Inquirer, George R. Carter, June 7th -- In an article entitled, "As veterans' numbers dwindle, memories of D-Day remain vivid," the paper interviewed Mr. Maisel about his extensive WWII collection.  "For some D-Day veterans who have already died, their sons have filled in the ranks. Butch Maisel, 59, is a history teacher at the Boys Latin School of Maryland in Baltimore. His father, Maj. Frederick C. 'Fritz' Maisel Jr., was a company commander with the Fourth Infantry Division and the first man out of his landing craft on Utah Beach.

"When his father was on his deathbed in 1986, Butch Maisel promised him that he would keep the memory alive. In the years since, he has tracked down Fourth Infantry soldiers far and wide, men who fought with his father all the way up to soldiers who served with the Fourth in Iraq. Tracing his father's war journey, he began by knocking on doors in Normandy, saying simply, 'My father was here.' Butch Maisel has compiled a vast collection of memories, pictures, and other artifacts of war.

"Walking amid his trove recently, he channeled June 6, 1944, in Normandy: 'If it had gone wrong, they all could have been killed or captured.'

"As veterans' numbers dwindle, memories of D-Day remain vivid"

"He leafed through a collection of letters and pictures from veterans he has corresponded with, many from the Philadelphia area. About all of them are gone, he said, dozens of names and impossibly young faces in uniform who became his friends. Then he brightened and pointed: 'Here's one.' It was Angelo Marsella, 88, a Navy LST (landing ship tank) crewman who made five runs in to the beaches over several weeks of the invasion.

"Marsella recalls that morning vividly. 'It looked like the Fourth of July,' he said last week at his home in Brookhaven, Delaware County.

"D-Day was a hold-your-breath moment in history, just like Gettysburg, one to which the future owed its very existence. A force of 150,000 soldiers, supported by a staggering 5,000 ships and 11,000 aircraft, gained a 50-mile foothold on Nazi-occupied France.

"It was the first time that Allied troops were back in force on Northern European soil since the British evacuation at Dunkirk four years earlier. This time, they would not be evicted, spelling the beginning of the end for Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.

"With more than 9,000 Allied soldiers killed or wounded, though, the sacrifice was precious."

Click the following link to read the full article:

Below are inages from Veteran's Day at Boys' Latin, when Mr. Maisel brings part of his collection to share with our students in a way the makes history come to life for the boys.


Middle School Closing – The Growth Years

I write this as the last of our boys leave campus.  The Middle School Closing is the last student activity on campus for the 2012-13 year.  The ceremony this morning was a proud and joyful celebration of “a fine year” as Middle School Head Brandon Mollett summed it up.  We honored our eighth grade class of 2017 as they move up to upper school, and Mr. Mollett thanked them “for demonstrating leadership and serving as positive examples for our younger students.”  The audience, filled with proud parents, family, faculty, staff and friends, cheered as the following students were presented awards:
- Improvement Awards:

- Ryan – 8th Grade Honorable Mention
- Dylan – 8th Grade Most Improved
- Travis – 7th Grade Honorable Mention- McKenney – 7th Grade Most Improved
- Trent – 6th Grade Most Improved

- Robbie, Garrett D., Brett, Garrett G., Nathan, Matthew, Mark, Jimmy, Griffin and Noah with the President’s Education Award from a White House letter signed by President Obama
- Josiah, Trey, Parker, Drew, Mikey and Ryan S. with the Silver Outstanding Academic Achievement Award
- Drew with the Packard Music Award
- Harry and Noah with the Art Award
- Robbie D. with the Technology Award
-Jack S. with the Doris L. Regan Memorial Award given to the sixth grader who has shown the greatest versatility in the transition to the middle school
- Noah as the valedictorian and Matthew as the salutatorian with the George Shipley Memorial Award for the highest GPAs in the eighth grade class
- Chase with the Middle School Award given to the seventh grader who best demonstrates the qualities of responsibility, gentlemanliness and dedication to the school motto “Esse Quam Videri
- Mikey with the Jack H. Williams Award given to the student who demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration of others
- Griffin with the Maroon and White Award given to the student who, in the opinion of his teachers, best upholds the honor of the school
- Garrett G. with the Dale W. Sehnert Award given to the student who seeks knowledge for the pleasure of learning
-Robbie D. and Jimmy M. with the Brian C. Campbell Scholarship given to former fifth grade students in memory of Mrs. Jean Campbell’s son
- Gideon with the Middle School Faculty Award given to that student whose enthusiasm, effort, civility and spirit have lifted all those around him
- Trey, Harry and Noah with Perfect Attendance Awards for not missing a day of school over three years or 481 days

Director of Development John Sieverts, together with the Voigt and Santos families, thanked parents as he presented the Eighth Grade Class gift of $57,000 for the annual fund.  Then in his farewell remarks, Valedictorian Noah said “Many think that middle school is the worst of years ever, but it is not so.  …We are on our way to new beginnings and more success.  …Do not be afraid.  …We are the only people who can limit ourselves from succeeding.”  The crowd watched as each eighth grader walked across the stage to be recognized.  The middle school chorus sang their last song of the year, “Hallelujah,” featuring pairs of boys in duets.  With brief closing remarks, Mr. Mollett dismissed the group with a happy “summer awaits!”

Photos are available to school families on SmugMug.

Lower School Closing – My, How They Have Grown!

Today, we celebrated the end of a wonderful year in BL’s lower school, and we honored our fifth graders who move up to middle school in the fall.  In the welcome message, Head of Lower School Kathy Arnold kicked off the ceremonies saying “Each day in the lower school is different.  Each has its own ebb and flow.  Each year has a feel of its own.  …This year has been outstanding.  …Students have many reasons to be proud of their accomplishments.”  With a crowd of students, parents, family, faculty, staff and friends, we moved into the program with fifth grader Mattias leading the pledge of allegiance.  After the smiling singing of the school song, Headmaster Post presented the Doris L. Regan Award to the student who most embodies the School Song to fourth grader Mac.  Mr. Post thanked teachers, parents and families for all that they have done to support the students and school this year, and he encouraged the boys to get outside every day, get dirty and make a new friend.  The following students were recognized for awards:
- A.J. with the Woodward Awardestablished in honor of Tillie Woodward, former lower school teacher and athletic director, to honor the outstanding athlete based on team spirit and ability.
- Grant with the Jack H. Williams Fellowship Award established in memory of former Headmaster Williams and given to the student who demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration of others.
- Max with the Frederick A. Hahn Award established in honor of Mr. Hahn, Headmaster for 35 years and given for leadership based on character.
- Vladik with the Benjamin Samuel Sorensen Award established by Mr. Sorensen’s parents to recognize the third grade student who demonstrates determination and potential for success.
- Mattias with the Brian C. Campbell Award for excellence in writing.
- Mason with the Betty Banghart Award established in honor of Mrs. Banghart by the lower school faculty on the occasion of her retirement as Head of Lower School for the student who demonstrates a true love of learning.
- Mason, David, Jackson, Chase, Nick, Dale and Jacob with the President’s Education Award from a White House letter signed by President Obama.
- Nick with the Lower School Faculty Award established to recognize the fifth grade student who has shown the most academic and personal growth during his years in the lower school.
- George and Emre with theTimber Ridge Camp Scholarship given in memory of Nicholas Ziolkowski ’01.

Next, Director of Development John Sieverts ‘07H, together with the Voigt and Weinberg families, presented the Fifth Grade Class gift to the annual fund of $50,000, and they noted 100% participation from fifth grade families. Fifth Grader Max also presented a book about George Washington to the school library.

After closing remarks, the audience smiled, laughed and cheered to the slide show from Lower School Technology Coordinator Debi Krulak.  There were many fun photos, and the best part is seeing the age progression of each fifth grader when their school photos from the beginning of each year assemble on the screen into a personal collage.  Thank you Debi, and thank you all who made this an outstanding closing program and fantastic year!

Photos are available to school families on SmugMug:!i=2559118345&k=q8fWG33



Graduation In Our Own Way

Saturday, June 1st was a beautiful morning with bright sunshine and blue skies as the BL community gathered under large tents in front of Williams Hall to celebrate our 169th Commencement Exercises. Seniors, parents, faculty, administration, staff, family, friends and alumni all gathered with smiles and words of congratulations.  One parent said, "BL’s graduation is beautiful and truly unique.  Headmaster Post’s comments about every senior make it a touching and warm example of how close this community is." One particularly poignant part of the ceremony was the empty chair for classmate Zak DeGross who passed away in 2010 at the end of his freshman year after battling cancer. Headmaster Post and Board President Walker Mygatt presented Zak’s honorary diploma to his family during the ceremony. In photos posted by The Baltimore Sun, you will see Zak’s Cousin Sidney Malik Darby, age 9, accepting Zak’s diploma. Follow this link or the image below to see more photos and a list of the 2013 BL graduates from The Baltimore Sun:,0,4801009.story

With the signal music of Bagpiper Andrew Shriver McGowan (BL Class of 2012), the processional began with BL’s administration, board members, faculty and staff leading in the graduating seniors as they walked through the center isle surrounded by rows of proud parents, family, friends and alumni under the main tent. Headmaster Post recognized retiring, long-time teacher Bill Pheil and thanked Student Body President Bradley Schwartz. This year two seniors, Craig Dougherty and Spencer Stieff, shared the valedictorian honor with 4.37 GPAs. Another special moment was a performance by the upper school jazz ensemble which included several of our seniors.  Before the presentation of diplomas, Headmaster Post recognized the following graduates with awards:
- Taylor Davis with the J. Elwood Peter Memorial Award “established by Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Peter to be presented to that member of the senior class who, in the opinion of his classmates, possesses the characteristics of heart, mind and conduct that manifest a spirit of love for and helpfulness to his fellow men as were exemplified by their son, J. Elwood Harrison Peter ’34.”
- Stephen Black with the Jack H. Williams Award for Benevolence “established in 1978 by the School in memory of Mr. Williams ’38, beloved Headmaster 1962-78, whose concern and love for others was the paragon for the spirit of caring at Boys’ Latin.”
- Greg Sheetz with the Julian and Carolyn Smith Alumni Cup Award “established in 1916 by the Alumni Association, dedicated in 2012 to the Smiths, awarded to a member of the senior class for leadership based on character.”
- Schazz Lee, Jamal Perkins, Jacob Katinski, Torrin Stokes and Jarek Sparaco with Faculty Awards
- R.J. Kaminski with the Senior Internship Award “presented to that senior whose project is judged to most outstanding” for his work at WBAL Radio.

Colin Heacock '13 awarded "Best High School Lacrosse Player in the State of Maryland"

It was a big weekend for Colin Heacock.  He graduated from Boys’ Latin on Saturday and was awarded the prestigious 67th Annual "C. Markland Kelly Award" last night at a ceremony at the US Naval Academy. From June 3, 2013 ( “Boys’ Latin senior attackman Colin Heacock has been named the prestigious C. Markland ‘Kelly Award’ winner as the top boys’ player in Maryland for 2013.  Heacock, a Maryland signee, had 48 goals and 24 assists this year in helping the Lakers finish 19-1 and reach the championship game of the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) finals.  He was named to the All-MIAA team.  The ‘Kelly Award’ has been made annually for the last 65 years to the ‘Best High School Lacrosse Player in the State of Maryland’ and is given by the Maryland State Lacrosse Coaches Association.“

Coach Shriver noted, “Colin becomes the 12th Boys' Latin player to win this honor, and BL and SP now have the most players to ever win the award.” A committee from The Maryland State Lacrosse Coaches' Association plus selected media representatives awarded six divisional honors from regional nominations.  Colin was the Independent North winner and then was selected as the overall winner by the MSLCA.

For the full list of divisional winners, go to .  For an interview with Colin at the awards dinner by Varsity Sports Network, go to or click the image below.

Swimming the Distance for a Good Cause

Congratulations go out to BL technology staffer and 1998 graduate David Sugar who completed the 7.5 mile Potomac River Swim on Saturday, June 1st.  The event raises awareness of environmental concerns in the Potomac River and raises money for local environmental groups. The swim crosses the Potomac starting in Northern Neck Virginia and ending at Point Lookout State Park. David swam the distance in 5 hours 24 minutes.  With a smile and a suntanned image of goggles on his face, David commented, “To say the least with the current towards the end of the swim, this swim was a true test of endurance.”  The race caps out at a total of 45 registered swimmers plus their supporting kayaker.  Participants, from as far away as Boulder, CO, donned wet suits for the 70 degree water temperatures and cut through three foot waves.  We applaud David for his accomplishment!  Here is a link to more event information: Main Site to Potomac River Swim

A Touching Remembrance and Award Winning Speech

As is tradition at Boys’ Latin over the course of the year, each of our seniors delivers his "senior speech" in front of the entire upper school student body, faculty, and administration as well as his parents. The process begins for each student in his English classroom where he selects his topic and refines his drafts; he polishes the speech with a week of public speaking coaching.  It is a leadership development opportunity as well as an important writing and public speaking lesson. Some senior speech topics are funny while others are personal and touching.

In our final round of senior speeches for the school year, we were treated to a reflection by DJ Willoughby. As he read a poem from the podium, DJ asked that his classmates join him up front so that together they could honor of his friend and former classmate Zak DeGross.  Head of Upper School Stephen Schools describes it as “One of the most touching, sincere, and humbling presentations that I have seen in my four years at BL. It was truly beautiful.’ At the end of the year, the seniors voted and awarded DJ's speech as the most memorable and well-written “Speech of the Year”.  Today, the following article was published in Baltimore Fishbowl, and a staffer there commented about the speech, "I still have tears running down my cheeks and onto the table from reading it. I can only imagine its impact." Follow this link for the full story:

BL Senior Aaron Leeds is honored by The Baltimore Sun with their Hayley Milbourn Integrity Award

Did you see Aaron Leeds '13 on the front of the sports section of The Baltimore Sun today? Aaron is recognized with The Sun's Hayley Milbourn Integrity Award.  You may recall the story posted here near the holidays about the student who found an envelop with $3000 cash and turned it in without hesitation.  That student was Aaron Leeds, and this is just one of many examples of how Aaron is an outstanding young man of character. He well deserves this recognition. Congratulations! Read more:,0,3207377.story#ixzz2UhRN786H

Memorial Day Reflection

As we reflect on Memorial Day, we wanted to share this from Tyler Steinhardt, BL class of 2012:

"A Letter on Memorial Day:

"As Memorial Day is upon us, marking the unofficial start of summer and conclusion of the college lacrosse season, I want to share its importance to me personally, and why I helped start the Shootout for Soldiers last Spring.

"In the Fall of 2004, Marine Cpl. Nicholas Ziolkowski was killed by enemy fire in Fallujah, Iraq. Nick, a 2001 graduate of Boys’ Latin, enlisted in the Marines directly out of high school and became one of the lead snipers in his unit. A New York Times reporter, who was embedded with the Marines in Fallujah characterized Nick as,

“'Tall, good-looking and gregarious, Corporal Ziolkowski was one of Bravo Company’s most popular soldiers. Unlike most snipers, who learned to shoot growing up in the countryside, Corporal Ziolkowski grew up near Baltimore, unfamiliar with guns. Though Baltimore boasts no beach front, Corporal Ziolkowski’s passion was surfing; at Camp Lejeune, N.C., Bravo Company’s base, he would often organize his entire day around the tides.'

"Yet Nick’s legacy extends far beyond the fighting in Iraq or the aforementioned New York Times piece. Since I was a 10 year old kid at Boys’ Latin, I had heard of Nick, listening to stories of his time as a student in my shoes, and how he took up the calling to serve. To me, Nick was what every man strives to be - honorable, honest and hard-working, yet he carried an easy-going personality that made everyone around him at ease.

"While I know Memorial Day is often associated with BBQs and summer fun, for me, I think of Nick. I knew last spring that I wanted to do something to honor him, and through weeks of talking with my friends we landed on the Shootout for Soldiers. It’s a small gesture of gratitude toward the men and women who have given their lives for this country.

"I ask that sometime today you take the time to thank a veteran or someone who is currently serving, and think about those who gave their lives for this country. So many people put their lives on the line for our country and freedoms everyday, and today serves as a time to honor those who make that sacrifice.

"My thoughts go out to all of those who have lost someone in battle, and today I will keep those brave men and women in my heart.

"All the best, Tyler Steinhardt"

Maroon and White Day Fun

Have you heard cheers along Lake Avenue? Perhaps that’s from our annual Maroon & White Day competitions. Each of the three divisions hold a day of friendly competitions. On April 26th, the upper school enjoyed a gorgeous day for maroon and white events!  After pie eating, jousting, bat circles, pyramids and more, the maroon team was declared the victor.


In the middle school, we had a wonderful day on Monday celebrating fun competition amongst our students. There were relay races and running races, tug-of-war, dodge-ball, and other exciting events. As always, the egg-toss was a highlight especially with our headmaster in the game!  We were all thrilled by the eggs flying through the air to a soft landing and then sometimes breaking with dramatic results. At the end of the day and after earning spirit points throughout the year, the white team won.  Thank you to Ryan Hopkins for his work as MC, and it will be a while before we forget roughly 150 boys in the “Simon Says” game he orchestrated. Congratulations to all for friendly competitiveness. Many thanks to the Parents’ Association for providing lunch.

Boys’ Latin Varsity and JV Baseball - Spring 2013

Varsity baseball completed its season in the championship game versus Glenelg Country School on Sunday last with a 7-0 defeat.  After an incredible playoff run with victories against AACS (11-8), Pallotti HS (5-2), and #1 seeded St. Mary’s HS (6-5), the Lakers were stymied against the Dragons behind the pitching of sophomore Dylan Fanella.  He pitched a gem going the distance with a complete game 3 hitter.  The Lakers were led on the mound by sophomore Harris Lipinski, who pitched four scoreless innings.

Coach Greenwell and the team should be very proud of their efforts.  They had little momentum going into the post season with questions regarding their inconsistent defense.  The bats were always healthy, but the combination of both was often lacking.  Come playoff time, all facets to include senior leadership, timely hitting, good pitching, and more consistent defensive help were on display.  Seniors Devin Foudos and Peter Argo led this wonderful group.  Peter often willed his team to better play and victory using emotion and energy to generate a combative will.  Devin quietly used his lead off bat and stellar play in the outfield to silence the opponents.  Junior standout pitcher Freddie Bopst wanted the ball to either complete a game or save a game.

The team would like to thank all the parents for their postgame dinners, and their support throughout the season.  There were many wet, cold and windy scrimmages and games in February and March that made things challenging.  Again, thanks to all the parents for their support of this team and coaching staff.

The JV squad led by Liam Madden, catcher Drew Gray, and Will Reid had a wonderfully successful season.  It has been many years since we had a JV team within our baseball program. Getting our younger freshmen and sophomore players significant scrimmage /game minutes was important to grow the program.  Establishing good baseball habits with consistent practice skill development will pay dividends down the road.  Thanks goes to Head Coach Phil Sheehey, assistants Matt Wareheim and Jon Decker for all their efforts.

And finally, we extend thanks to Coach Butch Maisel for his tireless efforts to keep the baseball field groomed and pristine for all the MS, and US games.  It was a daily activity that demanded much effort.  Thank you again sir.

Letters from and to BL's Lacrosse Team

The Boys’ Latin varsity lacrosse team suffered a tough 10-9 loss to Loyola-Blakefield in the MIAA “A” Conference Championship game on Friday. Congratulations to the team for a wonderful season and to the Loyola Dons lacrosse team.  Below is a thank you note from Coach Bob Shriver ’69 for the team:

Dear students, faculty, parents, alumni, and friends,


On behalf of the 2013 Boys’ Latin Varsity Lacrosse Team, we want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for being there with us this spring as we navigated through an amazing season.   


The spirit of Boys’ Latin was on full display Friday night.  That spirit is so hard for people who aren’t a part of BL to ever grasp.  It is there every day on Lake Ave., both in the halls or on the playing fields.  Last Friday evening, one only needed to hear the cheers of the student body, parents, alums, and friends to know how fortunate we are to be part of the Boys’ Latin family.


We wish the outcome was different. We know that sports mirror life and that you can’t always get what you want even when you work tirelessly and collectively for something. Not sure who the quote comes from but “sorrows keep you human and life keeps you humble.”



Boys’ Latin Varsity Lacrosse Coaching Staff

Team Captains Mac Pons ’13, Colin Heacock ’13, and Christian Knight’13

A member of the class of '74 wrote this note following Friday night’s loss:

Victory has a thousand fathers. Defeat is an orphan. Everyone wants to be part of a championship; that’s easy.  No one wants to be part of a defeat. This is something that, in a profound sense, the team bears alone. And it hurts to the core. But because of that hurt, the team is bound together in a way that goes beyond the fleeting and simple joy of winning. They are now held together by a bond that no one else can really share. Well, almost no one else. Thirty-nine years ago, our class of ‘74 also saw its undefeated season go up in smoke with a loss to Loyola in the championship game. The terrible experience of their own defeat imbued within them a bond that brings them together in a way that victory lacks the power to do. After all, everybody claims a piece of that. It has them forever asking unanswerable questions. Through that comes wisdom and compassion. These are qualities that bring richness to life, and truth be told, it rarely comes any other way.”

The entire BL community is proud of ALL of our varsity spring teams including Coach Bill Greenwell’s baseball squad that lost in the MIAA “B” Conference championship finals yesterday at Ripken Stadium.  


BL 7th Grade Camping Trip

Last week, the BL seventh grade students spent the past four days backpacking in the Otter Creek Wilderness in West Virginia. Head of Middle School Brandon Mollett reported “When we left from the staging area with our packs and each other, the team from Calleva emphasized one simple concept, ‘Right now, you are carrying everything you need for the next four days.’ On the first day, the students hear this and are eager to begin an adventure. By the third day, the students realize what this really means. Because you are carrying everything in and out, everyone needs to pitch in and do their part. Your sons shared the responsibility of divvying up gear and working together on mundane tasks like eating lunch as well as complex tasks like setting up camp. We enjoyed our time in the wilderness working together.”


BL Celebrates Closing Convocation and Senior Farewell

The third Friday in May is always a memorable day at Boys’ Latin, we had our all school Closing Convocation and our senior farewell, and both were meaningful and moving events. At the Closing Convocation, several teachers/administrators were recognized, including the retirements of Lynnda Peterman (34 years) and Bill Pheil (38 years).  It was heartwarming to feel the emotion in the Iglehart Center as the upper school spontaneously rose to their feet to honor Mr. Pheil.  That was not the only ovation as additional rounds of joyous applause accompanied awards for various teachers.  The awards included:

Faculty Mentoring and Excellence Awards:


     Lower School
     Middle School:
     Upper School:

Ann Jung
Ryan Hopkins
Brian Higginson



Rookie Teacher of the Year

Kate Stratton



Kotras Award for Excellence in Teaching

Beau Dagenais



Dyson P. Ehrhardt Faculty Chair

Rich Zielaskiewiez


Laker-to-Laker Buddy Award

Harry Linnan

Laker Corps Award

MJ Black
Reagan Chasney
Avery Engel

Dylan Kowalewski
Max Marshall

Danny Shaifer
Trey Wilder

Faculty Grant Awards

Colbert Award
Marcia Flaherty

Ford Fellowship
Molly Mullally

Summer Grant
Kate Berger
Carmen Clark

Service Awards:   5 Years
                            Jenifer Blair
                            Carmen Clark
                            Lauren DeVries
                            Rebecca Giordano
                            James Haluck
                            Rudy Hurley
                            Edward Maye
                            Mac McDonald
                            Clarke Nyman
                            Amy Shaifer

10 Years
Cindy Alderman
Marcia Flaherty

15 Years
Anne Whitman

20 Years
Candy Bradfield
Bonnie Cummins
Terri Floccare

Congratulations to all!

We left the Convocation and went immediately to the senior farewell.  As in years past, this ceremony filled with both joy and tears as we say farewell to our seniors who depart for internships prior to graduation.  The gathering began with the presentation of a few athletic awards which are summarized in the chart below. We heard from Senior Class Advisor Andrew Robinson who described the 2013 class as a “mosaic of brightly colored personalities.”  Then, we heard each senior state his internship and college plans.  As always, the assembly ended with the seniors taking a final lap around the gym to bid farewell to all of those who remained behind. Congratulations seniors!

Athletic Awards:
Woodward Cup for Effort in Three Sports: Chris Rubino and Aaron Leeds
A. Mason Lebrun Award for the Outstanding Junior Athlete: Tally Bruno
C. Markland Kelly Award for Contributions to BL Athletics:  Jake Walsh
Phyllis Miller Cup for the Unsung Hero: Jamal Perkins and Alec Blitzstein
Jack Williams Cup for Sportsmanship – Christian Knight and Mac Pons
Coaches Cup for Teamwork and Leadership: Colin Heacock and Greg Sheetz
Leo McCormick Award for Loyalty and Dedication to BL Athletics: Mac Pons and Casey Rees
Our 3-Sport Varsity Athletes:  Jake Walsh, Alec Blitzstein, Chris Rubino and Aaron Leeds

Author Patricia Polacco inspires BL students and faculty

Renowned author and illustrator Patricia Polacco captivated students and faculty with her inspirational talks when she visited our lower school Thursday, May 16th.

“All of us are gifted. We don’t open our gifts at the same time.”

Ms. Polacco engaged her audiences with stories from her background that inspired her to write wonderful children’s books.  Ms. Polacco is the author of numerous children’s picture books including the following three that were awarded Parent’s Choice Honors:
1991 Some Birthday                        1997 Video/Dream Keeper                1998 Thank You, Mr. Falker

Boys’ Latin is fortunate to have had Ms. Polacco here, and we thank BL Library Department Chair Terri Floccare for arranging this special opportunity.


More Exciting News for BL Lacrosse

Yesterday, BL's JV lacrosse team wrapped up their season with a 9-6 win over Gilman to become the JV MIAA A Champions.  Congratulations to the JV players, Coach Haugh (8th JV A championship), Coach Shilling, and Coach Muneses for all their efforts and hard work. For more detail, please go to Athletic News

It’s an exciting season for our varsity lacrosse team who move into the post-season playoff tournament after going undefeated regular season play.  For highlights, see the next All School News article and follow these links to press coverage:

The team is focused on the games ahead of them.  Athletic Director Michael Thomas said “Our varsity lacrosse team continues to quietly and humbly progress through the tough A conference schedule.  The "third season" (after pre and regular seasons) playoffs will begin next week.  Go Lakers!

Congratulations BL Varsity Lacrosse Team!

This is a season for the record books.  Last night, our varsity lacrosse team, led by senior captains Mac Pons, Christian Knight, and Colin Heacock, scored a workmanlike victory over St. Paul’s to complete the regular season with a 18 -0 record, 9-0 in MIAA A conference play.  Throughout the entire season, Coach Shriver’s gang has maintained the #1 ranking in the nation by both Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse and US Lacrosse/Nike.  They secured the #1 seed in next week’s MIAA playoff tournament when they will play on Tuesday, May 14th at 5pm at Towson University. Join us to watch BL face the winner of the St. Paul’s vs. Calvert Hall game. Tickets are $8 and are available at the campus store or on game day at the Towson box office.  Michael Thomas said "Our well coached varsity team is a mature group that has been tested. Coach Shriver and Coach Dubin have created a unified team that remains very humble.  Please continue to support this wonderful team as they charge ahead." 

For more perspective on the team, here is a recent article in the Baltimore Sun by Glenn Graham, "Coachspeak with Boys' Latin Lacrosse's Bob Shriver"

With more on BL Lacrosse, Athletic Director Michael Thomas notes:
Junior Varsity - Lacrosse Coach Haugh and Coach Shilling have done a great job this spring with a talented JV group. They have progressed this spring with an 8-1 record.  Their lone loss was by 1 goal to Gilman about two weeks ago. We play in the JV A Championship tomorrow, May 9th at 4:30pm at Gilman. Please support this talented team of coaches and kids.

Fresh/Soph Lacrosse - Coach Robinson, Coach Lee Kennedy, and the FS team have completed their season.  The boys improved throughout the season and became very strong on the defensive side.  They had great difficulty scoring goals, so we look forward to their maturation as they move to the JV team next spring.

Middle School Lacrosse - The three middle school lacrosse teams will be completing their schedules this week. All boys have played with great effort and have learned what it means to compete against some very talented opponents.  We thank the following coaches for all their assistance and time: Carl Voigt, Mark Glaeser, Duncan Booth, Todd McNemar, Thomas Thibeault, and Gavin Youngquist.  The 7th and 8th grade teams play on the lower field th grade teams play on the lower field tomorrow versus Loyola, at 3:30 and 4:30pm respectively.

Congratulations to Upper School Award Winners & New Honor Society Inductees

This week in the upper school, we held our annual upper school awards ceremony and inducted 28 students into the Boys’ Latin chapter of the National Honor Society.  We were excited and honored to come together and celebrate the accomplishments so many outstanding young men.  In our awards ceremony, recognition was given in all academic areas and many broad reaching areas of school life.  Congratulations to all awards recipients and their families!  Click this link to see the full list of awards, and click this link to see photos:!i=2489586203&k=dwjRC6m

In the National Honor Society induction ceremony, BL alum Thomas Thibeault ’08 delivered a thoughtful and very fitting address.  Congratulations to our new members:  Alex Andrews, Dylan Bordick, Liam Burman, Evan Dohler, Nick Gesualdi, Parker Hawkins, Dylan Hazlett, Chad Hazman, Sean Horning, Chris Keough, Luke Kluttz, Pat McManus, Jack Metzger, Andrew Miller, Hunter Moreland, Connor Mules, Richard O’Neil, Will Parriott, Brett Roberts, Blake Venick, Travis White, Justin Williams, Andrew Woerner, Peter Argo, Devin Foudos, Harrison Linnan, Andrew Roswell, and Jarek Sparaco.  It was a special occasion, and we thank our NHS advisor, Molly Mullally, for all of her work on the proceedings.


Michael Thompson, Ph.D. Returns to Boys’ Latin and Offers Meaningful Insights on Boys’ Development

We were once again very fortunate to have Michael Thompson, Ph.D. on campus for two days last week.  Dr. Thompson, distinguished author, psychologist and expert on male development, met with Boys’ Latin parents, students, and faculty, and WMAR-TV ABC2 News covered the middle school dads' breakfast where Dr. Thompson spoke on "The Importance of Dads in the Lives of Sons."  Click the image or link below to view This segment aired May 1st on WMAR’s “Making a Difference” education news segment by Sherrie Johnson.

This was Dr. Thompson’s third in a series of visits as resident fellow with BL’s Bauer Institute for Leadership and Personal Growth.  In addition to the middle school dads’ breakfast, BL held a meaningful discussion with parents in an evening session on topics from his recent book “It’s a Boy!  Understanding Your Son’s Development.”  Interspersed in the two days were faculty workshops in each division.  These two days follow his visit in November when the focus was on the nature and impact of friendships from his book “Best Friends, Worst Enemies.” 

As BL’s Bauer Institute Fellow, Dr. Thompson will return to campus for another three visits during the 2013-14 school year.  Dr. Thompson is renowned worldwide for his knowledge of boys and has worked as a consultant or psychologist in more than 500 schools in the US, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  He is the author or co-author of nine books including New York Times best-seller Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys, Speaking of Boys: Answers to the Most-Asked Questions About Raising Sons, Best Friends/Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Worlds of Children, The Pressured Child: Helping Your Child Achieve Success in School and in Life, and It's a Boy!: Understanding Your Son's Development from Birth to Eighteen.


Playing where Integrity Scores

This recent note from BL’s Varsity Golf Coach Mason Champion is heartwarming and worth sharing. After recent competitions, Coach wrote “Watch our boys compete and you’ll see young men of integrity, discipline and intention. That’s the focus. Those are the points of accountability. Our boys walk with purpose. They work hard. They do their best. They do what’s right. They support one another and they operate with quiet confidence.  That’s what you look for as a coach and as a parent.  Those are the things that matter.  When you catch glimpses of these things – snapshots in time that reflect manifest developments that might otherwise prove intangible, you take pause, reflect, and smile.  Because you know what’s at work in their hearts – and you thank the Heavens for a moment where you can see, if only for the blessings of perspective, that a young man is walking down the proper path.  And you, of all the millions here on earth, have the good fortune to be at his side.

“Well, here’s a case in point.

“Yesterday during the 2nd Round of the MIAA Stroke Play Championship, Bennett Wisner came to the 17th hole at Maryland Golf & Country Club standing at one over par on the day and tied for the lead in the Championship.  Playing in the final group, alongside 3 other boys vying for the same title, he viewed the Par 5 ahead of him as an opportunity to take control of the lead.  He cut the slight dogleg by bombing a drive over its corner; and then, in good form, struck his second shot onto the green.  He walked to the putting surface with the poise of a true competitor and looked upon the distance between the ball and the cup with focus and determination in consideration of his eagle putt.  Then, he looked upon the ball itself…

“Raising his eyes from the ball, he called for his fellow competitors and course officials – declaring clearly “I’ve made a mistake. I’ve played the wrong ball.”  After a minute of discussion involving his available options and repercussions, he returned to the spot of his prior shot under penalty of 2 strokes and replayed toward the green once again.  Shortly thereafter, he exited the green with a bogey 6.

“When he was praised for calling a penalty on himself that later cost him the U.S. Open, the great Bobby Jones once said ‘You might as well praise a man for not robbing a bank.’  That was how he thought.  That was his mentality.  An absence of truth was not an option.  Integrity was a constant, not a variable.  Period.  End of story.

“Bobby Jones would have been quite proud of Bennett Wisner.

"Wisner didn’t pause to consider that nobody noticed he had played the wrong ball.  He didn’t think upon the potential of sneaking one past the crowd.  He didn’t position himself to cover tracks or justify a falsehood, or think for a moment that he might be able to get away with something.  He didn’t reconcile an improper course of action by convincing himself that errors such as this are relatively commonplace and therefore excusable.  Nope.  Nothing like that even came close to piercing his psyche.  Not for a second.

“You’ve read about Bennett’s victories and his accomplishments over the years.  No doubt you’ll continue to read about them for many years to come:  his 8 straight wins in middle school, his 65 to win the MAPGA Junior Championship, his national ranking, his seemingly un-ending promise and potential.  All of that is remarkable indeed.  But take close note to understand that it pales in comparison – pales! – to the truth, and the integrity, and the honesty, and the gentlemanly balance with which he carries himself.  That’s what differentiates Bennett Wisner.  That’s what makes us proud.  And that’s what we caught a glimpse of it yesterday.”


Boys' Latin earned a 4th Place Finish at the 2013 MIAA Stroke Play Team Championship - besting 19 other conference schools.  The Lakers were represented in the Team Finals by Senior Danny Murphy (154), Junior Bennett Wisner (148), Sophomore Seth Miller (164) and Junior Dylan Watts (166).  This was the second straight year Boys' Latin has notched a top finish in this championship (2nd in 2012).  This is a worthy and significant accomplishment, and we remain very proud of the boys for how hard they’re working and the integrity with which they represent themselves.

Junior Bennett Wisner (148) and Senior Danny Murphy (154) head into the third and final round of the MIAA Stroke Play Championship with their eyes on the prize.  With the leader at 146, both Lakers are within striking distance ahead of the finals, to be contested across the famed East Course at Baltimore Country Club on April 29th. Boys’ Latin last won the Individual Title in 2008, and has two very strong contenders in Wisner and Murphy heading into the finals this year.  Be sure to cheer them on this week and join us on Monday if your schedule permits.

The Post-Match Summary for last week’s contest vs. Loyola has been published to the Team Website.  I’m very proud of our boys for how they battled back to split that decision.  Please take a moment to check out the summary and affirm our boys accordingly:  Go Lakers!

Pinwheels for a Good Cause

On Friday, lower school students placed pinwheels in the ground to create a pinwheel garden in front of the south campus.  The pinwheels represent a healthy and safe childhood.  This is part of an effort to support The Family Tree, a local non-profit organization working to strengthen Maryland families and in recognition of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  You may have already seen similar pinwheel gardens "cropping up" around the city and country, like the one in Times Square, New York.  For fun, here is a link where your child can design his own free pinwheel and post it to an online web garden or send it to a friend:  That site also provides general information about the statewide initiative.


BL’s All-School Event Benefits Clean Water Projects at Home and Overseas

Each year, there is something heartwarming and inspiring about joining together students (grades K-12), faculty and staff in a collective effort to give back to our larger local and global community.  Last Friday, April 19, Boys’ Latin came together as one school in our Annual Service Learning Day.  The theme this year was “Clean Water Resources,” and we held activities that explored the issues of water contamination, quality, testing, clean up, and consumption as well as dams, urban runoff, green roof construction, ground water resources and recycling.  In SLD2013 and in previous years, students worked side-by-side with lower, middle and upper school partners in cross-divisional activities.  One new feature this year was that over 70 students helped to lead activities for the cross-divisional groups.  In the afternoon, upper and middle school boys participated in service activities such as cleaning the bay around Fort McHenry with The Baltimore Aquarium, cleaning area streams for Blue Water Baltimore, and working on campus clean-up projects.  As a follow up, another group will perform farming tasks at The Pearlstone Center’s self-sustaining farm this weekend.

We kicked off the day with a morning all-school assembly where Upper School Science Teacher Wendy Forbes introduced our theme.  Miss Forbes shared interesting facts and two impactful videos (below).  You can click on the links to access the videos:
- Global population growth is reaching 7 billion people (from National Geographic, Dec 2010):
- Colorado River is the most endangered river in America (from Peter McBride, April 2013):

During Service Learning Day, there were some fun activities, each with a lesson.  One group raced to carry water to your “BL Family” over and around obstacles.  This gave the boys an opportunity to reflect on the difficult journey many people make every day to carry water to their school or homes.  The “BL Families” were groups of students with a mix of all ages.  It was also a great way to see big boys helping younger boys and vice versa.  It is a fun day for all, and, more importantly, it ties back to the character values BL holds dear – courage, compassion and integrity.  Boys gained a first-hand sense that service to others enriches the self.

With a parent, faculty/staff or alumni login, you can click on Photo Gallery and then SmugMug for additional photos from the day.  With our many thanks, we acknowledge the Parents’ Association for providing volunteers and lunch for the day. Special thanks to Director of Service Learning, Susan Brown and the following faculty members who served on the Service Learning Day Committee to plan and execute Friday's activities:  Cindy Alderman, Kate Berger, Jenifer Blair, Henry Blue, Sally Brackins, Candy Bradfield, Lauren DeVries, Wendy Forbes, Shara Hine, Sean Kriebel, Janet Maisel, Stephanie McKew, Helen Potter, Kay Schuyler, Robin Smith and Sarah Woods.

Fast & Furious – Congratulations to BL’s Upper School Robotics Team for Their “Sparks Flying” Semifinalist Tournament Finish

The upper school robotics team ended its 2012-13 season with a fabulous performance in last weekend’s FIRST FRC Chesapeake Regional Tournament, held downtown at the Baltimore Convention Center.  The team, led by co-captains Matt Bennett (lead builder) and Alex Hughes (lead programmer), demonstrated consistently high accuracy, high scoring in autonomous mode, successful manually teleoperated shooting, and near perfection in the pyramid climb -- all that despite a loose wheel in Match 1 and damaged main breaker switch in Match 3.

Based on strong performances in the Qualification Matches on Friday and Saturday, the BL team was selected to play on the 2nd ranked Alliance Team (Alliance2) in the afternoon elimination rounds.  Alliance2 was one of 4, 3-team alliances to reach the semifinals.  The semifinals were hard and closely fought.  The first semifinal match was particularly amazing as our drive team held the perennially strong Moe Team (#365) to fewer than 20 points.  Moe had averaged well over 60 points in every other match of the tournament.  Matt and Alex all but shut Moe down, jamming its Frisbee shooter and blocking them from their loading station and their favored shooting position.  Metal was bent and virtual sparks were flying as we captured the match 82-60.  The next two semifinal matches were hard fought 73-78 and 77-106 losses.  That’s a close point spread for these 3 matches combined of only 12 points (232-244).

The team sends a very special thanks to Ms. Annemarie Merow who was instrumental in helping us develop a mobile app to replace our cumbersome, “old school” paper scouting system.  Team members used Smartphone and iPads to record the match statistics for each of the 63 teams over the course of 86 matches then analyzed the data in real time.  This gave Alex and Matt the opportunity to make important adjustments in strategy for the final rounds.  Good, sound data driven decision making!!!

Please join us in congratulating Matt and Alex and teammates Jason Price, Charley Hughes, Michael Chalawsky, Michael Knott, Anthony North, Rachel Cooper (McDonogh), Logan Atkinson, Michael Hopkins and Parker Hawkins.  We also thank Corey Bernard, Michael Shortt, Avery Engel and Michael Ostendorf for their support efforts on Friday, and thanks to many faculty members for support and for helping team members catch up on classwork, tests, etc..

Coach Anne Kellerman summed up the event by saying “As usual, our Lakers fought hard to the bitter end, representing themselves and BL with distinction.  Go Lakers!”

Additional photos are available with a login at!i=2460356693&k=FqxV7Bc

Dr. Christopher Howard Speaks on Campus -- “He was one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever heard”

On Tuesday, Boys’ Latin upper and middle school students had the treat of hearing Dr. Christopher B. Howard, address our community.  Dr. Howard, President of Hampden-Sydney College, is one of the youngest college presidents in the United States, a distinguished graduate of the US Air Force Academy, a Rhodes Scholar with his Doctorate in politics at Oxford University and an MBA with distinction from the Harvard Business School, presidential appointee to the National Security Education Program Board, and a regular guest on Ali Velshi's CNN television program. Clearly you can see that Dr. Howard is recognized for his academic and leadership achievements, and with our boys he connected with inspiring stories of character and love for his family.

His message was simple – 5Be’s:

  1. Be Yourself” – He recounted how he wore a neck tie in the 7th grade because he wanted to be somebody one day, joined the ROTC in high school because he wanted to serve our country, and became Student Body President because he wanted to make a difference.  His bottom line message is “don’t drink, smoke or touch that” - you know what’s right and what’s wrong.
  2. “Be Humble” – He shared stories of being a father to his own two sons and quoted Abraham Lincoln “You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.”  His bottom line message is that it does not matter what your parents have because you must find your way.
  3. “Be Accountable” – He recalled his football coach’s challenge as he singled out individual BL boys “What kind of team would we have if we played like YOU? Practiced like YOU? Then, he pointed out to seniors that THEY set the standard. His bottom line challenge is to stand up for what’s right even when you don’t think anyone else is looking.  He challenged each class with the question “Will you be great seniors?”
  4. “Be Courageous” – He recounted his third solo mission in an Air Force jet when he felt so cool/thrilled to be cleared to do an acrobatic move…until the plane malfunctioned.  He had to eject; the plane exploded, and he was hospitalized for knee surgery while the accident was under investigation. Once he was okayed to fly again, he made the hard choice to go on and later became an Air Force pilot. His bottom line is be willing to “suck it up” and not let fear hold you back.
  5. “Be the change you want to see in the world” – This quote is disputed but often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi and paraphrased by Dr. Martin Luther King. Nevertheless, the bottom line is go make a difference.
Two BL Students Named as Carson Scholars

On Sunday April 7th, two BL students were named as 2013 Carson Scholars.  Anthony Wyler ’15 was honored as a first time scholar, and Josh Hamburger ’13 was recognized for his second year as a scholar.  Both boys accepted their awards at the 17th Annual Maryland Carson Scholars awards banquet on Sunday where three distinguished honorees were also recognized:  Dr. John Mather (astrophysicist and Physics Nobel Laureate), Matt Stover (Ravens Kicker and pro bowler) and Chris Wallace (Fox News Anchor and Emmy Award winning journalist). 

Carson Scholarships were first awarded in 1996 when the program made 25 awards.  Now across the country, 425 academic “Super Stars” were named as 2013 Carson Scholars, and 715 previous scholars were recognized for continuing to meet the high standards of academic excellence and community service.  Award recognition banquets are held in nine different regions each spring with scholars ranging from grades 4-12.  Winners have the honor of being named “Carson Scholars” and are each awarded a $1,000 college scholarship, an Olympic-sized medal and a trophy for their school to celebrate their accomplishments.  Anthony and Josh are shown at the left with their medals.

Congratulations to Josh and Anthony for all of their hard work!





Author Gary Moore Visits Our Campus

The author Gary Moore visited our campus on Tuesday and spoke with both middle and upper school boys.  His visit started in the middle school with a breakfast for the boys who read his book Playing with the Enemy.  The book is about his father who was a professional baseball player and a World War II veteran.  At breakfast, the boys enjoyed the opportunity to meet Mr. Moore and ask him specific questions – plus they always enjoy a good meal!  Later, Mr. Moore spoke to the entire middle school student body about his book, the upcoming movie adaptation of the novel, the value of imagination, and the role that reading and writing can have in fostering creativity.  Mr. Moore spent the remainder of time in the middle school visiting classes and speaking with small groups of students. 

In the upper school, Mr. Moore spoke to our boys in the library.  The boys found his comments and story fascinating, especially when he talked about his father’s difficulty in speaking about the war and the circumstances behind his finally hearing his father’s tale.  Mr. Moore encouraged our students to practice their writing and to try to capture feelings and moods in words as they happen.  All found his session interesting and informative.

Thank you again to librarians Janet Maisel and Eric Hanson for bringing Gary Moore to campus.  Thank you to the Parents’ Association for their support.




Upper School Robotics Successful in DC Tournament

Anne Kellerman, upper school robotics team coach, is happy to report that the team performed well in the FIRST FRC Robotics DC Regional tournament March 28-30.  “The team finished regulation rounds in 10th place of 59 teams and entered the elimination rounds as the Captain of the 8th Alliance (and you thought only the NCAA had an Elite Eight?!   Oh no, not so!) The drive team (wearing black and white checkered morph suits) and robot performed well under pressure but were eliminated in the quarter finals.  Team captains Alex Hughes and Matt Bennett were simply amazing.  Thanks for your support. The guys did a great job representing themselves and BL.”  Our congratulations go out to Anne and the team for all their hard work in preparation for this competition, and we look forward to cheering them on in two weeks for the Chesapeake Region tournament.



"Shakespeare" Comes Alive in the Middle School

Today, the eighth grade enjoyed Shakespeare Alive!, a set of fast-paced, mini-performances of “Shakespeare’s greatest hits” brought to us by The Maryland Shakespeare Festival.  The interactive performance provided an excellent introduction to Shakespeare and his work with segments from Macbeth, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, Othello, As You Like It and more.  This is an excellent way to kick off our fourth quarter when eighth graders read Julius Caesar.

BL Senior Receives Beautillion Scholarship

Congratulations to senior Torrin Stokes, who was named this week as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (Delta Lambda Chapter) Beautillion Scholar.  This fraternity has been instrumental in supporting and developing leadership in the African American community since its inception in 1906 at Cornell University.  The formal scholarship award ceremony will take place in May.  We are proud of you, Torrin!
winter all school concert 2012us


Freshmen Trip to Study the Chesapeake Bay

BL freshman enjoyed the annual Chesapeake Bay Foundation field trip on Friday March 22nd.   The boys were a part of 3 groups that went out to study the health of the bay and its watershed that day.  One group went to Baltimore Harbor, another went to Annapolis Harbor, and the last group went to the Anacostia River.  The boys participate in a variety of shipboard activities – like dredging for oysters, netting fish, and performing chemical tests on the water.  Yes, they got wet!  Students had a chance to understand how we measure the Chesapeake Bay's health, and what we can do to try to improve our water quality.  Despite the chilly and windy weather, it was a good learning experience and positive opportunity for the class to connect.  


Senior Student Athlete Media Event

BL Athletics organized a media event to recognize and celebrate BL seniors who have been invited and agreed to play for a college team in the sport of their choice.  We would like to congratulate the following senior student athletes for their effort and dedication to academic and athletic success here at Boys' Latin.  Many of these boys are multi-sport athletes who have been instrumental to the success of many BL teams.  We are proud of these young men for their accomplishments and wish them well as they head off to their colleges and universities in the fall.

Seated Left to right:

Tom Brown - lacrosse @ VMI
Kolby Caplin - lacrosse @ Towson University
Taylor Davis - lacrosse @ Washington College
Walker Ensor - lacrosse @ Mercer University
Brendan Fields – basketball @ Cabrini College
Chad Greenberg - lacrosse @ University of Tampa
Colin Heacock - lacrosse @ University of Maryland
Christian Knight - lacrosse @ Cornell University 

Standing Left to right:

Aaron Leeds - lacrosse /soccer @ Salisbury University
Ben Levin - lacrosse @ Furman University
Bryan Lichtenauer - lacrosse @ the Ohio State University
Michael Lynch - lacrosse @ Towson University
Jamal Perkins - football @ Kenyon College
Mac Pons -  lacrosse @ University of Maryland
Ben Pridemore - lacrosse @ University of Notre Dame
Casey Rees - lacrosse @ United States Naval Academy Prep School
Andrew Roswell - lacrosse @ University of Michigan
Jake Sachse - soccer @ Hartwick College
Chris Rubino - lacrosse @ Gettysburg College
Greg Sheetz - lacrosse @ Hobart and William Smith College
Jake Walsh - lacrosse @ Bates College 

"Hurrays!" for the Spring Play, "I Hate Hamlet"

Senior Maks Pyatov directed the spring drama production, I Hate Hamlet, which was performed this week in the Sheridan Theater. In the srory, Andrew Rally (played by Casey Alderman) is a TV star with a beautiful girlfriend, devoted agent, and a chance to play Hamlet in New York's Central Park or return to LA with an eager director (played by Robert Norman) for a big dollar TV a superhero.  When Rally has doubts about playing Hamlet, the ghost of John Barrymore (played by Corey Barnard) shows up to encourage and coach Rally. This all takes place in Rally's new apartment which is Barrymore's old home.  The cast and crew did a fantastic job bringing the story to life to make an energetic, funny, and exciting show!  They added inside jokes, learned to swordfight, aced the frustrated romance scenes, dialed up the LA hype, and had super sets and lighting.  All of this came together to make a hilarious show.  Congratulations to the entire drama production team on a great effort. Below are some links to hear our own students talk about the play.

Voices from I Hate Hamlet - Maks Pyatov, Senior Director

Voices from I Hate Hamlet, Senior Responses

Voices from I Hate Hamlet, The Cast


Head Varsity Ice Hockey Coach Jim Sandusky Announces Retirement

Click on this image to see an interview with Jim Sandusky on Varsity Sports Network from early in the season 11.26.12.

Head Varsity Ice Hockey Coach Jim Sandusky recently announced his retirement.  After a decade of outstanding leadership, Coach Sandusky is retiring so that he can spend more time with family.  Boys’ Latin is pleased that he will not be far away as he will continue to be a fixture in our football program as the Associate Head Coach and offensive coordinator.

Boys’ Latin School, the athletic department, and the ice hockey parents and players alike would like to thank Coach Sandusky for his dedication to the ice hockey program and our kids.  The experience, knowledge base, and ice hockey acumen that Coach brought to the program was immeasurable, and his teaching ability and personal devotion to his players will be missed.

During the past two seasons, Coach Sandusky led the Laker varsity team to runner-up status in 2013 and to a MIAA B Conference Championship in 2012.  During a recent ice hockey end of season celebration, Coach Sandusky received a plaque stating the following:

Coach Jim Sandusky - This plaque is presented to you for your years of service and dedication to Boys’ Latin School and the ice hockey program.  As a transformative coach and great teacher of the sport of ice hockey, you always remained loyal to your boys, coaches, and team.  You were consistent with your message. 

Be accountable to one’s self and team.
Be disciplined in your actions.
And be a great teammate.

Above all else, you led with and taught humility, a characteristic that is undervalued and underappreciated in today’s sports. Thank you for sharing your grace, coaching acumen, and intellect with our boys and coaches.

We, at Boys’ Latin, wish him well.  Again, we thank Coach Sandusky for his many contributions to the Boys’ Latin community. 

As we look ahead, it’s our pleasure to also announce that Varsity Assistant Coach and Middle School Teacher Chris Maisel ’04 has accepted the position of Head Varsity Ice Hockey Coach.

The exchange trip to Ecuador is a success!

Trip organizer and BL Spanish Teacher, Kristen Tubman wrote the following:
“We had a wonderful time on our Ecuador visit over spring break!  The six BL students had an amazing time with this whole experience.  They have new friends and a new appreciation for the world.  They have learned about cultural differences and similarities, tried many new foods, seen beautiful sights, appreciated their privilege, and improved their language skills.  They have also grown in their maturity and self-composure during this experience, and it was an absolute joy for me to work with them and see them enjoy and grow.

“Our eleven-day visit was packed with activities, both in group and individual with the hosts.  We arrived late on Tuesday night after an uneventful flight and the host families patiently waited as we slowly made our way through immigration.  After a bit of sleep, everyone was cheery in school the whole day on Wednesday.  The boys enjoyed welcome ceremonies, meeting new friends, eating well, attending classes and seeing the mountain and city views from the patios. Thursday, we went into Quito city for a 3-hour double-decker bus tour with great views of the old and new parts of town, as well as images of the variety of residents and living styles here.  The boys happily got their first taste of the wealth of artisanry and tasty snacks available to buy here.  Friday was another school day.  In the afternoons, the boys hung out with the host siblings, went to the mall, went rock-climbing, played sports, listened to music, danced, visited other area sights and more. 

"Saturday we took a full day trip to Otavalo, a famous indigenous crafts market about 2 hours away.  On the way, we took a hike to a waterfall, and on the way back we ate lunch next to a lake at the base of an old volcano and then stopped for bizcocho cookies and dulce de leche.  In the market, the boys bargained for and bought weavings, sweaters, belts, wallets, jewelry, bags and paintings only to mention some of it. Sunday, we all did our own thing: Andrew did area errands; Travis went up the cable car and to a family party; Ikechi and Austin went to the volcano national park; and Hunter and Jarek went to the cloud forest and river.  Monday, we were in school where the boys got along very well with the students and classes here.  Everyone did fine with the language.  They really did have to speak Spanish.  It was needed in the market and cafeteria -- Austin and Ikechi learned a lot; Hunter and Andrew communicated very well; and Travis and Jarek even impressed the AP Spanish teacher.  The days were often beautiful with sun and clouds.  The weather there changes very quickly, and they adjusted to dressing for all seasons in one day.

"Tuesday, we went into the historical center for to visit a church (la Compania de Jesus--mostly covered in gold inside) and two museums (one a house from early last century, and the other a former hospital with cultural history displays) and eat and walk around a bit.  Wednesday, we were back in school, and Thursday we did some community service in the development of a center for the elderly in the morning and went into the eastern highlands for a gorgeous hotsprings visit in the afternoon.  In the evening, the boys gathered to say goodbyes. 

"The boys were wonderful on this trip.  I was able to count on them at every turn, and they made a positive impression at the Colegio Menor.  We must give many thanks to our exchange partners and hosts in Colegio Menor and to all of you all who made this possible with class coverage, bus driving, funding support, organizational support, academic support, emotional support, and plenty more.  BL has a great community!”

Inspiring Story of BL Senior Brendan Fields' Journey

Worgo, Tom.  “Boys' Latin basketball standout overcomes heartbreak. Lakers' senior perseveres after personal tragedy.”  Baltimore Sun papers. March 14, 2013 --  Click here for the full article.

"...Fields' impact on the basketball team was undeniable this past season. ...Fields' accomplishments were all the more remarkable considering the challenging and painful journey the 18-year-old has traveled to get to a place where he has found reward in his athleticism and stability in his family life.

"Fields and his seven siblings were living with his mother, grandmother and grandfather in Reisterstown, where Fields attended Franklin High School as a freshman.  Then, starting in late 2009, Fields lost both his mother and grandmother within a three-month span. ...Fields and his siblings continued living with their grandfather until he was diagnosed with diabetes and could no longer care for the family.  After that, Fields and his siblings bounced around. Fields attended four high schools and lived in as many households in two states....

"During his junior year, Fields lived with a family friend and attended Southwestern Academy in Baltimore County.  It wasn't until last summer that Fields landed in a place that would give him a sense of family and stability. ...He recalls the exact date — Aug. 5, 2012 — when he found a permanent home with his legal guardians, Norman Mercer and Priscilla Jones-Mercer, whom he refers to today as his godparents.  ...Fields said his new family's support has kept him on track during the most recent struggles in his life, including not seeing most of his seven siblings. 

"Basketball has been an outlet for Fields. He has developed his gift for the game, working hard to be a starter every year in high school. Fields said his love of basketball has sustained him.  'I try to be the first one on the court and the last one off,' Fields said. 'I go to the gym in my free time. There was never a day off.

" 'My motivation is that I always wanted to be successful,' Fields said. 'And I look at my younger siblings, and I work hard for them every day. I haven't seen some of them in probably two years, but I just try to be a great role model for them. Going through all the hard times, I want them to be able to look at me and know I am going to college. I want them to pursue that also.'

"He also has had the support and admiration of his aunt, Marion Turner, a 39-year-old educator, now a principal at Walter P. Carter Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore.  'He's stayed focused,' said Turner, who has served as a mother figure for Fields. 'I have seen a lot of things in my 39 years. A lot of teens get off course. But he has really worked to stay on the right path.  He is very caring, very loving,' Turner said.

"Turner was instrumental in getting Fields enrolled at Boys' Latin. She wrote a letter telling school officials all that he had been through. ... his story touched Boys' Latin Headmaster Christopher J. Post.  'I met Brendan last summer when he shared his story and journey with me,' Post said. 'I was immediately struck by his courage and his cheerfulness. (His) courage spoke directly to the heart of our mission and core values.'  Post said that the school staff took a cautious approach to the admissions process. He said he asked several faculty members to meet with Fields so that the teen would have 'the best opportunity for success,' Post said.

" 'Brendan has seized every opportunity. He's been enthusiastic, hard-working and is focused on his goals of pursuing a career in medicine. He told me it's a way to give back to the people who cared so deeply about — those he loved. Brendan is a special young man.'

" 'He plays harder and more aggressively than anyone I've coached in a long time,' coach Rees said. 'He was just always there to give us spark.  There is no back-down in this kid. Pallotti had a 6-8 kid, Chapelgate had a 6-7 kid. He would go in and battle with them every night.'

"Rees marvels at Fields' resiliency.  'I think it absolutely takes a special kid to overcome what he went through,' Rees said. 'There were a lot of opportunities for an easy out, to go down the wrong road. And he never did.'

"For Fields, the ultimate goal lies ahead.  'I want people to look at me and say, "Wow, this kid made it." ' "


Maryland State Boychoir Kicks-Off Spring Tour at Boys' Latin

The Maryland State Boychoir kicked off their spring tour with a special assembly at Boys' Latin on Friday, March 8.  BL fourth grader Brian Lyght, was a featured soloist in “The Storm Is Passing Over,” and George Haynes, grade five was recognized as a new member in the Resident Training Choir.

The group, led by Artistic Director Stephen Holmes, presented a wide variety of musical styles, including traditional hymns, spirituals, popular, and multicultural selections. There were also opportunities for audience participation as Mr. Holmes addressed the mechanics of singing and changing male voice in a very entertaining manner.

The Maryland State Boychoir encourages boys ages 7-17 who love to sing to apply for membership into their program. Members of the Boychoir receive private voice and theory instruction, as well as opportunities to sing great music, make new friends, and travel the U.S. and abroad.


BL 6th Grade Student Invited to Meet Vice President Joe Biden

Carlos, a sixth grade student at Boys' Latin, recently had the honor of attending an event celebrating Black History Month at the home of Vice President Joe Biden.  Carlos, who was the only student aged person at the event, attended the gathering as a guest of Jack Pannell, Founder of the Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys and President of the Five Smooth Stones Foundation Inc.   Mr. Pannell reported that Carlos garnered respect and praise for his gentlemanliness.  Congratulations Carlos!


Boys’ Latin Competes in It’s Academic

Boys’ Latin recently competed on It’s Academic, an academic quiz show for high schools.  Seniors Bobby Norman, Josh Hamburger and Spencer Stieff comprised the three-member team for BL, and they faced teams from Meade and Aberdeen.  Click on the image above (or follow this link ) for a 6-minute snapshot of the teams.  This was taped on January 19th, 2013 and aired on WJZ13 CBS Baltimore on Saturday, February 23, 2013.  Well done by our sharp BL team!    


Fourth Graders Raise Trout for a Hands-On Lesson in Biology, Ecology and Chemistry

Davis, Nyana.“Boys’ Latin Students Raise Trout for Hands-On Education.”  Towson Patch. February 22, 2013 --

"Fourth grade students at the private school are learning about stream ecology, water chemistry and more through the project.  Forget textbooks, fourth grade students at The Boys' Latin School of Maryland are taking a creative approach to their science education.  In partnership with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the nonprofit Children Unlimited, the school is participating in a program that enables fourth grade students to raise trout as part of their science education.

"'It's a lot of fun for the boys,' said Aaron Sloboda, a science teacher at the school. 'The first thing they do when they come to class is check on the trout. Because it’s an ongoing project, they're invested in it.'

"The shipment of fertilized trout eggs arrived at Boys' Latin on Jan. 11. Since then, Sloboda's fourth grade science students have been monitoring the now-hatched fish by keeping track of their growth, taking water quality measurements and making other observations.  'I like doing the drops and seeing what color comes out [during water quality testing],' said Jack Fisher, a 10-year-old student.  Justin Kagen, another 10-year old student, echoed Fisher's sentiments.  'It's cool to see the different colors,' he said.

"Sloboda said the project gives the students the opportunity to study multiple academic disciplines in one setting, including stream ecology and water chemistry. Some of the students are even using the data collected to plot graphs in their math class.  'It makes a lot of sense to them to see the theory being applied in a real life situation,' he said.

"In April, the students, along with third and fifth graders, will release the trout into the tail-water at Lake Roland as part of an activity day with Park Rangers. This is the third year the school has participated in the project.  'It's hands on, and [the students] are actively learning while having fun,' Sloboda said."

Danny Murphy '13 Selected as WMAR's TV News Student Athlete of the Week

Danny Murphy ’13 was selected to be WMAR's ABC2 News Student Athlete of the Week, and his TV interview aired Thursday, February 21, 2013.  Click the image above to watch the full story.  Congratulations Danny for all your hard work in the classroom, on the hockey rink and on the golf course!

TV News Coverage of the CF Dodge for a Cure Event -- This Saturday at BL

Today, WMAR ABC2 News aired the following story by Sherrie Johnson.
"TOWSON, Md - Local high school students team up to host a fundraiser to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

"It's all part of Dodge for a Cure.  Several area Independent and Public High Schools have put together teams for the event.  The teams will square off on Saturday in a Dodge ball Tournament.  Teams will consist of six to ten players.  Participating schools are: Bryn Mawr School, Boys' Latin School, Friends School, Garrison Forest School, Gilman School, Notre Dame Prep, Roland Park Country School, St. Paul's School for Boys, St Paul's School for Girls, Pikesville High School, Towson High School and Loyola High School...."

"Cystic Fibrosis is a fatal genetic disease that afflicts more than 30,000 people in the United States.  It causes debilitating lung infections that lead to premature death.  Students want to encourage others to participate in the fundraiser.

"We want to spread awareness to everyone because it is a very common genetic disease.  My brother has it and a lot of people in the community do so it's good to spread information about it.  People need to understand how to treat it and how to cure it maybe one day in the future," said Josh Hamburger, Senior at Boys' Latin School.  Dodge for a Cure will be held on Saturday February 23rd from 4:30pm to 8:00pm at Boys' Latin School in Towson.  The cost is $10 per person.
To watch the news video, go to:


Live Weather Cam Station Reports from Boys' Latin

This week, our long-anticipated WeatherBug station was installed.  This professional grade weather station collects data for worldwide weather forecasts.  Lower School Science Teacher Aaron Sloboda will be teaching boys in kindergarten through grade five lessons and activities as part of a curriculum that will also be integrated with math and social studies.  "We’re looking forward to the excitement of the daily observations and the unique hands-on experiences that are made possible by having the WeatherBug station.  Weather is a happening thing here at BL," said Mr. Sloboda.  The screen shot above was taken this afternoon. 

The entire BL community and even the global community can now can see and share live on-campus streaming video and weather data by clicking this link: Coming soon, you will be able to see our station from the WMAR Channel 2 News website and TV broadcasts as well as by downloading the free WeatherBug app for your phone, tablet or desktop.

We are most grateful for the generosity of the Parents’ Association and the Development Office in helping us to obtain the necessary funding to make the WeatherBug station possible.

Spotlight on Ms. Kristen Tubman’s Spanish Immersion and Diversity Work

Upper School Spanish Teacher Kristen Tubman has been on quite the roller coaster over the past few weeks.  She has organized and helped host a group of exchange students and their chaperones.  She has led the diversity club to workshops and hosted a coffeehouse here at BL, and she has taken Spanish students to see a play in DC.  Below are some of the highlights of the recent weeks.  We cannot thank Ms. Tubman enough for her energy and commitment to all of these programs.


On February 8th, Carmen Clark and Kristen Tubman took 13 BL seniors who study Spanish down to see a play ("House of the Spirits / Casa de los Espiritus") in DC in Spanish.  The visiting students from Quito, Ecuador's Colegio Menor School had a fun filled two weeks in Baltimore and beyond.  They did an evening in the Inner Harbor hosted by Krystal Ndukwu (parent of sophomore Ikechi), a day trip to DC, an afternoon visit to the BMA and JHU, and a group dinner on Monday.  Our visiting students Nico, Andrea and Camila as well as chaperone Nicole George all had a wonderful time. They left on Wednesday Feb 20th, and our group of 6 BL boys goes down to Ecuador on March 5th.

On Valentine’s Day, we held an evening coffeehouse sponsored by the Diversity Club.  Club leaders Stephen Black, Jamal Perkins, Schazz Lee and Michael Chalawski put together a great evening which had in attendance about 35 BL boys and 30 visitors from Oldfields, RPCS, BMS and Garrison.  Senior Torrin Stokes won the prize for best performance with his talented and hilarious saxophone rendition of a Wham song.


Robot Ready to Shoot and Compete

Congratulations to the US robotics team for completing another successful FRC build season which ended yesterday, Feb. 19.  Special thanks to team co-captains, Alex Hughes and Matt Bennett whose long hours, hard work, and dedication are truly noteworthy, and to Anne Kellerman, Jim Haluck and Derrick Thomas for serving as faculty mentors.  Congratulations to the full 13-member team on a job well done!

Here's a look at the team robot in action:

or click on this link   Notice that the robot shot four out of four!!!

Now that the build phase is complete, our team moves on toward competitions which take place:
DC Regional: March 28, 29, 30 
Chesapeake Regional:  April 11, 12, 13 @ Baltimore Convention Center
All are welcome to come out to cheer on the BL team in competition.

Boys' Latin will Host a Unique Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis – Join Us on Saturday

Students are forming their teams for a 240-player dodgeball tournament to take place at BL on Saturday, February 23rd from 4-8pm in the GAC.  Several area high schools will be participating (Bryn Mawr, Garrison Forest, Gilman, Loyola Blakefield, Notre Dame Prep, Pikesville High, RPCS, St. Paul’s, SPSG, and Towson High).

In tonight’s evening news on WJZ, Ron Matz said “It’s a unique fundraiser and it will bring hundreds of people together Saturday at Boys' Latin School…thanks to one determined family and a dozen local schools, thousands of dollars will be raised in the fight against cystic fibrosis.

“It’s dodgeball for a cure. Molly Danko and her sister Bridget came up with the idea in memory of their mother Stacy, who was 44 when she died of cystic fibrosis…. ‘She was a nurse in critical care at Hopkins and at Shock Trauma,’ Molly Danko said.

“The players know the importance of what will happen here.  ‘My brother was diagnozed with cystic fibrosis at a young age. I really started pushing for cystic fibrosis awareness and raising money. It’s gotten stronger every year,’ said Josh Hamburger, a senior at Boys' Latin. ‘It’s going to be 240 people. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ll have music and food. It will be fun to have everybody from all the local schools.’"

For the full article and video, click the image below or go to  

All proceeds will go to the Great Strides club to support Cystic Fibrosis research.  Participant registration is $10 with 6-10 players per team. Come out and join the fun!  Contact Maren Blum ( or Kari Mutscheller (410-628-0795) to register your team.

What You Say Makes a Difference

Each day BL parents, faculty and staff work together to model for our boys how to respond and relate to people, so we help raise well-rounded young men.  Teachers in the lower school recently read and shared the following article from Inc. entitled “The Ten Extraordinary Things People Say Every Day.”  Click here for the full article: .  According to the article, these “are small things, but each has the power to dramatically change someone’s day - including yours.  They are:

            Here’s what I’m thinking.
            I was wrong.
            That was awesome.
            You’re welcome.
            Can you help me?
            I’m sorry.
            Can you show me?
            Let me give you a hand.
            I love you.
            And sometimes the best thing to say is nothing.”

Prep for the Big Games

During our upper school assembly on Valentine’s Day, Headmaster Post (behind the hockey mask), Brad Schwartz, Greg Sheetz, and our Larry the Laker treated us all to basketball and hockey antics in preparation for the big games on Friday the 15th.  Cathy Badmington dubed the event "Friday the 13th (or 15th) meets Valentine's Day."  We hope to see you at the big games today and this weekend:

- Varsity Ice Hockey B Conference Championships #1 BL vs #2 Gilman, 4pm at Piney Orchard Ice Arena
- Varsity Basketball MIAA Semifinals #1 BL vs Gilman, 8pm in the GAC
- Varsity Wrestling MD Independent State Tournament at McDonogh, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 15-16

Good Luck Lakers!

BL Wrestlers Medal in MIAA Tournament

Over the weekend, BL grapplers went to the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association wrestling tournament at Mount St. Joseph.  Nine wrestlers started on Friday, and six advanced to Saturday's round.  Shown in the photo with Coach Drew Haugh are the four Lakers who placed:

- Junior Evan Dohler
finished with a 4th place medal also at 170 lbs.
- Freshmen Nick Malinowski
 (106 lbs.)  had a tough 1 point loss in the semi final round.  He eventually received a bronze medal as the #3 wrestler in the weight class.  His record this season is an astounding 33-5.
- Hunter Cotsoradis
 (120 lbs.) and Nate Malinowski (126 lbs.) finished with a 6th place medals. 

Congratulations to all the wrestlers and coaches for their efforts.  Good luck to the team as they head to the MD state tournament this weekend at McDonogh.



BL Celebrates Academic Achievement

On Thursday February 7th, BL faculty, staff and students in 4th-12th grades gathered for our Academic Honors Assembly.  Congratulations to all of the students who were recognized for their outstanding work in the second marking period.  Head of Lower School Kathy Arnold recognized 4th and 5th graders who made the Effort Honor Roll.  For middle school, Brandon Mollett announced the Honor Roll by grade, Effort Honor Roll as a group, and Dean’s List by grade.  Stephen Schools announced the upper school Honor Roll by grade, and Dean’s List.  At the end of the assembly, Mr. Post surprised the group by giving two nice treats – 9am purple cupcakes he called the “breakfast of champions” and another Purple Friday for all today.

Boys' Latin Welcomes Exchange Student from Ecuador

Nico from EcuadorBoys' Latin is pleased to welcome Nico who is visiting us from Quito, Ecuador as part of an exchange program with Colegio Menor school. On Wednesday afternoon in the upper school, students and faculty kicked off the visit with a welcome reception in the Alumni House.  Nico and two female students hosted by Bryn Mawr School will spend about two weeks attending classes and staying with host families here, and in the spring six BL students will travel to Ecuador to do the same there.  Over the past three days, Nico has enjoyed time with members of our community and feels welcomed by our community.  He will remain with us until February 19th



BL Senior Maks Pyatov to Direct our Next Upper School Play

Save the date!

I Hate Hamlet by Paul Rudnick
Directed by Senior Maks Pyatov '13.

Senior Night is Tuesday, March 19th at 6pm
General Admission is Wednesday, March 20th - Friday, March 22nd 7pm
in the Sheridan Studio

Box Office opens March 4th
Tickets will be sold in the upper school lobby 7:30-8am
on a first come, first served basis.
About the Play"...apologetically silly and at times hilarious...affectionately amusing about the theatre...." - The New York Times
"fast -mouthed and funny ..It has the old-fashioned Broadway virtues of brightness without
pretensions and sentimentality." - The Village Voice

Andrew Rally seems to have it all: celebrity and acclaim form his starring role in a hit television series; beautiful girlfriend; a glamorous, devoted agent; the perfect New York apartment; and the chance to play Hamlet in Central Park. There are, however, a couple of glitches in paradise.  Andrew's series has been canceled; and he has no desire to play Hamlet. When Andrew's agent visits him, she reminisces about her brief romance with John Barrymore many years ago, in Andrew's apartment. This prompts a seance to summon his ghost. From the moment Barrymore returns, dressed in high Shakespeare garb, Andrew's life is no longer his own. Barrymore, fortified by champagne and ego, presses Andrew to accept the part and fulfill his actor's destiny.  The action becomes more hilarious with the entrance of Andrew's deal-making friend from LA, spouting the laid back hype of the Coast and offering Andrew a fabulous new TV deal worth millions of dollars. The laughs are nonstop as Andrew wrestles with his conscience, Barrymore, his swords, and the fact that he fails as Hamlet in Central Park.
BL Students Chosen for Virginia Tech Honor Band

VT honor bandInstrumental Music Teacher Clarke Nyman shared "This past week two BL boys traveled Blacksburg, Virginia to participate in the 16th Annual Virginia Tech Honor Band.   The honor band is a annual celebration of excellent student musicians from eight states on the east coast.  500 students from a pool of 1700 nominees from 170 schools are selected to participate in a this Honor Band Festival.  These 500 students are separated into five ensembles of varied ability."  This year two BL students Josh , a sophomore percussionist, and Matthew, an 8th grade trombonist, were selected to attend the event.  In fact, Josh was chosen to be the 1st chair (principal) percussionist for his ensemble group.  

"The event is a three day Band-o-Rama that consists of placement auditions, three different 4-6 hour rehearsals and a concert to conclude the event.  The boys' were also able to work with college-level musicians in a master class environment and were given the opportunity to listen to the Virginia Tech performing groups that include the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Marching Hokie Band, and chamber ensembles.  Congratulations to Josh and Matthew!"

BL Scores a Dramatic Win over Gilman in Ice Hockey

hockey seniors 2013Last night, the Lakers scored four goals in the first three minutes and ended with a 9-4 victory over Gilman.  Tom Worgo gives a full report in the Baltimore Sun - January 31 2013, 7:08 PM EST:  "Boys' Latin coach Jim Sandusky had never seen a start to a game in his decade with the program like the one Thursday against Gilman.

"The Lakers scored four goals in the first three minutes as they went onto to post a 9-4 victory over the Greyhounds at Mount Pleasant Ice Arena in a Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association B Conference game.

"'We did all the little things that lead to goal-scoring opportunities early on,' Sandusky said. 'And we finished. We had a game a couple of weeks ago against St. Paul's, where we had a flurry in the middle of the game. We never had a flurry of goals like that to start a game.'

"Senior forwards Corey Koch, Bryan Lichtenauer and Michael Walker each had two goals for the winners on senior day.  For the complete article, go to:,0,5558460.story

Celebrating the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thursday morning, Boys’ Latin gathered as one school to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  Students from each division spoke about “Empathy” and how Dr. King believed in working together and caring for one another.  In advance of the assembly students, from youngest to oldest, worked through their advisories or class guidance lessons to discuss the meaning of “empathy” or walking in someone else’s shoes.  A poem by our first graders, selections by the middle and upper school choruses, and a slide presentation carried out our theme.  In advance, families donated shoes to be donated to “Soles for Souls.”  All donations were greatly appreciated and made this service effort not only a huge success, but also an impactful visual!  Thank you to all who were involved in this inspiring event.

Rave Reviews for the MS Drama Production: “The Ransom of Red Chief”

Middle school students put on an excellent performance of The Ransom of Red Chief in front of three consecutive sell-out audiences last week.  Audiences could see that the performers’ enjoyed the humorous twists and turns of this O. Henry play (adapted by Anne Coulter Martens) which was a terrific fit for middle school age boys.  Special thanks and congratulations go to Artistic & Managing Director Gina Molling, Light & Sound Manager Eric Hanson, Set Builder Dan Hicks, the cast and crew for their hard work and wonderful performance!  Below is a sample of photos in a slide show, and to view more photos from the production go to SmugMug:!i=2322691969&k=8ZphHMV

Scenes from the play:



Robotics: FLL Regional Qualifier Wrap-up

The Middle School robotics program, now in its 2nd year, sent two teams to compete this past weekend in the FIRST FLL Regional Qualifier held at Marriotts Ridge High School.  Both teams earned top honors in the project portion of the competition, but fell short in the robot game portion, finishing 10th (White team) and 16th (Maroon Team) of 25 teams.


The BL White Team (#377) earned the Judges Award for the Best Project Innovative Solution. The team developed an interactive website called “Wisdom Library” to connect middle and upper school students with senior citizens.  They envisioned the Wisdom Library to function as a comfortable space for students and seniors to develop social connections and share their life stories and experiences.  The Wisdom Library website was conceptualized, developed and coded exclusively by Boys’ Latin Middle School students and includes features to record text, audio and video based oral histories.

The BL Maroon Team (#375) earned the Judges Award for best Project Research.  They developed an innovative pedestrian crossing system they dubbed “Eldercross+” to address the issue of insufficient crossing time for senior citizens at large, busy intersections.  Their research included developing 3-D models of the Pratt & Light Streets intersection at the Inner Harbor, analysis of average pedestrian crossing times for seniors and non-seniors, as well as analysis of 2000 and 2010 age population statistics from the US Census Bureau.

Sixteen students participated on two teams – the maroon and the white teams.  Congratulations to these students and many thanks to coaches Annemarie Merow, Julia Williams, Terri Floccare, Debi Krulak, Elizabeth Wilson, Aaron Sloboda and Anne Kellerman.  Many thanks to the parents for their support and encouragement.  We recognize the long hours and tireless effort made by students, parents and coaches alike to work in robotics lab hours around academic, athletic and other co-curricular activities.

Parents and students with the BL password may access videos and photos of the students and robots in action at the event via SmugMug:

Guest Artist Lecture -- Bruce Nelson from "Poe"

On Monday, Mrs. Molling’s Introduction to Acting class enjoyed a guest artist lecture by Bruce Nelson who recently played Poe in Poe at Center Stage and was voted best actor in Baltimore by City Paper in 2012 -- .  The hour passed quickly as Mr. Nelson discussed his life in the theatre, his craft as an actor, and his experience in 170 productions over his 25 year career.  The students asked terrific questions.  The extroverted Mr. Nelson challenged the boys to follow their interests/passions and not to go through life “in a small way.”  Mr. Nelson is now appearing in August: Osage County at Baltimore's new Everyman Theater.

New BL Mascot -- Larry the Laker

by Casey Rees ’13 and Richie O’Neil ‘14, The Inkwell, December 2012 --

"There is a big buzz around Boys’ Latin nowadays about the new Mascot.  Larry is the new Boys’ Latin mascot.  He dresses in a short sleeve button down flannel, khakis, a blue cap, and of course rocks a beard and mustache combination.  'Yeah Larry’s cap is cool and all, but the slippers he rocks are for real.  I get dizzy just looking at them,' says Sophomore Jared Snyder.  Larry is the newest way to bring excitement into the Boys’ Latin community.

"Larry is an investment made by the Spirit club to attract more fans to the games.  Even when the game isn’t going well Larry will be there raising spirits and bringing the pack together to cheer on the teams.  “One day I was just cheering on Volleyball when out of nowhere I see a big Lumberjack with a drum pumping up the crowd,” says Sophomore Devin Shewell. Larry has attracted more fans to create more energy for the games.

"Larry appears out of the blue to get the hype going.  'Over the past months I have gotten to love Larry and I always get excited when I see him at the games.  I feel like I’ve become a part of Larry,' says Junior Tally Bruno.  The true identity of Larry is unknown because he is only seen when wearing his costume.  Larry is a true motivator and is here to help Boys Latin through the Long run.

"Larry is a true believer in Boys Latin sports.  Larry last week sent a text to Colin Heacock saying, 'I’ll see you this afternoon we are bringing the hammer down!.'  Colin says 'Larry has always been there for me this year I look forward to the sports games to see him leading the pack.  I wish I could be Larry one day.'  Larry is a true role model because of his leadership and courage to lead the Lakers in the cheers against opposing foes.

"The recent addition of Larry has brought a new feeling to the Boys Latin community.  'Before Larry I didn’t even want to go to any extracurricular events at Boys’ Latin and now when I see him I get a feeling I’ve never felt before,' says Junior Griff Volker.  Larry is an unknown mastermind wandering Boys’ Latin. Students have thoughts of who Larry could be, but still there is no true answer of who is behind Larry’s mask.  Before Larry the school spirit was lacking and now the energy and sensation are back because of our new mascot Larry.  Larry has helped the crowd cheer on the volleyball team to the championship, the soccer team into the playoffs, and the football team to a successful year."

Basketball -- “Rivals finding balanced BL more difficult to hold down”

by Tom Worgo, Towson Times, January 9, 2013 --
“Terrific balance allows Boys’ Latin to sit atop the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association B Conference with a perfect 6-0 record according to BL coach Cliff Rees.  

“Scoring is the overwhelming strength of the team.

“‘You look at our starting lineup, and I kind of laugh sometimes,’ Rees said.  ‘It’s kind of hard going into a game not knowing who is going to be the guy that night.  I have five guys basically averaging in double figures.’

“The Lakers are that good after suffering through a long string of losing seasons.  ‘It’s certainly been a long time,’ said Rees whose team is 11-3 overall after going 11-15 in his first season last winter.  ‘It feels good.  You hope you can hang on and stay there, but it’s not an easy task.’

“With such a stacked lineup, the Lakers are, at the very least, a serious title contender.  With 6-foot-3 shooting guard Colin Heacock (averaging 12.3 points and 5 assists per game) and fellow senior Casey (15, 3) Rees, a 6-foot-2 point guard and the coach’s son, back in the fold, the Lakers have a formidable one-two punch.

“They’ve been joined in the lineup by two transfers, senior forward Brendan Fields, from the state of Washington, and junior guard Jordan Brooks (Archbishop Spalding).  Junior varsity promotion, sophomore forward Blair Brooks is the other newcomer.”

For more, click here for the full article or cut and paste the link below:,0,6244966.story

Robotics 2013 Kicks Off with Ultimate Competition

Ever wondered what it would look like if a robot could play Frisbee?  Wonder no longer....The Upper School robotics team kicked off its 7th season on Saturday, January 5 receiving its 2013 challenge, a Frisbee game called Ultimate Ascent.  Each year, the team participates in the FIRST FRC robotics competition founded by Segway inventor Dean Kamen.  In the competition this year, Ultimate Ascent is played by two competing alliances on a flat, 27 x 54 foot field.  Each alliance consists of three robots, and they compete to score as many discs into their goals as they can during a two-minute and fifteen-second match. The higher the goal in which the disc is scored, the more points the alliance receives.  Team members design and build a robot which they can remotely control to pick up, throw and deliver Frisbees to goals of three different heights.  Additional points can be scored if the robot is able to climb the pyramid shaped tower on the field.

Click here on the image below to watch an animation of the game or go to .


Host Lakers defend their 2011 LIT crown on Sunday 12-23-12 versus the St. Stephens and St Agnes School
The Lakers have cruised by their two opponents with wins against Severn, 65-36, and the Avalon School, 81-49, respectively. Forget all the shopping, and the Ravens, and come out to support Coach Rees and the Lakers.  Game time is 2:00 PM, Sunday, December 23.
All School Winter Concert Brings Cheer and Rockin’ Applause

winter all school concert 2012msbandwinter all school concert 2012usjazzensbwinter all school concert 2012uschorus

On Tuesday, December 11th, all Boys’ Latin students, faculty and staff gathered to for a festive and fun celebration of our music program.  The middle school band kicked off the program and featured a trumpet solo by eighth grade Noah Vilceus.  Next, our upper school advanced handchimes class set the theme for the day with “On this Day the Earth Shall Sing.”  Our ten-member lower school band shifted the tone with a toe-tapping tune “Comet Ride” which then our eight-member jazz workshop group cranked up a notch with “Funkytown.”  Our middle school chorus, led by Kathy Anderson, and our upper school chorus, led by David Doherty sang festive favorites including a humorous rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” which had the crowd laughing along.  Our eleven member upper school jazz ensemble stole the show.  Their performance of “Say What?” brought the stands to life with clapping, the wave and lots of smiles.  We wrapped up the concert on a “California Dreamin’” high note from the lower school chorus led by Elizabeth Wilson.  Not finished yet, Headmaster Post brought us to our feet with an all crowd sing-along of “Deck the Halls,” and with holiday spirits leading the way, the crowded carried on with an unprompted “Jingle Bells.”

Fun was had by all.  We would like to thank all of the many students who participated in these wonderful performances.  Importantly, we would like to recognize David Doherty, Clarke Nyman, Kathy Anderson and Elizabeth Wilson for their wonderful leadership, dedication and talent which made this concert a treat for all.
winter all school concert 2012winter all school concert 2012uswinter all school concert 2012

A Letter from Headmaster Post with Sad News regarding Mr. Otis B. Read

Dear Alumni, Parents, Family and Friends –

I am saddened to share with you that Mr. Otis B. Read ’55, associate headmaster for operations and long-time head of the middle school, passed away this morning, following a long illness.  The family will receive visitors at Ruck’s Funeral Home in Towson on Friday, December 7th from 3:00-5:00 p.m. and 7:00-9:00 p.m.  There will be a memorial service at Ruck’s on Saturday, December 8th at 9:00 a.m.

Otis began coaching at Boys’ Latin while still a student at Johns Hopkins and started teaching here immediately after his graduation.  He moved with the School from our downtown location on Brevard Street to our “country manor” in the fall of 1960.  Otis gave more than fifty years of devoted service to the School he loved, and our hearts are heavy today with the passing of a dedicated teacher, coach, advisor and administrator, as well as a beloved mentor and friend.

Mr. Read served as head of the middle school from 1970 – 2003.  During his more than thirty year tenure, the middle school flourished as programs grew tremendously.  He fostered a warm and nurturing environment, best recognized in the dedicated team of faculty and staff that he built.  In fact, many of our faculty today were hired and / or taught by Otis during his time as head of middle school.

In 2003, Headmaster Mercer Neale asked Otis to serve in a new capacity as associate headmaster for operations.  In that role, he would oversee the vast and various capital projects in which the School would embark.  In no small way, Otis has been an integral part of not only Boys’ Latin’s arrival on Lake Avenue but our campus’ transformation over the past fifty years.

In recognition of this dedication and service, a Boys' Latin benefactor established the Otis B. Read Scholarship to honor Mr. Read.  The Read Scholarship is awarded to new middle school students who reflect Mr. Read's commitment to boys of great promise, character and contribution.

Additionally, last spring, the Alumni Association recognized Otis as a Distinguished Alumnus.  The following is an excerpt from that citation, written by Mac Kennedy ‘76, director of alumni relations.

According to the 1955 Boys’ Latin yearbook, the Maroon and White, Otis entered BL “bringing with him an easy manner and bright smile that will never be forgotten.” That “easy manner and bright smile” has remained at BL ever since. The Maroon and White was quite prophetic when it wrote “in future life we…feel certain that Oats will continue to gain new friends and recognition in scholastics and athletics because of his glowing personality and strong character.”  

After leaving BLS, Otis entered Johns Hopkins University and continued his lacrosse career. He was a two year letterman and a member of Bob Scott’s 1957 undefeated National Championship lacrosse team.   While still attending Hopkins, Otis started his career at BL in 1957 coaching football, basketball and lacrosse.

Boys’ Latin hit a crossroad in the spring of 1960. The school’s property on Brevard Street was designated for urban renewal and the school was forced to either relocate or cease operations. The relocation process was long and arduous and when the Lake Avenue site was finally selected, Okey O’Connor (former senior faculty member) decided he would not be a part of the new school, however, he insisted that the new Boys’ Latin include Otis Read. O’Connor saw the importance of BL continuing WITH Otis Read and his on-going financial support included that stipulation.

Otis was here on 822 West Lake Avenue greeting the new students in the fall of 1960. And he has been here ever since.

Otis and his legacy endure in the relationships he forged with fellow alumni, students and parents, colleagues and friends.  I would ask that you keep the Read family and our School community in your thoughts and prayers.

Christopher J. Post

For more information about Mr. Read, click here.

Boys' Latin Hosts Michael Thompson, Ph.D. as our First Bauer Institute Fellow. Grant Promotes Leadership and Mentoring.

For two days before Thanksgiving, Boys’ Latin School hosted internationally recognized author and expert on male development Dr. Michael Thompson to speak on campus with students, parents, faculty and staff.  The focus for his visit was “Best Friends, Worst Enemies,” which draws from Dr. Thompson’s work on the nature and impact of friendships.

Boys’ Latin fourth and fifth graders had the privilege of having the first session with Dr. Thompson, and this was followed by a lunch meeting with the entire lower school staff for a meaningful conversation about best practices.

BL middle school boys were enthusiastic about their assembly in the Iglehart Center where Dr. Thompson walked the bleachers and passed off the microphone to students for questions and responses.  Dr. Thompson repeated that conversational style in a faculty Q&A session in the afternoon and later with a gathering of about 150 parents in the evening.  The parent session ranged from questions and concerns about the social lives of boys to the discussion of friendship, and the right role for parents in supporting those peer relationships.  On his second day, small groups of upper students met with Dr. Thompson to discuss similar topics.

BL heard an overwhelmingly positive response from all groups.  Headmaster Post commented “This is a gratifying affirmation of our work to instill in our students the core values of courage, integrity and compassion while helping them form enduring personal relationships.”

In early 2012, Boys’ Latin School created the Bauer Institute for Leadership and Personal Development based on a generous donation from the Charles T. Bauer Foundation.  Headmaster Chris Post remarked:  “Grounded in Boys’ Latin’s heritage as a school for boys, this Institute will serve as a programmatic center for our work with students in the areas of leadership, character and personal growth.  Through our research and programmatic developments, we’ll be able to expand our mentoring programs for students at all levels, providing them with greater exposure to and experiences for leadership and real world training.  With that, our boys will gain greater insight into their own strengths and ways to maximize their potential.”

Dr. Thompson has worked as a consultant or psychologist in more than 500 schools in the US, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  He is the author or co-author of nine books including the New York Times best-selling book Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys and Best Friends/Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Worlds of Children, about which Publishers Weekly declared, "Not since Dr. Spock and Penelope Leach has there been such a sensitive and practical guide to raising healthy children." His third book on the psychology of boys, titled It's a Boy!: Understanding Your Son's Development from Birth to Eighteen, was one of the 2012 BL faculty summer study books. 

Boys’ Latin 11-year old Tommy Hurley Swims to the Top

Boys’ Latin School would like to congratulate sixth grader Tommy Hurley for holding top 10 times in eight events as posted by Maryland Swimming, the local organization of USA Swimming.  In the Thanksgiving Day update to the Individual Top Times, Tommy Hurley posted as:

#2  Boys 11 50 Free
#4 Boys 11 100 Free
#6 Boys 11 200 Free
#5 Boys 11 100 Back
#7 Boys 11 200 Back
#4  Boys 11 50 Breast
#3  Boys 11 100 Breast
#5  Boys 11 100 IM


Tyler Steinhardt ‘12 Recognized with Maryland's Outstanding Youth Fundraiser Award

Last Friday at a crowded ballroom luncheon with about 800 people, 2012 graduate Tyler Steinhardt was recognized on National Philanthropy Day with a 2012 Outstanding Youth Fundraising Award by the Maryland Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  The photo shows Tyler accepting the award from Janet and Frank Kelly who were recognized in 2011 as the Maryland Outstanding Philanthropists.  As many of you recall, Tyler organized the 24-hour world record breaking lacrosse marathon, Shootout for Soldiers, to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  We are so proud of Tyler and were pleased to have Headmaster, Mrs. Post and a few others there to support and congratulate him.

Boys’ Latin Community Brings Hope to Others

The approaching Thanksgiving season naturally provides us the opportunity to reflect and give thanks for the efforts of faculty and students who for 4 years running have prepared weekly bag lunches for Sarah’s Hope.  Together the Boys' Latin community has prepared and delivered 40 lunches each Wednesday  - now roughly 5000 lunches in total - to Sarah’s Hope, a local homeless shelter for women and children.  Sarah’s Hope provides 24-hour emergency shelter, case management and other support services for homeless women and children in the Sandtown-Winchester area of Baltimore, Maryland.

This effort has been spearheaded our by Lower School Learning Specialist Stephanie McKew.  This is truly an all-school project; faculty, students and parents alike are involved in purchasing the ingredients and preparing, packing and delivering the lunches each week.  Some weeks the boys even decorate and include short letters on the lunch bags.  Faculty members pack lunches on the first Wednesday of every month year round. During the school year, lower school students take turns by grade level to pack lunches on the third Wednesday of each month, with families supplying the ingredients for the lunches. Students and faculty in the middle school Spirit Club pack lunches once each 7-day cycle on Day5.

Thanksgiving is an especially good time of year to give thanks that we are able to serve others and to be part of a school community which expects, nurtures and cherishes the value of serving others with generosity and compassion. 

Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.  Henri Frederic Amiel

Faculty members involved in this effort include Kate Berger, Marta Cardarelli, Kimberly Bierer, Barb Starkey, Jean Campbell, Joyce Barnett, Stephanie McKew, Shara Hine, Anne Jung, Barbara Anne Bruno, Robin Smith, Anne Kellerman, Helen Potter, and Susan Brown.  Lower school students (grades K-5) as well as 14 middle school students are involved weekly, and a group of four parents play a vital role in coordinating the purchase of ingredients.  Thank you to all!

Boys' Latin Commemorates Veterans Day

veterans day 2012 wreathWith blue skies and warm breezes, Boys’ Latin commemorated Veterans Day 2012 with activities tailored for boys of all ages.  The day began with our middle and upper school students gathering for an assembly organized by upper school History teacher Butch Maisel which highlighted the BL students who served or are serving our county in the military.  Mr. Maisel recounted BL history from the Civil War when our School split in 1864 into two and created the Carey School which was pro-Confederacy and, just one block away, the smaller Topping School which was pro-Union and which lasted only one year.  Students heard from special guest speaker Jamie Alban, who is a parent, trustee and decorated Marine officer for his service during the first Gulf War.  Mr. Maisel also recognized Patrick Young who served in the Marine Corps with his friend of Nick Ziolkowski, a BL ’01 graduate who was killed in action in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. 

Headmaster Post wrapped up the assembly by quoting his uncle who, when asked why he served in World War II, he simply said, “It’s what we did.”  Mr. Post went on to draw the parallel to our Laker values “courage, integrity and compassion – it’s what we do.”

Following the assembly, students from each division participated in our traditional wreath laying on our monument to fallen Lakers.  Throughout the day, students and faculty were able to visit the Alumni House to see displays of Civil War uniforms, artifacts and equipment from Mr. Maisel’s military museum.  In fact, the entire lower school went to the Alumni House to see the exhibit.  Senior James Weisman, dressed in a Civil War uniform, read Dadblamed Union Army Cow by Susan Fletcher.  Students had time to ask questions about life in the military then and now.

veterans day 2012 LS bookveterans day 2012 Civil War display

The following morning on November 13th, approximately 50 dads joined their lower school sons in the cafeteria to pack 25 boxes of candy and write cards and letters for Operation Gratitude.  Everything will be shipped overseas to our troops.

Thank you to all who participated and especially to Mr. Maisel who makes history come to life!

Congratulations to BL's Varsity Soccer Conference Champions!

On Sunday, #4 seeded Boys' Latin Varsity Soccer Team defeated #3 seeded Severn School for the B Conference Varsity Soccer Championship.  It was an exciting game at Stevenson University in Owings Mills as the Lakers won 3-1.  For full coverage of the game, click here for the MIAA website article entitled "Lakers Complete Climb to B Conference Title" or copy and paste the following link:

For more photos (with BL login), go to!i=2210915752&k=k8Dh6LM

A Round of Applause for Shakespeare in Hollywood

Mrs. Molling’s theater season began this year with a presentation of Ken Ludwig’s Shakespeare in Hollywood, which ran nightly from October 17th - 20th in Sheridan Studio Theater. Gina Molling, Artistic and Managing Director, handpicked the 2004 winner of the Helen Hayes Award for Best New Play partly because it lends itself to the skill sets of her students and capitalizes on their desire to have fun as they learn and grow as performers. After six weeks of rehearsal, it was evident that the cast relished their moments onstage in front of a live audience. In BL’s black box theater, viewers sat close enough to the actors to feel the ensemble’s energy of fellowship, which came across in exchanged looks and (at times) their own muffled laughter. We could sense their fondness for the material, which consisted of an amusing maze of spells, mistaken identities, complicated lighting, fast-paced blocking, and witty language.  English Teacher Marcia Flaherty commented, “The play is a full experience where the audience is as involved as the actors.”  Another audience member and Upper School English Department Chair Ann Gazin enthused, “Gina Molling chooses wonderful plays and has a unique way of engaging boys in every step of the dramatic process.”  There wasn’t a dull moment, and the collaborative effort among cast and crew was apparent to the sold out crowd of faculty, staff, students, families, and friends in the audience.

Set in the 1930’s, Ken Ludwig’s Shakespeare in Hollywood puts forth a story rooted in historic truth: many of the characters of the play were real people in the studio system who shot Shakespeare scripts on film (albeit unsuccessfully, and largely to enhance the reputations of lesser-known actresses). The plot’s amusing complications revolve mostly around a magical flower that causes characters to fall in love with the next person they see. “The comedy and characters are so broad that it allows for a certain kind of physicality, which the boys love,” Molling shared. In a series of blunders and unfortunate enchantments, the progression of the play ultimately lands in a fantastically ridiculous scene of ill-matched pairs, loopy love triangles, misassigned spells, and a man-turned-donkey.

While we applaud the entertainment value of the Boys’ Latin performance, the production wasn’t composed of fun at the sake of substance. “What’s unique about Shakespeare in Hollywood is that while it is considered a classic 1930’s screwball comedy, it has a Shakespearean language component that acts as the thread throughout the play whenever Oberon and Puck speak. That was the element of significance and subtext that compelled me to make the selection. Many students will walk away, and while they may not have read A Midsummer Night's Dream, they will have a good understanding of that play and perhaps a curiosity to learn more,” Mrs. Molling told BLink. Student crew members also acquired carpentry, lighting, and design skills from an apprenticeship-style learning model used in the set-building and tech divisions.  A comment from the audience was overheard, “It’s so impressive how our boys become actors, and the crew transforms the theater.”

In identifying the power of acting, Molling shared her belief that the craft develops processing skills that apply to real-world conduct and decision-making. “The practice necessary to have the line, understand the direction, and do the action will translate into other parts of the students’ lives as they instinctively process, think, and do almost instantaneously.” Shakespeare in Hollywood certainly exhibited the students’ capacity for that kind of learning and display, and the BL community will tune into what’s happening in Sheridan Studio as the Theater Department continues to present more stellar productions. This year, we can look forward to the middle school performance of “The Ransom of Red Chief” in the winter, and the upper school student-directed play produced in the spring.

Community Service at Hampden Family Center

On Saturday, October 15, Ms. Alderman (Upper School Math) and Ms. Blair (College Counseling) chaperoned ten upper school boys for this school year’s second Community Service trip sponsored by the upper school.  Our group was needed to help the center get ready for its upcoming event “A Taste of Hampden” which is scheduled for October 25th from 6 -9pm.  Tickets are still available for this wonderful event online at  The Hampden Family Center was established with the assistance of the Junior League of Baltimore and opened in 1995, and has as its mission “to enrich the lives of Hampden residents through education and professional support, and to encourage individual growth in the community.”  The next upper school community service outing is scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd at the MD Food Bank.

Special thanks goes out to the Hughes family and Vane Brothers for sponsoring our Community Service t-shirts again this year!

WMAR ABC News features BL Senior Chris Rubino

On Thursday, October 11, 2012, WMAR ABC News featured Chris Rubino ’13 as the Student Athlete of the Week.  Chris was the second student in a series to be highlighted for his strong performance in the classroom and in athletics.  Click the image above to see the full story.  Congratulations Chris for all your hard work!

BL Junior Bennett Wisner scores!

Last weekend, BL Junior Bennett Wisner competed in the 106th Middle Atlantic Amateur Championship, held on Baltimore Country Club's famed East Course.  Thursday and Friday, he shot a 74 and 73 in the first two rounds and easily made the cut to play in the weekend.  Wisner negotiated the wind on Saturday, making his way around the course in 75 strokes; however it was in Sunday's cold and rainy weather where Bennett really shined.  He recorded the 5th lowest round of the day, 71, vaulting himself past a strong field of players from across the country, finishing 15th overall and just 2 shots off the mark of "Low Junior Golfer".  Congratulations to Bennett Wisner!!

Spencer Stieff’s Swim Across America

On Sunday, September 23rd, Spencer Stieff swam a one-mile pool event in memory of his BL classmate, Zakary Degross who died of cancer.  This was Spencer’s third year swimming in the event for Zak.  All proceeds from the swim go to the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where Zak received his treatment.  The upper school held a dress down day in September to support Spencer’s swim and raised $966.  If anyone is still interested in supporting the cause, please click on Spencer’s swim page at:

In a letter to the whole BL community, Spencer wrote "Thank you for the support for my third annual Swim Across America in memory of Zakary DeGross. I appreciate the contributions from the Boys’ Latin community."

Eric Hanson, Boys' Latin Library Media Specialist and Teacher, featured on National Geographic TV

Photograph: Jack RiordanThe September 18th The Carroll County Times cover story showed Boys' Latin's own Eric Hanson hard at work restoring a Jeep from World War II.  The article gives a good back story behind how Mr. Hanson came to be featured on the National Geographic channel in a new reality TV show is call Family Guns -- a series about a father and son team who formed International Military Antiques, which has one of the world's largest collections of antique guns and military items.  The episode about Mr. Hanson will air on Sept. 26th at 10 pm.  Click below to follow links to:
preview of the TV episode or
- read the full Carroll County Times article.

Tyler Steinhardt '12 named Uganda Lacrosse Team General Manager

The Uganda Lacrosse Union (ULU) just announced recent BL graduate Tyler Steinhardt as the General Manager for the Uganda Men’s National Lacrosse Team.  In this role, Tyler will be "responsible for selecting, operating and bringing a team to the 2014 World Games in Denver, Colorado."  You can read more in the August 29, 2012 article from Lacrosse Playground

Congratulations Tyler!

“One Boys’ Latin, One Book" Program featured in Examiner Article

The Examiner published an article about the "One School, One Book" concept popular among Baltimore private schools.  The article includes the following highlights about the Boys' Latin program which is headed by Library Department Chair, Mrs. Terri Floccare.

“One Boys’ Latin, One Book”

At Boys' Latin in addition to building community and promoting literacy, the goals of the school-wide reading program, now in its 4th year, are to broaden perspectives, foster dialogue across age groups, and create a forum for tolerance. The 2012 One Boy's Latin, One Book selection, The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea, is the true story of 26 men and boys who, in 2001, attempted to cross the border into the desert of southern Arizona, the deadliest region of the continent, known as the Devil's Highway. While 26 went in, only 12 came back out. This is their story.

One Boys' Latin, One Book, not only encourages Middle and Upper School students to read, parents, teachers, and alumni are encouraged to participate and join the Boys’ Latin Community in early October for a discussion.

Click here for complete article.

The Boys' Latin program includes an evening book discussion, which will take place on October 2, from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Upper School.  Parents and their sons are encouraged to attend this event.  Click here for additional information about the event.

Junior Brett Roberts Organizes one-of-a-kind Skimboarding Event "Skim to Breathe"

Boys' Latin Junior Brett Roberts has organized a one-of-a-kind skimboarding event, Skim to Breathe, to be held on August 4, 2012.  Brett has organized the event in memory of his mother, Jennifer Christine Brock, who lost her life to lung cancer on March 14th, 2010, having never smoked a cigarette in her life. Brett and a team of dedicated individuals are teaming up to host this one-of-a-kind skimboarding event in Southern Delaware on August 4th, 2012.  Skim To Breathe’s main goal is to raise both money and awareness for lung cancer by benefiting the LUNGevity Foundation.

There will be great fun for everybody, including competitions, clinics, auctions, and much more. Click here to find more about the event, and please learn about The LUNGevity Foundation.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have. Other helpful links:

Register Here       Donate Here       Flyer

Boys' Latin rising Junior, Bennett Wisner competing this week in the Junior PGA Championship at Sycamore Hills Country Club

Boys' Latin rising Junior, Bennett Wisner is competing this week in the Junior PGA Championship at Sycamore Hills Country Club in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Held July 31st through August 3rd, the Junior PGA Championship is one of the two most prestigious junior golf championships in the United States.  Past champions include numerous PGA Tour Players and the entire Junior Ryder Cup Team will be comprised from the tournament field.

Wisner qualified for the championship by shooting 72-65 in order to win the Mid Atlantic Junior PGA Championship at Montgomery Country Club in Laytonsville, Maryland on June 28th & 29th.

Wisner, a key member of the Laker Golf Team, is the only Boys' Latin student in the school's history to earn his way into the field - and stands as one of the youngest participants in this year's tournament.

'We are very proud of Bennett for his integrity and his work ethic; and are very happy for all of his accomplishments on and off the golf course,' BL Head Golf Coach Mason Champion said. 'The posture of his heart is strong and he is a gentleman competitor.  Bennett has come a long way in his golf game the past few years and I'm certain the future will continue to shine brightly on all of his endeavours.'  Champion will travel to Sycamore Hills to support Wisner through a practice round on Monday and the championship's first round on Tuesday.

The Junior PGA Championship will be televised on the Golf Channel.  Coverage will no doubt include highlights of participants' time with tournament master of ceremonies and 2012 Ryder Cup Captain, Davis Love III.  Tune in to watch and cheer for Boys' Latin's own Bennett Wisner!"

Photo courtesy of Carroll County Times

Shootout for Soldiers 24-hour Lacrosse Event raises $105,000

Recent Boys’ Latin graduate and Student Body President, Tyler Steinhardt, has every reason to be both proud and exhausted.  This morning at 9:00 AM his efforts to bring the 24-hour lacrosse event “Shootout for Soldiers” set two records, one for the longest running lacrosse tournament and one for raising $105,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Over 1000 lacrosse players participated in the 24- hour long event and well over 5000 spectators were on hand to enjoy the terrific weather and spirited lacrosse games.  At least two US Army warriors were on hand to participate in the event.  Sgt. Ryan Major, a 2003 graduate of Towson High School commemorated the event by taking his first steps in public since he lost both legs and several fingers to an IED in Iraq.  Another warrior, Lt. Col. JC Glick, an active-duty officer who served five tours in Iraq and six in Afghanistan, made an eight-hour drive from Fort Jackson in South Carolina after seeing the event on Facebook. Glick said he was inspired by the event and the support the community planned to show Major and the mother of Nick Ziolkowski, a Boys' Latin graduate who was killed in Iraq in 2004.  Learn more at,0,7079971.story.

Congratulations to Tyler for making this event a stunning success.  Heartfelt thanks as well to the many generous sponsors, volunteers and participants.

Lower School Closing Ceremonies

Lower School held their annual Closing Exercises at 9:00am on June 7, in the Iglehart Center.  This year’s fifth grade class, the BL class of 2019, took center stage as we celebrated the completion of the 2011-12 school year.

In her remarks, Head of Lower School Mrs. Arnold thanked parents and students for a wonderful year.  To the matriculating fifth graders she said, “Your path is set – you have had a great start – great teachers and parents – you know what right is – now proceed (not quite over the bridge to upper school yet, but up the hill to middle school).  Just remember, we are always here if you need that boost.”

The 2012 recipients of endowed awards are:
- Doris L. Regan Award:  Jackson Marshall
- Woodward Award (to the outstanding athlete based on team spirit and ability):  Willie Wright
- Jack H. Williams (to the student who demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration of others):  Cooper Weidner
- Frederick A. Hahn (for leadership based on character):  Connor Stevens
- Benjamin Samuel Sorensen (the third grade student who demonstrates determination and potential for success): Patrick Okolo
- Brian C. Campbell (for excellence in writing):  Josh Meister
- Betty Banghart (to the student who demonstrates a true love of learning):  Christopher Kulik
- Lower School Faculty (the fifth grade student who has shown the most academic and personal growth during his years in the lower school):  John Recher

Ethan Carhuapoma and Clay LaVeist were awarded Timber Ridge Camp Scholarships established in memory of Nick Ziolkowski ’01.

Myles Davis, Eric Gazin, Andrew Grover, Tommy Hurley, Price Marlow, Josh Meister, Teddy Roebuck, Alex Stengel, Connor Stevens, Jeremy Weinberg, and Willie Wright received gold President’s Education Awards, with Mitch Boudreau, Charlie Kenny, Louis Marchese, and Cooper Weidner being given silver President’s Awards.

The year ends with the hope that all of our families find time for rest, rejuvenation, and reading!  For more photos, go to

2012 Graduation -- a Proud & Touching Ceremony

On Saturday, June 2nd, the BL community gathered to celebrate our graduates.  It was a beautiful morning with a cool breeze and blue skies as the community gathered under large tents in front of Williams Hall.  One parent said, "BL does this so well.   It feels like such and warm, close celebration of the boys by the whole community."  Seniors, parents, faculty, adminstration, staff, family, friends and alumni all gathered with smiles and words of congratulations. 

The Messenger published an article on June 6th which describes the event well:
Small private schools mean intimate, personal graduations.  Boys' Latin Ceremony includes personal touch.
"When Boys' Latin Class of 2012 graduated on Saturday morning, they not only received their diplomas, but Headmaster Chris Post offered a few words about each of the 60 students in the class. The personal comments are not only a touching feature of the ceremony, but are also inspirational.

"When speaking about class valedictorian, John Brendan Owens, Post said, 'John came to Boys' Latin in the 6th grade. Through the upper school, all of your core academic courses have been either Honors or Advanced Placement classes. In fact, Brendan has taken 9 different Advanced Placement courses and will graduate today with a 4.26 GPA. Not bad, Brendan, not bad at all.'

"According to school spokesperson Sarah Woods, 'It speaks to how close our faculty and administration feel to each boy; and how they truly believe what they say about 'inspiring the best in every boy.' "

To see the article and other related articles on The Messenger's website, click here.

Exerpts from Internships – Great Work Seniors!!

We would like to say a special thank you to Gina Molling and Charles Franklin who has worked over the years to build our Senior Internship Program into a strong and meaningful experience.  Seniors are interning at hospitals, businesses, charitable organizations, and numerous other types of organizations.  Each senior has set up his own internship, a two-week experience in their chosen professional field of interest.  It takes a considerable amount of work to coordinate this program, including years of tweaking, refining, and pushing the Senior Internship Program to where it is today.  Thank you Mrs. Molling and Mr. Franklin!  

Below are some initial comments about our interns:

  • “Nick totally immersed himself into our activities program. His charisma helped him make friends quickly with our residents. He did group activities such as crossword puzzles, trivia, and word games.  His favorite part of the day was visiting residents in their rooms and showing them he cared and he let them speak while he listened. Nick has a gift for socially interacting with residents and staff.  I wish the internship was longer as we are starting to realize how much we will miss him after he has completed his time here at Pickersgill.” (Lenore D’adamo, speaking about Nick Shepherd’s internship at Pickersgill Retirement Community)
  • “Robert was an excellent volunteer and a role model for all.  He was very professional, smartly dressed, willing to do anything he was asked to do, polite, interacted well with all and a credit to all concerned.  We would welcome him back to our unit any time.” (Susan Cutting, RN, speaking about Robert White’s internship at Mercy Medical Center)
  • “As a side note, may  I say that Jim Mcelroy is a fine young man who is respectful, eager and sharp. Jim possesses a strong work ethic that will serve him well.  Maybe more to the point, our focus was not so much concerned with production, but rather exposing Jim to the multi-facets  of being a Consulting Engineer.  In working with our Electrical Engineering Group, Jim started with the recruiting aspects of identifying the skill-sets required to do our work.  Jim moved on to production – Contract Documents including Construction Drawings and Specifications.  Seeing this first hand should give Jim a flavor of what we do, if he so chooses.  He represented BL in an outstanding fashion.  It was our pleasure! (Tom Ioannou of TAI Engineers, Managers, Technical Services, speaking about Jimmy McElroy’s internship)
  • “Carson Gaines has done very well during his time with us at the Fertility Center of Maryland.  He has always been on time, dressed appropriately, has participated fully in all activities of the center, and has been pleasant, helpful and cooperative at all times. He has developed a good rapport with the staff, and has been welcomed by our patients, who have allowed him to be present in almost all aspects of their care, including surgeries, physical exams, interviews, ultrasounds and embryo transfers.  He has spent time in both the embryo lab and the andrology lab and has quickly picked up on many aspects of human biology.  His questions have been insightful and have indicated that he has given thought to what he has learned and its wider applications beyond the walls of the center.  He has also participated willingly in some of the more mundane tasks involved in the day-to-day running of a busy medical practice- not everything we do is as exciting as surgery!  Nearly every member of the staff has commented on how well he has presented himself and, in particular, have commented on his firm handshake and the fact that he looks you right in the eye when meeting you and introducing himself.  I hope Carson enjoyed his time with us, and that he found the experience worthwhile.  Should he decide to pursue a medical career, I would be happy to have him rotate back through our office as a student or resident.”  (Dr. Katie Bass, Fertility Center of Maryland, speaking about Carson Gaines’ internship)
Congratulations to Loyola and Charley Toomey, BL’86

On Memorial Day Monday, the Loyola University Maryland Greyhounds won their first NCAA D1 National Lacrosse Championship.  Boys’ Latin School would like to send our best wishes and congratulations to the team, especially our BL graduates:  Head Coach Charley Toomey '86 and players Kevin Moriarity '07, Eric Tillman '08, and Jeff Chase '11 (as a redshirt).

In his junior year at BL, Charley helped lead the Lakers as goalie to the 1985 Maryland Scholastic Association (MSA) “A” Conference title victory over Loyola.  After BL, Charlie was a student-athlete at Loyola University where he was a two-time All-American goalie and ranks as one of the Greyhounds’ all-time save leaders.  In his career, Charlie played professionally for the Baltimore Thunder and Boston Blazers, coached Major League Lacrosse goalies, coached at the Naval Academy Prep School, Naval Academy and Severn School and then returned to his alma mater.  Charley is in his fifth season as head coach for the Greyhounds, 13th year coaching Loyola overall and 22nd year in his coaching profession overall.

BL is excited and proud of our Lakers, and we offer them our congratulations and best wishes for many more successes in the future!

Below is an excerpt from the upcoming BL alumni newsletter, This Week at Boys’ Latin by Mac Kennedy, which provides more detail on Charley Toomey’s years at BL:

Pride & Tradition II: Charles E. Toomey IV ’86
Charley Toomey ’86
 guided his Loyola University Maryland Greyhounds to the Division I Men’s Lacrosse championship winning in the title game 9-3 over the University of Maryland. Congratulations to Coach Toomey and three of his players who are former Lakers: Kevin Moriarty ’07Eric Tillman ’08, and Jeff Chase ’11.

However, this was not the first lacrosse championship for Coach Toomey. In 1985 he helped lead the Lakers to the Maryland Scholastic Association (MSA) “A” Conference title in a thrilling rain-soaked 7-4 win over the Loyola Dons.  Toomey set the tone for the BL victory within the first few seconds of the game. The opening face-off was won by Loyola and their fast break opportunity was foiled by a tough save. The Loyola attackman’s shot from point blank range was stuffed low as Toomey made many tough saves in the quagmire that surrounded him that day. BL ended the season as the number one team in the region. The BL defense of Toomey, Carl Voigt ’85David Mitchell ’85, and Gavin Valle ’85 only allowed the opponents 5 goals per game.

The Lakers returned to the MSA championship game in the spring of 1986. This time, Loyola was the better team and beat BL 8-3. Boys’ Latin finished the season with a final 12-4 record and ranked third in the region.

Charley Toomey was named the 1986 team’s most valuable player at the annual athletic banquet. He averaged 13 saves a game for the season and allowed just 4.9 goals per game. In his two years in the Laker cage, BL compiled a 24-5 record.

In June of 1986 Toomey was awarded the Timothy E. Wynn Memorial Lacrosse Award at the International Games. The award was presented to Charley for being “the outstanding high school lacrosse goalie in Maryland.”  He was also named a high school All-American, second team All-Metro, and was BL’s C. Markland Kelly nominee at the Kelly banquet.

In his four year career as a goalie at Loyola College (now Loyola University Maryland) Charley was named collegiate All-American twice – honorable mention in 1989 and second team in 1990.

The 1990 Loyola Greyhounds lost to Syracuse University in the NCAA Championship game.

More Lacrosse Congratulations…
BL Junior Mac Pons was just selected as a High School All-American by the MIAA.  This is quite an honor because the MIAA only chooses five young men for the All American team each year.  Mac is fabulous on defense, a leader as co-captain of the team this year, and a Jack Williams Sportsmanship Award Winner.

In addition, BL Junior Mac Pons and Sophomore Shack Stanwick were selected as two of the 18 members of the MIAA "A" Conference All-League Team as picked by the "A" Conference coaches at the year-end meeting last evening, May 29th.  Shack is outstanding and versatile on attack.

BL is excited for both boys and proud to have them on our team.  Laker congratulations to Mac and Shack!


New 30-second Boys' Latin Video on TV

Tune in on Sunday, May 20th to the CSN rebroadcast of the May 18th MIAA Championship Lacrosse game, and you will see the following new video featuring our School.  Great job by seniors Brandon Cherry and Tyler Steinhardt!

8th Grade “Go Learn” Experience

On Wednesday the 8th grade embarked on "Go Learn!," a day in which they visit and engage in local businesses and
institutions with an eye on the entrepreneurship, teamwork, character, communication, and academic-based skills
employed and cultivated at such establishments on a daily basis. Amongst the establishments that graciously opened
their doors to our Lakers were the Baltimore County Court House, GKV marketing and communications firm, Ayers
Saint Gross Architects & Planners, HighBank investment bank, Vane Brothers tugboat & maritime services, and the
Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens! The guys had a fantastic and rewarding day and thanks to all in the Boys'
Latin community who designated their time, energy, and resources to making this very important endeavor possible!

BL Training Team runs MD Half Marathon

On Sunday, May 6th, a dozen BL community members gathered at 8am in Howard County to run the Maryland Half Marathon.  We ran for many different reasons:  to get in shape, improve our health, lose weight, check off a bucket list item, see if we could make it, have fun with & learn from the BL training team, and importantly support cancer research.  As a team, we raised more than $4,600 for cancer research.

With a rainy start and 13.1 miles behind us, there were all smiles at the finish line as we hugged each other, friends and family.  Photos are on SmugMug (password bl822):!i=1833955768&k=F3S7PKQ

Coach David Doherty said it well:  “A huge congratulations to everyone on the team.  It wasn’t just about the few hours of the race.  It was about the hours and hours of training that you have all done since we started meeting in January.  Think about all the times we met, all the places we ran and all the miles we put in!”

Runners were:
David Doherty, placed 3rd overall
Sean Mullally ‘12, placed 9th overall and 1st in his age group
Cathy Badmington
Trish Fallon
Wendy Forbes
Rebecca Giordano
Cindy Harkum – ask her about her improved health check up.
Brian Higginson – who lost more than 20lbs in training!!
Debi Krulak
Molly Mullally
Shelley Seibert - ran in honor of her mother who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year
Sarah Woods

The annual Maryland Half Marathon supports the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center.  The Greenebaum Cancer Center is a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center, putting them in the top tier of centers nationwide for cancer research and patient care, and ranked #22 out of 900 cancer programs throughout the U.S.

Great Strides Club Raises $32,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Research

Congratulations to Josh Hamburger ’13 and History Department Chair Adam Osborn for their leadership of the Great Strides Club which again this year rallied over 50 walkers from the Boys’ Latin community for the May 6 Cystic Fibrosis walk at Hunt Valley Town Center.  The club  raised over $32,000 in donations to support continued research for a cure of Cystic Fibrosis. Special thanks go to the freshmen and sophomores for their strong support and to many faculty members and parents as well.

Physics Students participate in The BL 500 and Monster Truck Rally

Mrs. Rodriguez’s Physics students recently designed and constructed vehicles to compete in the BL 500 and Monster Truck Rally.  Students were given one month to design and build a vehicle using common household items and powered by a 1.5 volt motor provided by the school. The students’ vehicles were entered into two competitions, the BL 500 in which vehicles raced against one another to determine highest speed and longest distance travelled.  The second competition, The Monster Truck Rally, consisted of a test of strength and power to find the vehicle with the greatest load-bearing capability. And the winners are...

BL 500 Race:
B block:  Sean Ryan and Michael Walker
F block:  Brad Schwartz and Jake Walsh

Monster Truck Rally:
B block:  Miller Weglein and Colin Porter
F block:  Alex Hughes, Kolby Caplin, Zac Cooper

Overall best car:  Miller Weglein and Colin Porter


Our Second Successful Trout Project!

Not only was Friday, May 4th BL's Homecoming, but also it marked the end of our stewardship of baby trout in the lower school.  On a rainy and muddy morning, grades three through five had a terrific time releasing the trout in the tailwaters of Lake Roland, just at the Falls Road end of Lake Avenue. During their normal gym class, the boys released the fish, saw some basic fly-casting, and learned about aquatic insects and insect life cycles. Volunteers from Trout Unlimited were present, along with teachers and administrators from BL. It was a fun-filled morning that included Mr. Sloboda catching a crayfish.

Laker Leadership Series - Join Us May 2nd

All are welcome to join BL families and friends for the next Laker Leadership Series speaker, 1st. Lt. Chris Maisel '04 on Wednesday, May 2nd at 6:00-7:30 pm in the Sheridan Theater on the north campus.

Open Farm Day at Kayam Farm a Success Despite the Rain!

The Upper School’s Community Service efforts continued on Sunday, April 22nd when Ms. Kellerman and Ms. Alderman chaperoned four brave BL upper school students (B. Brown, A. Engel, M. Attman, and I. Ndukwu) to Open Farm Day hosted by Kayam Farm in Reisterstown.  The weather was less than perfect on this day, but fun was had by all and Kayam Farm appreciated our efforts.  After a thorough lecture and demonstration on the process of making compost, our boys worked on clearing the existing fields of weeds and other debris.  They also helped the other volunteers to load compost into large planting bins and to mix the compost with the existing soil. The farm consists of four acres used for planting and one acre used as animal pasture.  The farm grow organic vegetables and fruits, herbs, flowers and mushrooms.  The produce serves the members in the Community Supported Agriculture program.  BL plans on continuing this new relationship by bringing students back in the fall and spring of next year for more community service opportunities. 

BL's Golf Team takes 2nd in MIAA Stroke Play Team Championship

From Coach Mason Champion:

"For the first time in school history, the Boys' Latin Golf Team took 2nd place in the MIAA Stroke Play Team Championship.  The second and final round of the Championship was played yesterday in the rain and cold across the links of Hunt Valley Country Club.  This followed a first round that was played last Monday at The Sububan Club.

"Up to 23 member schools from the A, B & C Conferences participate each year - and send up to 6 players per school to compete.  The Team Championship is played across 2 rounds with a cut following Round 1.  Teams with 4 or more players advancing through the first cut qualify for the Team Championship - and the school with the lowest 4 aggregate scores within those two rounds is awarded the title.

"Boys' Latin finished with a 4-man, 2-round total of 608 - second only to Mt. St. Joseph at 604.  The third place finisher was no less than 20 shots behind Boys' Latin.

"The Lakers were paced by the fine play of Senior Will Guy, who shot a two-over-par total of 146 (74-72); Sophomore Bennett Wisner, who fired a five-over-par aggregate of 149 (76-73), Junior Danny Murphy, who carded a nine-over-par total of 153 (78-75) and Sophomore Dylan Watts, who shot a sixteen-over-par aggregate of 160 (79-81).

"But wait…there's more.

"Individual Medalist honors are awarded to the low aggregate across three rounds.  With the field cut again at 159 following round two, the top 20 players advance to the third and final round - slated to be contested at Bulle Rock Golf Club in Havre de Grace next Tuesday, May 1st.  Currently, Guy is 2 shots off the pace of the tournament leader whose total now stands at 144.  Wisner and Murphy are well positioned within striking distance at five and nine shots back respectively.

"Oh, and one last thing…

"After taking-on Loyola tomorrow, Boys' Latin will face off against Mt. St. Joseph this Thursday at The Suburban Club in the final home contest of the season.  What a match that promises to be!

"Go Lakers!"

Shootout for Soldiers – Help Set a World Record and Raise Funds for Wounded US Soldiers

Tyler Steinhardt ’12 and the ACT Club sent out the following press release on Tuesday that was picked up by Inside Lacrosse and other media outlets: “A group of local high school students has organized what stands to be a world-record breaking event called Shootout for Soldiers. The Shootout is a 24-hour lacrosse game with all proceeds going to support the Wounded Warrior Project in its effort to aid wounded US soldiers. The event, which will be held at The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland on June 14-15, will seek to use the common platform of lacrosse to unite area lacrosse players ages 10+ in the common benefit of the Wounded Warrior Project.” For the full article, click on: , and for more information and to register click on . All players age 10+ are invited to play, including parents!


Lower School Boys create Pinwheel Garden to support The Family Tree

Lower school boys had fun planting pinwheels to support The Family Tree, a local non-profit organization working to strengthen Maryland families.  The event also served as recognition of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  For more fun, here is a link where your child can design his or her own pinwheel and post it to an online web garden or send it to a friend:


Spring Art Show -- Fun & Fabulous

On Friday April 20th, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends gathered to enjoy our 2012 Spring Art Show.  All enjoyed creations from BL students as well as many scenes of the Boys' Latin campus created onsite by visiting artists from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Many thanks to our four art teachers shown below (L to R):  Marta Cardarelli, Demond Baine, Trevor Twist '98 and Amy Digges.

Upper School Spring Concert features Choral and Instrumental Performances

Congratulations to Upper School students for their excellent choral and instrumental music performances on Sunday, April 15 at the annual Spring Concert.  Congratulations as well to Instrumental Music instructor, Mr. Clark Nyman, for another successful and enjoyable set of ensembles performances.  Hearty congratulations are in order to Mrs. Cynthia Harkum who will retire at the end of the school year after 22 memorable years at Boys' Latin.  Mrs. Harkum was presented with flowers by Upper School Head, Mr. Stephen Schools, various well-wishes and gifts from the chorus and a standing ovation from concert goers.  The BL community thanks Mrs. Harkum for 22 wonderful years of service to the school.

Service Leaning Day 2012—From Hunger to Healthy Eating is a success!


From tilling the soil for planting, observing bees and learning about pollination to writing letters to our politicians, coming up with initiatives to end hunger in Baltimore city, exploring hunger through literature and creating youth learning materials for SNAP, the boys explored the issues of hunger from all angles today.  By 9:30am, we loaded 300 lunches into a van bound for the Franciscan Center who served them that day.  By 11:40, we loaded another 240 lunches into some parents' cars (thank you parents!) bound for Manna House and My Sister's Place.  Throughout the morning, a rotating delivery service (thanks to Earl Smith, husband of Robin Smith) took over 80 casseroles plus extra hot dogs to Our Daily Bread.  In addition, 300 more lunches were packed to be served Monday at Paul's Place (thanks Robin Smith for delivery).

As a healthy and interesting learning opportunity, the boys even got first-hand experience with eating lunches prepared for soup kitchens!  Many parent volunteers helped to serve our community 800 lunches, including some special Passover lunches. 

The lessons from today will hopefully carry forward for the boys and instill a greater understanding of issues in the community and world around us.  Two activities for upper school boys will extend beyond service learning day.  One group of boys worked with Sally Brackins to brainstorm a possible proposal to submit to the Urbanite for the Hunger Initiative contest, and the project will continue with the boys who are interested.  The government representatives from SNAP, today’s version of food stamps, were so pleased with the materials a group of upper school boys designed in the digital lab with Sarah Woods that SNAP plans to use the materials with their clients going forward and share these with the regional offices.

Another extension of the day will be using the meal plans developed by some of the middle and upper school boys to cook dinner and take it to Sarah’s Hope to serve.   The Boys’ Latin community will be serving Sunday dinner to the residents of this shelter for women and children on the following dates:  May 13, May 27, and June 10.  If you are interested in participating, contact Susan Brown (  

Thanks to all the parents, faculty, staff and friends for making the boys’ experience so meaningful.  In addition to the slides shown here, more photos are posted on SmugMug.

Special thanks to Director of Service Learning, Susan Brown and the following faculty members who served on the Service Learning Day Committee to plan and execute Friday's activities: 

Susan Brown, leader Marcia Flaherty Stephanie McKew Barb Starkey
Cindy Alderman Terri Floccare Adam Osborn Jennifer Streeter
Kate Berger Shara Hine Lauren Quevillon Julia Williams
Sally Brackins Sean Kriebel Robin Read Sarah Woods
Lauren DeVries Janet Maisel Marie Scheurich  
Trish Fallon Mac McDonald Robin Smith  


Committed to Helping Others: Boys' Latin student to hold 24-hour lacrosse game to benefit Wounded Warrior Project

The Baltimore Sun published the following article on April 14, 2012:

Boys' Latin School's Tyler Steinhardt is always involved in fundraising. If he isn't having a dodge ball tournament to raise money for a child with cancer, then he is organizing a special help group on another high school campus or coaching lacrosse in Uganda.

For his next project, Steinhardt, 18, has organized the Shootout for Soldiers, a 24-hour lacrosse game to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project or wounded American soldiers.

Initially, there were some snags, but now head coaches Bobby Shriver of Boys' Latin and Calvert Hall's Bryan Kelly have gotten involved.

And some of the players who might participate are North Carolina midfielder R.G. Keenan and Johns Hopkins attackmen Wells Stanwick and Chris Boland.

The event is planned for June 14 from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m. on June 15 at Boys' Latin. All ages are welcome and there are individual and team slots available.

"Certainly, supporting wounded vets is as noble a cause as anyone could get into," Shriver said. "Doing it with the game of lacrosse that so many in this community love only adds to the event. And Tyler is just a wonderful kid who is always doing wonderful stuff around here."

Steinhardt is the kid who doesn't have much athletic talent, but a huge heart. He could only play two years of lacrosse at Boys' Latin because he wasn't good enough.

He played on the team's varsity basketball team in the winter, but spent more time cheering and giving high fives off the bench then shooting jumpers in games.

You get the picture.  Click here to read complete story.

Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis - Sunday, May 6th

US History teacher Adam Osborn wants to remind the BL community that it's that time of year again, where we come together as a community to show our support for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by raising funds and participating in the Great Strides Walk Sunday, May 6 at 9am at the Hunt Valley Town Center.

Last year BL raised over $30,000 and over the last fourteen years the BL community has raised over $250,000. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to come together again for a very important cause that touches the lives of so many in our community.

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of about 30,000 children and adults in the United States (70,000 worldwide). A defective gene and its protein product cause the body to produce unusually thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening lung infections. In the 1950s, few children with cystic fibrosis lived to attend elementary school. Today, advances in research and medical treatments have further enhanced and extended life for children and adults with CF. Many people with the disease can now expect to live into their 30s, 40s and beyond.

Adam and his team are asking for your continued support. Please join the Boys' Latin Team and team captain, Josh Hamburger ’13 by clicking on the following link:

Let us come together and (to paraphrase from our mission statement) reach our maximum potential while empowering our community to mature with an increasing sense of self-worth and an awareness of our responsibilities towards ourselves and our community.

To view Josh's YouTube video, please click the following link. Feel free to use this video in your own fundraising!

Freshmen enjoy guest speaker from India, Mr. Patrick George

Freshmen from Mr. MacDonald's World Cultures class enjoyed a visit from Mr. Patrick George, a friend of Upper School technology Coordinator Mr. Derrick Thomas and a native of India The visit augments the sophomores' study of the Indian culture.  Mr. George shared his perspective of India from his childhood to the present and shared his specific perspective of growing up in the Christian minority in India, a county dominated by the Hindu and Muslim religions.  The sophomores were fascinated as they discussed the caste system, untouchables, religion, employment and academics with Mr. George.  They made many important comparisons to life in India versus life in America. We thank Mr. George for sharing his experiences with the students.

Young Executives? Businessmen? Seniors?!

Who are those well-dressed young men you've been seeing on campus these past few Wednesdays?  Are they NFL, NHL, or NBA scouts?  Are they Secret Service recruiters?  Are they from the FBI? No!  The well-dressed young men you've been seeing are our very own SENIORS!  We can give special thanks to senior Ben Feild for initiating this entertaining senior activity.  We've enjoyed the dapper apparel of many seniors who have participated in 'Senior Suit-up Wednesdays."  Enjoy the accompanying slideshow.

Who would you hire?!

For Heaven's Sake Senior-directed Theater Production Entertains sell-out crowds

From Mrs. Molling at the Theater Arts Desk

On behalf of the entire cast and crew of the For Heaven's Sake production, we would like to thank our BL community -- parents, faculty, and staff --for their support shown for the recent Senior-directed prodcution of For Heaven's Sake. Senior night was a huge success with the entire senior class in attendance!  The cast and crew ran a magnificent show each night to sold out audiences. Yet most importantly, Senior directors Joey Ernest and Eric Simmons deserve a big shout out for directing their cast and crew!  We are very proud of them both for their dedication, talents, and hard work, not only in this show, but also for the past four years in the Theater Arts.

US Robotics Team Successfully Completes 5th Season

The US robotics team has successfully completed its fifth season.  The team competed in the FIRST FRC Chesapeake Regional Competition on March 8, 9 and 10 and the Washington, DC Regional on March 29, 20 and 31.  The team designed and built a robot to compete in this year's game called Rebound Rumble, a game resembling basketball. While the team experienced some mechanical inconsistencies in during their first few matches in the Chesapeake Regional, they played 3 near perfect matches which included several 3-point half court goals and balancing the robot on the center court bridges in the end game. The Team was selected to play on a Blue Alliance team with The Umbrella Corporation Team 1719 (a joint Park School/ Delaney High School Team)) and The Blair Robot Prodi jet Team 4499 from Silver Spring, MD.  This alliance competed through the quarter and semi-final Elimination rounds, but did not advance to the finals.  The team competed vigorously throughout the DC Regional and ended 35th of 63 teams.

Congratulations to the entire team, and especially to team captains Alex Hughes and Matt Bennett, drive team members Charley Hughes, Jason Price and Parker Hawkins, and to Scouting Manager Jack Brinkley, all of whom contributed dozens of hours during the 12 week build and competition season to lead the team through another successful season.

Varsity Baseball Team Participates in President's Cup Event

Boys' Latin's Vartsiy Baseball team participated this past weekend in The President’s Cup event, an event which aims to unite Baltimore’s youth by using baseball to bring together groups of high school students from different backgrounds who would not normally compete with one another. Baseball has historically been a sport that crosses racial and socioeconomic lines to unite the city’s youth. The President’s Cup showcases youth baseball which has been on the decline in many cities, including Baltimore, for much of the past decade. With the President’s Cup, participants work to recreate the unifying magic of the sport to bring together athletes from different backgrounds.
Boys’ Latin hosted two teams in the President’s Cup Baseball Tournament on Saturday, March 31st, and played its first game on Monday, April 2nd @ 4:00pm at Archbishop Curley High School against City College.

Upper School Robotics Team will debut hands-free Robot Controller at Regional Competition

The Boys’ Latin Upper School robotics team will compete in the FIRST FRC Chesapeake Regional Competition this weekend, March 8, 9 and 10th   at the Baltimore Convention Center.  The event is free of charge and open to the public.  This year’s team has designed and fabricated a robot which includes a 6-wheel tank drive with Arcade type drive train, and a variable speed shooter (for shooting basketballs through hoops).  The robot control system includes PlayStation controllers, multiple autonomous program modes and, new this year, the ability to “drive” the robot completely “hands-free” via a Microsoft Kinect station.  Kinect is a motion sensing input device made by Microsoft and is based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral.  Kinect enables users to control and interact with other devices (in this case a robot) without the need to touch a game controller, through a natural user interface using body gesturess, as demonstrated in this video by drive team member Jason Price.  Kudos to team captains Matt Bennett and Alex Hughes for their dedicated efforts to lead the team throughout the rigorous and intensive build season, and especially for their efforts to debut the hybrid game play with Kinect.


Lower School Students Jump for Heart on Valentine’s Day

WBAL radio, Tuesday, February 14, 2012 -- Angela Jackson aired a nice story on Boys’ Latin’s lower school:

Whether it be double dutching or single jumping, the lower school students at Boys' Latin are doing it all on this Valentine's Day.  The school is working with the American Heart Association on its 7th annual Jump For Heart to raise funds to help people with heart problems and heart research.  The boys, teachers, parents and administrators are all in red and equipped with ropes for the cause.

Click here to see a write up of the story and hear the following interviews with BL faculty and staff:
- Kathy Arnold, Head of Lower School, noted that the annual event combines a focus on health awareness with the School’s overall service learning curriculum.
- Donald Rickels, Lower School Teacher, explains why the annual event is important to him and BL.
- Sarah Woods, Director of Stategic Communications, comments that the boys had fun learning to jump rope and double dutch.

BL seniors rocked in “Worth Our While” at Concert for Hope

On Friday, February 11, BL seniors Jonny Brennan and Tim Wilcox performed with the band "Worth Our While" at the Recher Theater in Towson as part of a fundraiser called Concert for Hope Six .  Through the concert, the boys raised $1,500 to benefit HopeWell, an outstanding, free local resource for families coping with cancer. Jonny and Tim were outstanding, and they were cheered on by many family and BL friends, faculty and staff.  Nice job guys!!

BL wins 2012 MIAA B Conference Hockey Championship

Varsity Sports Net, February 10, 2012- Click here for the full article by Donald Daniels and video from the championship game at Piney Orchard Ice Rink in Laurel Friday afternoon. 

Lichtenauer Leads the Way as Lakers Claim First Crown Since 2003  "For the first time in nearly a decade, the Boys’ Latin School Lakers are ice hockey champions. In a tension packed, up-tempo game, the Lakers were able to hold off St. Paul’s School, 3-2, for the MIAA B Conference championship in front of an electric crowd at Piney Orchard Friday night.

“'It was our first time playing in front of a big crowd, they really pumped us up because St. Paul’s had a lot of big hits and we really fed off of our crowd,' said Laker junior Bryan Lichtenauer who had one goal and two assists.

“'These guys stepped right from the beginning in November with the goal that they were going to do everything it took to win the championship,' said Boys’ Latin coach Jim Sandusky, whose team capped a 10-4-1 campaign. 'It’s the culmination of commitment and maturity, and you can achieve if you do all right things.'

"Tied at 2 with 9 minutes, 38 seconds left in regulation, Lichtenauer intercepted a St. Paul’s pass deep in their own and scored the game-winner goal on a breakaway. His tally clinched the Lake Avenue school’s first league title since claiming the B crown in 2002-03.

“'We thought that if came out with the right attitude in the third period that one our guys would step up and Bryan did,' said Sandusky.

"It didn’t take long for Boys’ Latin to get  going as junior Corey Koch found the back of the net at the 12:39 mark, with Lichtenauer and junior Maxx Lowenstein assisting. Three minutes later, St. Paul’s (5-11) drew even as senior Riley Meyer cashed in off of a face-off win in Laker terrority.

"The Lakers regained the lead in the second quarter, thanks to Lichtenauer.  He found senior defenseman Brodie Pavo a few feet inside the blue line. Pavo slung the puck pass St. Paul goalie Whit Schweizer (18 saves).

“'I think we played tremendously well, made a few mistakes,' said Sandusky. 'I think we outplayed them up and down the ice, I give them [St. Paul’s] credit, they had a lot of effort.'

"The Crusaders answered with Ned Moreland’s stick side goal, but the Brooklandville school averted disaster. With five minutes left, back-to-back St. Paul’s penalties gave the Lakers a 5-on-3 advantage. Boys’ Latin could not make St. Paul’s pay on multiple chances to even up the score.

"St. Paul’s pulled Schweizer in the final minute of regulation, but Lakers withstood the late rush.The Crusaders’ best chance came when senior Sean Baker had a one-on-one opportunity with 58 seconds remaining, but shot wide right.

“'They whole time was just thinking I know that they’re not going to come a lot, but when they do they’re come hard,' said Laker junior goalie Danny Murphy (16 saves). “We did a job of controlling the puck and when they did get those two goals they came hard at the net.'

"It was a fitting end between the rivals. Boys’ Latin claimed a pair of one-goal decisions during the regular season.

"Friday, the third time was charm.

“'We’ve been clicking all year and we came to the side and said let’s get it done and we did,' said Koch."

The scores were BL 3 (1 Koch at 12:39, 1 Pavo at 9:37, and 1 Lichtenauer at 9:38) and St. Paul’s 2 (1 Meyers at 9:09, 1 Moreland at 7:06, 0). 

Theater Arts Visits Center Stage





Yesterday, our freshmen Fine Art Foundation theater students visited Center Stage where they took a back stage tour, met the heads of each department, and then saw the play, Gleam.  Last week in the Sheridan Studio, this class enjoyed our second, guest artist lecture presented by Gavin Lawrence from the Gleam cast. For one solid hour, Mr. Lawrence discussed his life in the theatre, his craft as an actor, and his experience in Gleam.

Two Outstanding Student Athletes

Congratulations to Greg Pyke and Brandon Cherry who have committed to play football at University of Georgia and Johns Hopkins, respectively.  On Wednesday, the boys’ families and members of the football team gathered at the Alumni House when Greg and Brandon signed their official letters of intent.  In their college choices, both boys have been able to combine their passion for football with a challenging academic experience.

Varsity Ice Hockey B Conference Championship Set

#2 seed St. Paul’s vs. #1 seed Boys’ Latin

Friday, February 10th at 4pm, Piney Orchard in Laurel

Admission is $8.00. Stay tuned for details regarding a student fan bus.

BL Dominates at Ivy League Model UN Conference – Special Thanks to Our Seniors

The Boys’ Latin Model United Nations (MUN) team traveled to the esteemed Ivy League Model United Nations Conference in Philadelphia last weekend. With 12 of 20 team members who are seniors, the conference marks the last event for seniors, many of whom were the original BL Model UN founders three years ago.  Congratulations go to senior Joey Ernest who led the team and earned an Honorable Mention portraying the role of Cleobulus in the Peloponnesian League as part of a Joint Crisis Committee focusing on relations between Athens and Sparta.

BL featured two members in Crisis Committees (Joey Ernest and Bobby Norman) and represented the countries of Poland and Burkina Faso in the General Assembly and Specialized Committees.  Headmaster Post attended the second day of the conference and commented:  “Saw our boys seek 'world domination' …Great to see them debating, coalition building, creatively forming alliances and solving problems. We also had two Lakers in historical simulations, and they were very much in the middle of things.  Twelve seniors and Mr. McDonald started Model UN three years ago. Great to see the way it's grown.”

 Over the past three years, the club has grown from 12-20 members, attended a total of three different conferences, and received a total of five awards.  An integral part of the growth and success of the club has been the leadership of senior members and the continued support from the Parents and Alumni Association.  Many thanks to all involved!

Middle School Robotics Team enjoys success in FIRST FLL State Championship

Congrats to the FLL Robotics participants for Saturday's success at the FLL State Championships.  They did a fantastic job in all parts of the competition including their project piece, Jeopardy; a discussion about their robot design and programming; a discussion of their core values; and the final robotic competition.  During each of the discussion/presentation sessions, the ten boys held exclusive 15 minute discussions with judges and the BL coaches were not allowed to speak.  WOW!  When challenged by the Core Value judges to build the tallest structure that could hold a bottle of water for five seconds (without talking), they were the first group to complete the challenge. 

The team bested their 115 top robot challenge score from qualifiers last week twice with scores of 117 and 139.  Their score of 139 was a perfect mission with the robot completing each of the tasks selected by the boys.  Their scores put them approximately 20th out of 74 team for the robotic missions.  The 2:30 minute video is found at:!i=1691368018&k=5MrPx83&lb=1&s=A

The highlight of the day was when the boys were awarded the 2nd place trophy for "Gracious Professionalism", one of the core values of the FLL program!! 

The growing photo album will help to clarify the day!!i=1691403977&k=3DkwFFW

Congrats again to the hard-working group of boys!  Here is a short list of their accomplishments in the last two weeks:

  • Two days before qualifiers the team realize that their robot(s) were illegal.  They combined four robots into one!
  • Team wins the Project Presentation piece at qualifiers and is second place overall which sends them to States.
  • On Monday after qualifiers, the boys decide to redesign each of their attachment systems and reprogram each mission.
  • On Thursday, two days before States, the boys learn how to combine all their programs into one, allowing a touch sensor to be used to switch between programs.
  • The boys are the first to complete the "secret challenge" during their Core Values time.
  • During their first of two practice runs on the official tables on Saturday, the boys find that the florescent lights were too bright, rendering their light sensor inoperable.  This would have been devastating since three out of four of their missions relied on the light sensor.  In ten minutes, the boys retrofit their robot with a light shield.  Without testing the final design, the boys enter their first official round and the new shield works well.
  • Perfect mission (with the tasks the boys selected to run) and their best score of 139 at States.  Places them approximately 20th out of 74 teams in the robotic competition piece.
  • Team receives the 2nd place "Gracious Professionalism" award.
BL Shines at Overlea Invitational Wrestling Tournament

The Boys' Latin Varsity Wrestling Team ventured to Overlea High School Friday and Saturday to participate in the 25th annual Overlea Invitational Wrestling Tournament. The Lakers entered 12 competitors in the 23 team tournament, and finished an impressive third overall versus other tough and experienced teams.

Four BL wrestlers, Colton Haugh, Hunter Cotsoradis, Rocco Bruno, and team captain George Rice advanced to the semi -final round. Three of those four, Hunter, Rocco, and George moved on to the final round. Two BL grapplers secured top honors, Rocco Bruno and George Rice, by winning their respective weight classes. Frankie Johnson and Evan Dohler wrestled back to place 3rd  and 5th in their weight divisions.

It was a great weekend of wrestling for the Lakers, as they prepare for their final month of Miaa competition.  The first photo shows the place winners from the tournament, standing from left to right:  Frankie Johnson - 3rd place 120 lbs., Colton Haugh - 6th place 106 lbs., Rocco Bruno - 1st place 152 lbs., Hunter Cotsoradis - 2nd place, 113 lbs., George Rice - 1st place, 160 lbs., Evan Dohler - 5th place, 170 lbs, plus Captain Eric Simmons in the center.  The second photo shows “our circle of life, circle of wrestling.”  Coach Haugh commented:  "Just look at our guys in their ‘circle of wrestling’, intently listening to their head lioness, Angie Bruno (Rocco's Mom), inspiring them to do their very best when the action resumes.”

Coach summed up the weekend by saying “How great it was to be so successful as a team, capturing 3rd place in such a big tournament.  What is really so satisfying and rewarding to us as coaches is to watch our kids during a short break in what is a very long weekend. The bonding that goes on is like no other sport.  It’s a tight knit, supportive bunch of boys and parents.  This circle photo says it all about BL, and what a special place it is!"

Four BL Students Selected to Perform with Virginia Tech Honor Band
Last weekend, four BL students (Josh Smith - 9th grade Percussion, Torrin Stokes -  11th grade Alto Saxophone, Joe Shortt - 6th grade French Horn and Grant Iodice - 7th Grade Trombone) attended the annual Virginia Tech Honor Band.  These young men were among 500 musicians selected from a pool of 1300 students, based on teacher recommendations.  They auditioned and were placed in one of five 100 piece bands.  Joe was one of the youngest students at the event, and Grant was seated as 1st chair in his section.