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All-boys education

For 175 years, we have created an environment where boys can succeed academically, develop deep personal relationships, and become men of courage, integrity, and compassion.
An all-boys education:
"I believe that the education of boys – and the formation of young men – has never been more important." Chris Post, Headmaster 

Research shows that the best education for boys happens when they are directly engaged in their learning. Because of this, our educational philosophy centers on hands-on, experiential learning. Our curriculum is tailored to reflect how boys think and learn. Helping boys to understand the “whys” rather than simply the “hows” behind lessons allows the material to come to life, which ultimately increases engagement and learning. The outcomes speak for themselves: Boys’ Latin graduates attend top colleges and universities across the country and go on to become scientists, engineers, writers, business leaders, social workers, teachers, artists, lawyers, and much more.

World-class faculty:
Our faculty are experts in teaching boys; they focus on what is best for boys in the classroom, in interpersonal relationships, and in every part of their day. Research has shown that the relationship between students and teachers is directly linked to students’ academic and social development. Our faculty work hard to get to know each boy and develop deep personal relationships. The trust and mutual respect created between students and teachers gives each boy the confidence to take risks, challenge himself in and out of the classroom, and reach his full potential.

We live by our motto: Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather than to seem). Our motto inspires each boy to strive to be his best, ensuring that what he says is what he does.
We teach our boys that they have an ability and an obligation to foster healthy relationships.  Beginning with our youngest learners, we intentionally focus on teaching the skills of empathy and compassion.  We create age-appropriate instruction for our boys to provide the greatest learning opportunities, including a formalized advisory and seminar program.  We work with the Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) group to provide the most up-to-date information on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Additionally, in working in partnership with the One Love Foundation, we continue to focus on the need for boys to develop and nurture healthy relationships with mutual respect, culminating in our annual, school-wide One Laker │One Love Day.

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