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All-Boys Education

All-boys Means Whole Boys

 At Boys’ Latin, we prepare our boys for the future by preparing them to be a voice for positive change.

All boys means whole boys. At Boys’ Latin you will be challenged to be multidimensional - not just a scholar or an artist or an athlete, but all of these and more. You will be fully engaged in your learning through the hands-on activities, competition, and teamwork we know will capture your interest and drive your growth.

Here, you own your role in fostering healthy relationships. We created the first One Love Club in the nation and have seen it grow to be one of our most popular groups. You will cultivate the important skills and qualities that society too often discourages in young men - like the freedom to express emotion, to be a voice in your community,  or even just to participate enthusiastically in class. At Boys’ Latin these aren’t just expectations, they are the norm. They are the hallmark of both the boys we teach and of the men they become.

Experts in all-boys education

Research shows that the best education for boys happens when you are directly engaged in your learning and our educational philosophy centers on hands-on, experiential learning that involves action and movement. Our curriculum is tailored to reflect how you think and learn, helping you to understand the “whys” rather than just the “hows” in your lessons, which increases your engagement in your learning.

Our faculty are experts in teaching boys; they focus on what is best for boys inside and outside the classroom. They work hard to get to know each boy and develop deep personal relationships. The trust and respect between you and your teachers will give you the confidence to take risks, challenge yourself, and reach your full potential.

One Love Club

Boys’ Latin was the first school in the country to create a One Love Club and work in partnership with the One Love Foundation.  The club strives to educate students on the importance of healthy relationships, to help boys identify the warning signs of relationship violence, and, most important, to empower boys and young men to make a difference in their lives and the lives of other students. 

For the second year in a row Boys’ Latin has been named HERO Certified School by the One Love Foundation. Active throughout the year, the club culminates the year with their annual School-wide One Laker │One Love Day; the entire school participates in age-appropriate activities throughout the day.

Resources on All-Boys Education

The International Boys' Schools Coalition is a nonprofit organization of schools dedicated to the education and development of boys worldwide. Boys’ Latin’s Headmaster, Chris Post is part of the leadership team and currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

We invite you to read the following article written by Headmaster Chris Post. 

Face it Boys’ Learn Differently than girls, and that’s ok! 

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