"An all-boys' education is more relevant now than ever before." - Headmaster Christopher J. Post

Boys learn best by doing. That's why we focus on experiential, hands-on learning that appeals to different senses, involves action and movement, and produces tangible outcomes. A prime example is our trout release every spring. To learn about ecosystems, lower school students raise trout and then release their newly hatched babies into the waters of nearby Lake Roland. Click here to read more. 


A Boy-Centered Curriculum for a Fast-Changing World
Boys' Latin approach to education is purposefully single-sex.  Extensive research shows that boys learn differently from girls, and we know that boys learn best when their unique interests and distinctive talents are taken into account. For over 175 years, Boys' Latin has developed unparalleled expertise in creating a school community where boys thrive.
Boys' Latin knows how boys learn best, long ago putting into place and steadfastly advancing what's become standard expectations for boys' schools espoused by groups like the International Boys' School Coalition.
At Boys' Latin, we honor how boys think and learn. We understand boys need to know why something is important. In leveraging what motivates them, we prioritize developmentally-appropriate, hands-on experiential learning that appeals to different senses, involves action and movement, and produces tangible outcomes.

Our educational programs are tailored to help boys gain confidence in their ability to learn and grow at their own pace in becoming men of character and values. They are taught, advised and coached by faculty hired because they want to work with boys. With a student-faculty ratio of 7:1 and small class sizes, our school creates myriad opportunities for personal attention and individual interactions. Here, every boy is cherished and loved.

Boys' Latin provides an atmosphere and tailored programming for boys to explore sensitive issues; in doing so, students here are not distracted as in traditional, co-educational environments by trying to live up to the gender stereotypes so prevalent in the media and society at large.

Boys' Latin is committed to providing a stimulating, supportive and safe learning environment that encourages self-expression, a respect for a wide range of interests and talents, and active participation in academics, the arts, athletics and community service. Our students feel secure to take challenges and realize their boundless possibilities.


Even compared with the best of all-boys schools nationwide, Boys' Latin is a standout in creating a school community in which boys develop strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie with peers and teachers alike.


Founded in 1844, Boys’ Latin School of Maryland is an all-boys private school serving boys in grades K-12. World-class faculty, challenging academics, and character development remain the hallmarks of a Boys’ Latin education. The outcomes speak for themselves, Boys’ Latin graduates attend top colleges and universities and are prepared for the real world and ready to make a difference.
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