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College Counseling

College Counseling

When the time comes to begin your search for a college, our college counselors will know you well. They will understand your unique interests and gifts, and they will help you find schools that are right for you. There are more high-quality colleges than ever, and navigating the selection can be complex and confusing. Your college counselor will be with you throughout the process so that you can take the next step with confidence and success.

For some, that means an Ivy League college or large research university. For others, it’s a service academy or liberal arts college. It’s all about finding schools where you will continue to be challenged and happy. Schools where you will thrive.

Like students before you, you can go on to be a successful engineer, journalist, entrepreneur and much more. But the true mark of a Laker is that you will be yourself. Confident in who you are and ready to make your mark on the world.

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“For many students, the college search and application process can feel like a roller coaster.  Every year the roller coaster seems to get bigger, quicker and the track gets steeper.  As a counselor, what’s most rewarding is helping boys navigate all the twists and turns and encouraging them to enjoy the ride to a college where they thrive.”

Cathy Badmington Director of College Counseling

The College Process

It is our personalized approach to college counseling that allows us to be successful at helping boys find schools where they can thrive both academically and personally. Because of the size of our school, we can spend extra time with students and begin the process early.

Our counselors get to know and understand you so that they can carefully guide, support and help you develop a strong list of choices. They travel to schools nationwide throughout the year to stay apprised of new trends and programs while developing relationships with college professionals across the country.

Meet our Team

Cathy Badmington

Cathy Badmington

Director of College Counseling
Laura Serico

Laura Serico

Associate Director of College Counseling