College Counseling

Making sure our students are prepared to make the right college choice
begins the day they step on campus.


Not all decisions in life are equally important. But where you decide to go to college is one of the big ones. And that is something we take very seriously as college counselors at Boys' Latin.
From day one, our faculty sets out to get to know well each student. What interests him? What books can't he put down? Does he have a knack for the arts or athletics? What kind of a leader is he?

The depth of the faculty-student relationships built over time allows us to recognize and nurture our students' distinctive talents, which provide the framework for ultimately supporting their decisions in choosing the college that best fits them.

There is no one set path, even among our highest achievers. It is only through embracing the complete identity of a student that we can successfully guide students to select the schools that best align with his full range of interests and hopes for the future.

It's never too early to begin planning. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Cathy Badmington, Director of College Counseling

Andrew Robinson, Assistant Director of College Counseling


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  • Cathy Badmington

    Director of College Counseling
    B.A., Colby College
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  • Abigail Baker

    College Counseling Administrative Assistant
    B.A., Randolph-Macon College
    B.S.N., Johns Hopkins University
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  • Andrew Robinson

    Assistant Director of College Counseling, Eleventh Grade Dean
    B.A., Dickinson College
    M.Ed., Vanderbilt University 
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The college landscape is not what it once was. In an age where the very nature of higher education is shifting, and with more competition and high-quality choices than ever before, there is no longer a predetermined list of right schools based solely on prestige and legacy.
For many of our students, the right colleges are those that are recognized as the most competitive, including Ivy League institutions, comprehensive public universities, specialized schools like Berklee, and military academies. For others, it's smaller, lesser known colleges, like Rhodes College in Memphis and University of Redlands in California, that are increasingly educating our nation's most successful leaders in a wide range of fields and industries.

It is our job to stay apprised through college visits, professional associations, and industry conferences of the wealth of college/university choices, including those offering truly innovative approaches to higher education that widen opportunities for advanced degrees or solidify post-college careers. We are here to help students refine their search, be supportive and reduce the confusion and stress that often surround the college selection and admissions process. Our goals are clear. We seek to:

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  • Assist students and parents in more fully understanding the college selection process

  • Facilitate the college admission and financial aid application processes

  • Guide each student through the self-reflective process of identifying higher education opportunities that are best suited for him in all ways

From organizing college programs for students and parents to hosting more than 100 admission officers each fall to meeting with individual students and his parents, we are here to support you with our expertise and resources so your family can make the most informed decisions.

At Boys' Latin, the college counseling process begins informally during a student's freshman and sophomore years with more casual student sessions and parent gatherings so that we can provide early advice about college admissions. At the end of sophomore year, we invite a panel of college admission representatives to campus for a family program that begins the more formal part of the process. This is followed up early during the junior year with a Parent Information Night and the assignment of each student's individual college counselor. Just prior to the start of the senior year, we offer application workshops for students and a Senior Parent Night program. Both the student and parent events set the stage for the critical year ahead.

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In the 2014-2015 application cycle, 92% of college applications were submitted online. Similarly, the most useful college counseling resources are found online. We work with students and their parents to learn how to navigate the extraordinary number of websites and social media outlets available for those pursuing a college search.
Each individual college and university has a comprehensive website and we help students determine how best to use these resources. Additionally, we have a collection of resources in our college counseling library that includes test prep books, the most up-to-date viewbooks, course catalogs and information on financial aid and scholarships.

Our primary resource that encompasses the entire process from Grades 9-12 is Family Connection/Naviance. Here, a student and his college counselor can track his high school progress and college application process. You can also access historical information on Boys' Latin student applications and acceptances to hundreds of schools. Our office provides each family with password-protected access to this site.

In addition, Boys' Latin host representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities on its campus each year, giving students the unique opportunity to ask questions and engage face-to-face with individuals from institutions across the country. College representatives click here for our visitors' guide. 


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