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Educational Support Services


In keeping with our personalized approach to education, the Educational Support Services Program (ESS) is an integral component of our community and is accessible to every boy, from those who benefit from more support to our strongest learners who seek extra challenges. Whether you are dropping in for help on a paper or using the learning center regularly, our learning specialists are here to meet your needs. They will work with you to help you understand how you learn best, and, in doing so, they’ll help you develop the habits and skills to succeed here at Boys’ Latin, in college, and in life beyond.

ESS in the Lower School

Our lower school program focuses on skill development in core academic areas.  Acknowledging that young boys learn at different rates and that they are just starting their academic journey, the focus is fostering a solid academic foundation of skill development.

ESS in the Middle School

As students transition to middle school, the expectation for independence and self-advocacy increases.  Additionally, academic expectations grow in an age-appropriate manner and our middle school program focuses on helping students to manage these increased demands.

ESS in the Upper School

The Patrick Radebaugh Learning Center is a dedicated space in the upper school building that is staffed by two full-time learning specialists. Our upper school learning specialists focus on strategy based skills necessary for academic success, such as organization, time-management, study skills and the writing process.  

Learning Specialists

Mr. Stephen Roche

Upper School Learning Specialist

Ms. Sara Rosiak

Director of Educational Support Services, Upper School Learning Specialist, GOA Site Director

Mrs. Judith Crowley

Middle School Learning Specialist, 6th Grade Dean

Ms. Stephanie McKew

Lower School Learning Specialist