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Lower School

Lower School

As an intentionally small school, we have a deep understanding of how boys learn best. Our teachers will form a relationship with you and your family that will allow them to truly know you. How you think, what you feel , what your interests are.

You will be in a small homeroom and even smaller core academic classes, giving you an educational experience that will challenge and inspire you. You will have physical education five days a week and ample recess and outdoor time, as well as movement built into your lessons. You will be active, engaged and challenged every day.

About Our Program

Fact: boys learn best by doing. Our pedagogy is centered on hands-on experiential learning that appeals to all senses, involves action and movement and produces tangible outcomes. We raise trout to learn about ecosystems; we learn to use a compass and a map for orienteering; we search for acute and obtuse angles to photograph. We ensure every boy’s mastery of foundational concepts in reading, language arts and mathematics by having subject specialists collaborate with each classroom teacher, which allows for even individualized learning.

Little Laker Buddies

A simple program that makes a world of difference. Our kindergarten and pre-first boys are paired with a fifth grade buddy, and they meet every Friday to get to know each other. The result is both wonderful and complex. Our fifth graders rise to the occasion of being big brothers and begin to show the leadership qualities that are integral to their future experiences in the middle and upper schools. Their personal transformation is obvious as they take on the responsibility of being a role model for a little brother. And the younger boys gain so much from these friendships, for many their first with an older peer.

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All of the things that make Boys’ Latin the special place it is, begin in the lower school. Our focus on character development, small class sizes, and a supportive and caring school community are the foundation for a lower school that prepares our boys to be a voice of positive change.

Greg Schnitzlein Lower School Head

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Lower School


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Educational Support Services

Helping boys understand how they learn best.

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Inspiring boys to think critically, problem-solve and learn to be good digital citizens.

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Character Education

Purposefully keeping our core values at the forefront of all we do.

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Center for Military History

The Center for Military History is a museum, hands-on classroom and research center rolled into one.

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