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Middle School

Middle School

In middle school you will be provided with opportunities and challenges. You will see where your academic curiosity takes you, flex your creative muscles and discover talents you didn’t know you had.

Whether you are competing on the robotics team, running cross country or collaborating with your classmates to solve a challenging math problem you will be driven to become your best self.

About Our Program

Our curriculum and approach to teaching are skill development based. Your teachers will use the content of their subject areas to instill the key skills of creativity, collaboration and problem-solving that will benefit you for the rest of your life, and will guide you toward achieving your full potential.

Character development is an integral part of the Boys’ Latin curriculum and is woven through every aspect of school life. We are dedicated to instilling our core values of courage, compassion and integrity, and we have a well-crafted advisory program that will help guide you through the complexities of adolescence.

Our faculty has a genuine joy of teaching and a constant drive to do more and to do better. They will get to know you, what drives you, what books you love and your favorite part of the school day.

Our Programs

Innovation Period

The Innovation Program is one of our signature offerings. You will be challenged to imagine, tinker, compute and create.  The program marries principles of STEAM, Maker and 21st Century education and complements our exceptionally strong math and robotics programs.  But perhaps most important, you will have fun. Just ask the boys dropping eggs off the roof!

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The Boys' Latin middle school imparts that most critical ingredient for a happy, healthy, successful life: a strong sense of belonging. Our teachers are experts in engaging, relating to, and empowering middle school boys to achieve their unique, authentic potential.

Pen Vineyard Head of Middle School

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Middle School


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Inspiring boys to think critically, problem-solve, and learn to be good digital citizens.

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Character Education

Purposefully keeping our values at the forefront of all we do. 

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Student Activities

Explore a variety of clubs and discover leadership opportunities. 

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Military History Museum

The Center for Military History is a museum, hands-on classroom space, and research center rolled into one.

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