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At her core, Ms. Brown's passion for science is a product of her deep interest in how the world works. When she teaches, one is immediately aware that she is equally passionate about sparking that same fire of curiosity in her students. Whether they are dissecting squid, cataloging various arthropods, or singing songs to memorize the bones of the human body, Ms. Brown is the life in sixth grade Life Science.


Some teachers know their stuff. Our teachers really know their stuff, with more than half boasting advanced degrees. Even more, our faculty teaches with a joy that's so genuine that a joy of learning can't help but follow.
As varied as their life experiences are, our teachers all share in common an expertise in teaching boys. Because learning is viewed as a shared endeavor between teacher and student at Boys' Latin, our teachers are adept at meeting boys' distinctive needs, encouraging help-seeking while setting up carefully calibrated challenges.

All our teachers are also high achievers. We count among our faculty a Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce nominee for "Excellence in Teaching," a recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award from the University of Maryland, an American Association of Science and Technology Centers Teacher of the Year, and many more.

But these external validations are not what matter most, rather it's the indelible impact our teachers have on our students.

Given the chance, every one of our boys would eagerly talk about how their teachers take the extra time and make the extra effort to help them. How teachers reach out to them, get to know them personally, and are always available when they need them to be. How teachers inspire them to strive to be better and reach higher in achieving a true excellence they define for themselves.
Recognizing that our teachers model what it means to be lifelong learners, Boys' Latin ensures professional development opportunities for our teachers through grants, conferences and workshops. This enables our faculty to further their expertise in their individual discipline as well as the education and development of boys.

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Our teachers are adept at meeting boys' distinctive needs, encouraging help-seeking while setting up carefully calibrated challenges.



We think you'll find that these are exactly the kind of people you want teaching your son.

Lower School Faculty

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  • Joyce S. Barnett

    Lower School Administrative Assistant
    B.A., Converse College
  • Sean Barney

    Lower School Fourth Grade
    M.A., Loyola University
    B.S., Penn State
  • Brooke Berman

    Lower School Reading, Fifth Grade Mathematics & Social Studies
    B.A., Franklin and Marshall College
    M.Ed., Wilmington University
    G.C.P., Johns Hopkins University
  • Sarah Clark

    Lower School Third Grade
    M.S., Bank Street College of Education
    B.A., Principia College
  • Lauren DeVries

    Lower School Fourth Grade
    B.S., Stevenson University
    M.A.T., Goucher College
  • Terri F. Floccare

    Lower School Librarian, Special Area Department Chair
    B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College
    M.S., The Johns Hopkins University
  • Shirelle Flowers

    Lower School Counselor
    B.A., University of Buffalo
    M.S.W., University of Buffalo
  • Amy Hale

    Lower School Nurse
    B.S.N, Stevenson University
  • Pamela Hamm

    Lower School Technology Coordinator
    M.Ed., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (Middle Secondary Instruction)
    M.Ed., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (Educational Psychology)
    B.S., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  • Ruth Hurley

    Lower School Third Grade
    B.S., Clemson University
    M.A., Towson University
  • Ann Jung

    Lower School Second Grade, Primary Grades Department Chair
    B.S., University of Delaware
    M.Ed., Goucher College
  • Ginna Kelly

    Lower School Fifth Grade
    M.Ed., Loyola University
    B.A., University of Delaware
  • Stephanie M. Lange

    Lower School Fifth Grade, Intermediate Grades Department Chair
    B.A., Loyola University Maryland
    M.S., Johns Hopkins University
  • Kate Lynch

    Lower School Reading Specialist
    B.A., Mount Saint Mary's University
    M.S., Loyola University Maryland

  • Janet Maisel

    Library Assistant for Lower, Middle and Upper Schools
    B.S., University of Maryland, College Park
  • Shara Manning

    Lower School First Grade
    B.S., Syracuse University
    M.S., Loyola University Maryland
    Orton-Gillingham trained
  • Elizabeth McClung

    Lower School Second Grade
    B.A., Marymount University
    M.Ed., University of Virginia
  • Stephanie T. McKew

    Lower School Learning Specialist, Fifth Grade Reading/Language Arts
    B.A., Loyola University of Maryland
    M.Ed., Loyola University of Maryland
  • Sarah Mogliazzi

    Lower School Art
    B.F.A., Maryland Institute College of Art
    MAT., Maryland Institute College of Art
  • Doug Nicholas

    Lower School Physical Education
    B.A., Gettysburg College
    M.A., University of Delaware
  • Kimberlee Pierce

    Lower School Reading Specialist
    B.A., Loyola University Maryland
    M.S., McDaniel College
  • Donald L. Rickels

    Lower School Physical Education
    B.S., West Chester University
  • Aaron D. Sloboda

    Lower School Science
    B.A., Skidmore College
    M.S., Jones International University
  • Susan Schindler

    Lower School Kindergarten
    BFA, Syracuse University
    MAT, Goucher College
  • Greg Schnitzlein

    Head of Lower School
    B.S., Bradley University
    M.Ed., Loyola University Maryland
  • Patrick Shepherd

    Lower School Second Grade & Varsity Ice Hockey Head Coach
    M.Ed., Loyola University
    B.A, Wheeling Jesuit University
  • Barbara H. Starkey

    Lower School Pre-first Grade
    B.S., University of Maryland
    M.Ed., Towson University
  • Elizabeth A. Wilson

    Lower School Music
    B.M., Western Michigan University
    M.S., Towson University
    Dalcroze, Orff Kodaly Certificate, Towson University
    M.M. Equivalency, Peabody Conservatory
  • Elisa Windsor

    Lower School Spanish
    B.A, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Middle School Faculty

List of 25 items.

  • Kathy L. Anderson

    Middle & Upper School Music, Fine and Performing Arts Department Chair
    B.M., Westminster Choir College
  • Demond L. Baine

    Middle School Dean of Students, Middle & Upper School Art
    B.F.A., Truman State University
    M.F.A., The University of the Arts
  • Cassidy Belz

    Middle School Counselor
    B.A., University of Kansas
    M.A., University of Kansas
  • Susan Brown

    Middle School Science
    B.A., Goucher College
    M.Ed., Loyola University Maryland
  • Judy Crowley

    Middle School Learning Specialist
    BA, Gettysburg College
    M. Ed., Loyola College
  • Bonnie J. Cummins

    Middle School Administrative Assistant
  • Justin Fitch '05

    Middle School Math & Varsity Wrestling Head Coach
    B.A., Muhlenberg College
  • Grady Gamble '07

    Middle School English
    B.A., Guilford College
  • Kevin Gonzalez

    Middle School Spanish
    B.A., Colgate University
  • Eric Hanson

    Middle School Librarian
    B.A., St. Mary's College of Maryland
    M.S., Towson University
  • Ryan Hopkins

    Middle School History
    B.A., Lynchburg College
    M.A., Loyola University Maryland
  • Rob Howard

    Middle School History
    B.A., University of Delaware
    M.A., DePaul University 
    M.S. Ed, University of Pennsylvania
  • Kirk Maggio

    Middle School Art
    B.A., UCLA
  • Janet Maisel

    Library Assistant for Lower, Middle and Upper Schools
    B.S., University of Maryland, College Park
  • Annemarie Merow

    Director of Academic Technology, Middle School Technology Coordinator
    B.A., Franklin and Marshall College
  • R. Brandon Mollett '94

    Head of Middle School
    B.A., Middlebury College
    M.A., Middlebury College
  • Donald T. Newman

    Middle School Science, Math & Latin
    B.M.E., Georgia Institute of Technology
    M.B.A, Babson College
  • Helen Potter

    Middle School English, Grade Leader 6th
    B.A., Loyola University Maryland
    M.S., Loyola University Maryland
  • Andrew Ritter

    Middle School History
    M.S., West Virginia University
    B.A., Colgate University

  • Philip M. Sheehey

    Middle School Mathematics & Science, JV Basketball & Baseball Coach
    B.A., Denison University
    M.B.A., Xavier University
  • Robert V. Shriver '69

    Middle School Science
    B.S., Washington College
  • Carolyn Smith

    Middle School Science
    B.A., Davis and Elkins College
    M.A., Loyola University (in progress)
  • Matthew Stone

    Middle School English, Grade Leader 8th
    B.A., St. Mary's College of Maryland
    M.A.T., St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • Gillian Vernon

    Middle School English, Grade Leader 7th
    B.A., University of Delaware
    M.A.T., Loyola University (in progress)
  • Julia Williams

    Middle School Science
    B.S., University of Sierra Leone
    M.A., Goucher College

Upper School Faculty

List of 44 items.

  • Jack Assaf

    Upper School Science
    M.Ed., University of Notre Dame
    B.S., University of Notre Dame

  • Joseph Bailey

    Upper School Mathematics, Assistant Varsity Soccer Coach
    B.A., Wofford College
    M.S., Western Kentucky University
  • Alex Barron

    Upper School English
    B.A., Kenyon College
    M.A.T., Brown University
    M.A., Middlebury College
  • Jon Becker

    Upper School History
    B.A., Clemson University
  • Veronica Berkstresser

    Upper School Science
    B.A., Denison University
    M.Ed., Notre Dame of Maryland University
  • Theresa Burke

    Upper School Latin
    BA, Franklin & Marshall College
    MA, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Carmen Clark

    World Language Department Chair, Upper School Spanish
    B.S., Universidad Externado de Colombia
    M.S., Towson University
  • Sheri Cobb

    Upper School Science
    B.A., Goucher College
    M.S., The Johns Hopkins University
    M.A.T., The Johns Hopkins University
  • Beau Dagenais

    Upper School English, Twelfth Grade Dean
    B.A., College of the Holy Cross
    M.A., St. John's College
  • Amy Quinn Digges

    Upper School Art
    B.A., Psychology - University of Georgia
    B.A., Art and Design - Towson University
  • Stephanie Fenstermaker

    Upper School English, Tenth Grade Dean
    B.A., Pennsylvania State University, Behrend College
    M.Ed., Duquesne University
  • Marcia Flaherty

    Upper School English
    B.A., Boston College
    M.A.T., Simmons College
  • William H. Freeman III

    Upper School Science
    B.A., University of Delaware
    M.A., Johns Hopkins University
    M.A., Northwestern University
  • Andres Gonzalez-Stewart

    Upper School Spanish, Upper School Chinese (Mandarin)
    BA, Middlebury College, Environmental Economics
    MA, Middlebury College, Spanish
  • Jeffrey Hindes

    Science Department Chair, Upper School Science, Varsity Cross Country Coach
    M.S., Johns Hopkins University
    B.A., Franklin and Marshall College
  • Elizabeth Hopkins

    Upper School English
    M.A., The Bread Loaf School of English
    B.A.,  Dickinson College

  • Terry A. Howell

    Middle School & Upper School French
    B.A., Morgan State University
  • Jay M. Jenkins

    Upper School History
    M.Phil., University of Edinburgh
    M.A., Georgia State University
    B.A., Hampden-Sydney College

  • Lee McC. Kennedy '73

    Upper School History
    B.A., Washington and Lee University
    M.A., Loyola University Maryland
  • Megan T. Kenney

    Director of Counseling, Upper School Counselor
    B.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    M.S.W., University of Maryland
    Licensed Certified Social Worker, Cinical
  • Frederick C. Maisel III H '09

    Upper School History
    B.S., Towson University
  • Janet Maisel

    Library Assistant for Lower, Middle and Upper Schools
    B.S., University of Maryland, College Park
  • Teresa Malinowski

    Upper School Administrative Assistant
  • Albert McDonald

    Upper School Dean of Students, Upper School History, 
    B.A., Goucher College
    G.C., The Johns Hopkins University
    M.S., The Johns Hopkins University
  • Brian W. Mitchell

    Head of Upper School
    B.A., Colby College
    M.A., Columbia University
  • Gina Molling

    Upper School Theater Arts, Upper & Middle School Speech
    B.S., Towson University
  • Margaret Mullally

    Mathematics Department Chair, Upper School Mathematics
    B.A., Middlebury College
    M.A., Towson University
  • Matthew Pisarcik

    Lower & Middle School Band, Upper School Music
    B.M., University of Delaware
  • Rebecca Pollard

    Upper School Spanish
    M.A., College of Notre Dame of MD
    B.A.,  College of Wooster

  • Katie Reid

    Director of Digital Media, Middle School & Upper School
    B.A., Concordia University
    M.F.A., University of Baltimore (in progress)
  • Lisa Reid

    Upper School Mathematics
    B.S., Loyola University Maryland
    M.Ed., Loyola University Maryland
  • Claire Ricci

    Upper School Librarian
    B.A., Washington College
    M.S., Towson University
    M.A., University of Notre Dame of Maryland
  • Stephen Roche

    Upper School Learning Center
    B.S., Frostburg University
    M.Ed., Loyola University Maryland
  • Diane P. Rodriguez

    Upper School Science
    A.A., Community College of Baltimore County
    B.S., Towson University
    M.S., University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Sara Rosiak

    Director of Educational Support Services, Upper School Learning Specialist
    B.A., University of Richmond
    M.Ed., Loyola University Maryland
  • Ritchie Schell

    Upper School Economics, Physical Education
    B.A., Johns Hopkins University
  • John Sergeant

    Upper School Mathematics & Wrestling Coach
    B.A., Goucher College
    M.Ed., Goucher College
  • Derrick Thomas

    Upper School Technology Coordinator
    Diploma in Computer Science, College of Arts, Science and Technology, Jamaica
    B.S., University of Technology, Jamaica
    B.S., University of Maryland
    Masters of Education, University of Maryland, 2016
  • Kristen Tubman

    Upper School Spanish, Community & Global Programs Coordinator
    B.A., College of the Atlantic
    M.A., Universidad de Granada
  • Sam Voso

    Upper School English
    B.A., Towson University
    M.A.T., Towson University
  • Elanor West

    Upper School Math
    M.S., Johns Hopkins University
    B.S.,  Johns Hokins University

  • Eric Whitehair

    Upper School History
    B.A., McDaniel College
    M.A., Johns Hopkins University
  • Clayton Willets

    Upper School History
    M.A., University of Vermont
    B.A.,  University of Vermont

  • Richard T. Zielaskiewicz

    Upper School Mathematics
    B.A., Pitzer College
    School for International Training, Cairns, Australia
    M.S., Towson University


The Boys' Latin School of Maryland is the state's oldest, non-sectarian all-boys private school for students in grades K - 12. We provide a rich and rigorous academic program that prepares students to attend top colleges and provides them with the skills and confidence they need to be successful in the 21st century.
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