Upper School - Private High School in Maryland


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Upper School

Upper School

The upper school academic program is designed so you will not only master critical foundational academic skills, but be provided with the tools to think critically, approach complex issues and problems with a clear perspective and become an inquisitive learner. 

As a small school, we are able to make changes and updates to our program every year so that we can meet your needs. Using the latest research in all-boys education we ensure that you will be challenged while learning to collaborate and expand your creativity. 

Our Program

Our robust, multifaceted program offers more than 40 honors and AP courses in all disciplines, as well as numerous electives. You will find a wealth of academic opportunities that will challenge you and pique your curiosity.

Your academic advisors will guide you every step of the way. They will help you choose the best academic schedule and chart your goals. And when you get ready to leave our grounds, your college counselors will understand your interests and gifts and will help you find schools that are right for you. Whether you want a small liberal arts college or a large research university, a service academy or the Ivy League, it’s about finding schools where you will continue to be challenged and happy.  Schools where you will thrive.

At Boys’ Latin, there is space for many leaders rather than a few. Whether you are the captain of the It’s Academic team or the volleyball team, leading a club or playing in the Jazz Ensemble, your contributions will be valued by all.  



Our ninth graders use neuroscience and the science of learning to help boys uncover how they learn.  At Boys' Latin, you will come to understand how you learn best so that you can reach your full academic potential. As a ninth grader, you will take part in a program called BL Building Learners, where you will learn how your brain processes, stores and organizes information and how you learn most efficiently. This knowledge will help you succeed not only during your time at Boys' Latin but in college and beyond school.


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The Boys’ Latin upper school is a place for boys who want to contribute, embrace challenges in the classroom, and grow. Our program is both robust and nimble as we balance academic growth with social and emotional wellness. We value the unique characteristics that each student brings to our community.

Brian Mitchell Head of Upper School

Our Programs

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Upper School


Co Curricular Activities

At Boys’ Latin you are encouraged to pursue new interests and talents. Our schedule is intentionally designed to allow you to participate in sports, music, clubs or service without conflict. And because we are a small school,  there is space for many leaders rather than a few.

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Our technology program inspires boys to think critically, problem-solve and learn to be good digital citizens. 

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Character Education

Purposelly keeping our values at the forefront of all we do. 

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Student Activities

Explore a wide variety of clubs and discover leadership opportunities.

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Learn what it takes to break down a problem, innovate solutions, persist and collaborate.

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