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Program Highlights

Boys' Latin is a small school by design, which creates countless opportunities.  Unlike larger schools where students compete for limited spots on teams, in plays, or within student government, we create space.  Here, you will have space to pursue your passions, explore new talents and you will have countless leadership opportunities.  Below we have highlighted a few of our programs and philosophies to give you a snapshot of some of the experiences you can have at Boys’ Latin. Because we believe a life changing experience goes beyond the classroom. 

Robotics is Out of this World

Boys’ Latin robotics begins in first grade and continues through upper school. At all levels, it is more than bolts and lines of code; you learn to break down a problem, innovate solutions, persist and collaborate. The program is carefully designed to create a smooth transition between divisions and students can begin to compete as early as third grade.  The result is that our team is highly successful, our upper school robotics team (The Lumberjacks) has participated in five world championships and been ranked as high as fourth in the world. 

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inspiring creativity  

Students in all divisions participate in visual and performing arts and showcase their talents in our concerts, art shows and performances.  In fine arts classes, boys get their hands dirty and fire their imaginations by painting, drawing, printmaking, collage-making, ceramics and graphic design. Musical opportunities abound. Boys can learn instruments, join the band or jazz ensemble, play hand chimes, sing in choirs and showcase their talents in our winter and spring concerts. There is opportunity for creative expression through our four annual productions and drama classes.

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A Winning Tradition

Over the years, BL has earned over 60 championships in eight different sports. But it's not just the titles and awards that make BL athletes stand out, it’s the grit, teamwork, and sportsmanship our athletes display on and off the field.  And our Laker spirit is unmatched. To say that most schools have a great student section may be true, but the Boys’ Latin student section is a strong symbol of community. Attend any BL sporting event, and you will witness a sea of students in maroon & white, supporting and cheering on fellow classmates.

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lights, camera, action!

In our video production classes, students learn conceptualizing, filming, editing and storytelling, using creativity, ingenuity and a lot of collaboration. The semester ends with the students producing an episode for BLTV. Episodes are filled with segments highlighting life on Lake Avenue, interviews with faculty and students, key programs and even commercials. Take a look at the opening of the most recent show. 



Maroon & White Day

In the spring of every year, each division comes together for its own Maroon & White Day - a spirited field day full of friendly competition. From the egg toss to tug-of-war to the classic dodgeball game, it is a day for the boys to compete with one another in the tradition of winning the day for your team. As everyone participates, it's no surprise that Maroon & White Days are annual highlights and among the most cherished memories for all our boys.

Innovation Period

The middle school Innovation Period capitalizes on a boy’s natural inclination for tinkering, designing, building, and creating because we know that's how boys learn best. Middle schoolers engage in  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). What sounds better than coming to school and playing with power tools, building robots, throwing things off the roof, animating your own cartoons, or designing roller coasters? During our Innovation Period, students have the opportunity to do all of those things and much more.

Laker Buddies

The uniquely Boys’ Latin sense of community is personified in our Laker Buddy Program that pairs older students with younger students. In our Little Laker Buddy Program, fifth graders are matched with kindergarten and pre-first students.   Our fifth-grade boys rise to the occasion of being big brothers and begin to show the leadership. Upper schoolers are paired with lower school students to serve as big-brother role models. Whether helping them with their homework, spending time on the playground or sharing stories, you can bet that they are building bonds that last a lifetime.

clubs, clubs and more clubs

Boys in all three divisions can participate in our robust clubs program. Lower schoolers can try chess or BINGO, head to the music room for a rock session, master the perfect paper airplane or scooter around campus. There’s a club for everyone in the middle school, from learning guitar to cooking to solving math puzzles. Upper schoolers can participate in student government, compete in Model UN, participate in our diversity club or even invent a club of their own! 

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Public Speaking

Our speech program is a long-standing Boys’ Latin tradition. Beginning with our youngest learners and continuing through twelfth grade, our program is designed to help boys become confident public speakers and eloquent storytellers. This culminates with Senior Speeches, where in front of their peers, faculty and parents, the boys deliver powerful oratories that tell personal stories and reflect on their experiences.