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"The decision to send our son to private school was a difficult one. The decision to send our son to BL, however, was a very easy one. No feeling like knowing the school we chose for our son is a perfect fit for him."
-Diana Hegmann, Mom to Hunter, BL Upper Schooler, Class of 2021.


Boys' Latin is committed to being an inclusive community reflecting a broad economic mix. In 2017-18, the School awarded approximately $4 million in financial aid to over 300 qualifying students. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the Boys' Latin education is accessible to a diverse group of talented students who enrich our community in multifaceted ways.
At Boys' Latin, we believe that each family has an obligation to finance their son's education to the extent they're able. Beyond this, the Financial Aid Committee determines award amounts based on demonstrated financial need. The committee makes this determination after carefully reviewing and analyzing each PFS (Parents' Financial Statement) and other financial information submitted by the family, which must be newly submitted each year in order to be considered for financial aid.

We're here to make the entire admissions process, including securing financial aid and scholarships as easy as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Sean D. Kriebel, Assistant Headmaster and Chief Financial Officer


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  • $21,220

  • $26,190

    GRADES 1-5
  • $28,720

    GRADES 6-8
  • $30,530

    GRADES 9-12


New families should check the box on their admissions application to indicate that they are interested in receiving a financial aid packet or scholarship information. Current Boys' Latin families already receiving financial aid will automatically receive a financial aid packet and do not need to contact the Admissions Office. Current families not receiving financial aid should contact the Admissions Office to request a financial aid packet.

If your son is applying to more than one school, completing one PFS will suffice as long as all of the schools your son is applying to use the School and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools as their financial aid service provider. Please note that you must indicate on the PFS that your son is applying to Boys' Latin in order for the School to be able to access your financial information through SSS. Boys' Latin's School Code Number is 1786.

You need to submit only one PFS per household. Part B of the PFS allows you to list multiple applicants. If after submitting your PFS, you want to add an additional applicant, you can revise your PFS online to include the additional applicant. Please note that you may also need to make a change to item #19A in part E regarding the number of children who will be attending tuition-charging schools.

In cases of separation or divorce, both parents must submit a separate PFS and other financial information to SSS. If either parent has remarried, Boys' Latin will consider the financial resources of the entire household.

The Financial Aid Committee will send written notification of decisions to new applicants to the school on February 21, 2019. Financial aid awards will be mailed to returning financial aid students on or around April 12, 2019.


Boys' Latin is proud to offer the following scholarship opportunities to qualifying boys in the middle and upper schools each year.

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  • The Otis Read Scholarship

    The Otis Read Scholarship was established through the generosity of a Boys' Latin benefactor to honor Otis B. Read '55, who served as Head of Middle School at BL for 33 years and a combined 50 years as a BL teacher, coach and advisor. The Read Scholarship of $8,000 is awarded to new middle school students who reflect Mr. Read's commitment to boys of great promise, character and contribution. Winners are selected on the basis of high academic achievement, strong personal integrity and outstanding involvement in the life of the community.
  • The Legacy Scholarship

    The Legacy Scholarship was established through the generosity of Boys' Latin benefactors to establish endowments for tuition assistance.The Legacy Scholarship is awarded to new upper school students. Awardees are selected on the basis of academic achievement, strong character and integrity, outstanding involvement in the life of the community, and, in most cases, demonstrated need.

    Both Read and Legacy Scholarships are renewable each year contingent upon the student maintaining high academic performance and exhibiting strong character. Award winners are also eligible for summer enrichment programs, as well as the School's broader leadership development and mentoring opportunities.

    Those interested in applying need to notify the Admissions Office of their interest and submit their completed school admissions application by December 15th. Finalists will be selected for campus interviews in late January and award winners will be announced on February 21st.
  • Named Scholarships

    Each year a number of upper school students are selected to be Named Scholars who receive financial support from funds established by or in the name of long-time supporters and friends of Boys' Latin. Most of the 70 Named Scholars are recipients of need-based financial aid. Some receive merit awards. All Named Scholars must have applied for financial aid.


The Boys' Latin School of Maryland is the state's oldest, non-sectarian all-boys private school for students in grades K - 12. We provide a rich and rigorous academic program that prepares students to attend top colleges and provides them with the skills and confidence they need to be successful in the 21st century.
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