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Discover your voice

Through drama classes and electives (8th – 12th grades), we deepen each boy’s confidence and sense of creative expression. Act, direct, and work on the crew in our supportive “repertory-style” program in three annual productions.  Housed in a unique, modular, ‘Black Box’ theater, our theater arts program is led by talented faculty and supported by BL theater alumni interns, who create the perfect artistic incubator for creativity, imagination and risk-taking.

Public Speaking Program

Our Speech program – a long-standing Boys’ Latin tradition – develops confident public speakers and eloquent story tellers. Drama and English faculty work with each middle school student and seniors to create, write, revise and present an original speech on a boy-selected topic.

Each week, a dozen live speeches are presented to the entire middle school and upper school, bringing us together as a community in the simple, impactful act of supporting each other.