Summer by the Lake

Summer may feel a little different this year, but Boys' Latin has you covered with our virtual summer experience, Summer by the Lake! Join us for the month of July for a variety of unique virtual enrichment courses taught by BL faculty, geared towards boys and girls of all ages. Whether you want to review your Spanish skills, build your own roller coaster, or go on a time traveling adventure, Summer by the Lake will bring the fun for your summer! 
Each course runs every day for one week throughout the summer. Please check course descriptions for individual class times. The cost of each class is $200, and a few classes have a small supply fee of between $10 and $25. In the event that a program is canceled due to low registration numbers, Boys' Latin will provide a full refund. Please contact Pam Hamm with any questions 

Virtual Summer Classes for ages 5-9

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  • Around the World in 5 Days

    July 13-17, 9am - 10am

    Taught by: Ann Jung, BL Lower School Second Grade, Primary Grades Department Chair
    Ages: 5-9

    Join us for a series of virtual field trips! Each day, participants will take off on a new adventure somewhere new on the globe! Get ready for stories, movement, songs, educational videos, crafts, virtual trips, directed drawing, and other theme-related activities. Students will need access to basic school/craft supplies to fully participate.
  • Lost at Sea

    July 6-10, 9am - 10am

    Taught by: Shara Manning, Lower School First Grade

    Ages: 5-9

    Come along on a virtual excursion and get lost at sea! This cross curricular simulation will emphasize reading, writing, and STEM as we figure out how to survive! How will we pass the time? Will we make it off the island??? Jump on our boat and see where we end up!!
  • Lunch Bunch and Storytime (Mrs. Schindler)

    July 6-10, 12 pm - 1 pm

    Taught by: Sue Schindler, BL Lower School Kindergarten
    Ages: 5-9

    Eat lunch, listen to a story, and play quiet time games with Mrs. Schindler and her special guests.

  • Underwater Adventures

    July 13-17, 1 pm - 2 pm

    Taught by: Susan Brown, BL Middle School Science
    Ages: 5-9

    There is an additional fee of $20 to cover the cost of supplies. 

    Ahoy matey! Take an underwater journey to explore what lives in the ocean while creating sealife crafts!

Virtual Summer Classes for Ages 14-18

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  • Careers Up Close

    July 13-17, 1pm - 2pm

    Taught by: Sarah Clark, BL Faculty
    Ages: 14-18

    Wondering what the future holds for you? In this course, students will hear from a variety of people in different careers:

    Monday, July 13th: Gera Sneller: Dutch Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Austin Paley Tech/ Software Integration/ Entrepreneur/ Video Gamer from NYC
    Tuesday, July 14th Hedde Lundgren Covid Nurse from Sweden and Steve Hollingworth President and CEO of Grameen Bank, Microcredit
    Wednesday, July 15th Colleen Richards Powell: Director of Corporate Citizenship and Diversity, MFS and Doug Floccare: Director of MD State Aeromedical 
    Thursday, July 16th James Cott NY Federal Magistrate Judge and Lillian Sparks Robinson: Former Commissioner of  the Administration for Native American under Obama and CEO of Wopila Consulting 
    Friday, July 17th Ben Swire: Lead at IDEO a Design and Innovation Company in  NYC

  • Dismantle and Discover how things work

    July 13-17, 11am - 12pm

    Taught by: Eric Hanson, Middle School Librarian

    Ages: 14-18

    Want to know how things work? Why do the lights come on when you flip a switch? How does a car run? What makes that fan spin? We will take a look at things you encounter in daily life, dismantle them and discover how and why they do what they do.
  • Macromolecules and Viruses

    July 27 - 31, 9 am - 10:30 am

    Taught by Jeff Hindes, Science Department Chair, Upper School Science Teacher
    Ages 14-18 

    In this course, students will explore how biological macromolecules behave and interact. Hands-on activities performed at home will allow students to extract DNA from strawberries, denature the proteins found in egg whites, and visualize how soap helps to combat viruses such as COVID-19 

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  • Think Outside the Box!

    July 13 - 17 and July 20-24,  10 am - 11:30 am

    Taught by: Rich Zielaskiewicz, BL Upper School Mathematics
    Ages: 14-18

    Come stretch your thinking muscles by exploring brain teasers, puzzles, and room escapes! Students will be asked to think unconventionally, creatively, and form new perspectives in order to problem-solve in a cooperative and enjoyable setting.

Virtual Summer Classes for ages 10-13

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  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    July 6-10 and July 27-31, 11 am - 12 pm

    Taught by: Pamela Hamm, BL Lower School Technology Coordinator
    Ages: 10-13

    AI technology in the home is no longer an imagined vision of the future; technology, like Siri and Amazon Echo, as well as other “smart” devices for the home, are a common in peoples’ daily lives. Students will analyze the place of AI technology in daily life, learn the 5 Big Ideas of AI, and discuss the algorithmic bias that may exist. They will also explore virtual AI software, robots, and the neural networks of machine learning programs.
  • Avatar, The Last Airbender

    July 27-31,  9 am - 11 am

    Taught by: Sean Barney, BL Lower School Fourth Grade
    Ages: 10-13

    In this cross-curricular adventure, students will complete edible experiments, create earth science art, learn a little bit of yoga, and explore the cultures that inspired the hit animated series 
    Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Cybersecurity Encryption Lab

    July 13-17, 11 am - 12 pm

    Taught by: Pamela Hamm,  BL Lower School Technology Coordinator
    Ages: 10-13

    Do you have what it takes to be a cybersecurity agent? In this course, students will cooperatively use their critical thinking, puzzle solving, evidence gathering, and communication skills— all while working as a team to determine potential solutions to a variety of complex scenarios.
  • Intro to Photoshop

    July 20-24, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

    Taught by: Katie Reid, BL Director of Digital Media, Middle School & Upper School
    Ages: 10-13

    Become master of your universe by unlocking the powers of Photoshop! Learn the basics of photo manipulation, explore real-life examples of how people use Photoshop professionally, and discuss the ethics of altering images.
  • Photography Challenge

    July 6 -10, 2 pm - 3 pm

    Taught by: Katie Reid, BL Director of Digital Media, Middle School & Upper School
    Ages: 10-13

    Learn to see the world with new eyes in this 5-day photography challenge! Through a series of exciting tasks, you will capture the world around you and learn to find amazing pictures in the most ordinary places. Access to a phone camera or digital camera needed.
  • Robotics Design and Programming

    July 20-24 12 pm - 1 pm and July 27-31 10 am - 11 am

    Taught by: Pamela Hamm, BL Lower School Technology Coordinator
    Ages: 10-13

    In this course, students will send a drone to a new planet to collect data that will help them determine whether or not human life can be sustained there. They will use the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 as the platform for simulating the mission. Through the engineering design process, students will learn to code using the EV3-G programming language to achieve the goals of the mission.
  • Rocking Roller Coaster

    July 13-17, 9 am - 11 am

    Taught by: Susan Brown, BL Middle School Science 
    Ages: 10-13

    There is an additional fee of $10 to cover the cost of supplies. 

    Who hasn't dreamed about building their own roller coaster? Now's your chance! In this course, students will create their own monster coaster for a marble to travel down. There were be an additional fee of $10 for a supply kit. 
  • Summer Escape!

    July 20-24, 11 am - 12 pm 
    Ages 10-13 

    Taught bt Pam Hamm, BL Lower School Technology Coordinator

    Come escape your room and challenge yourself this summer by exploring brain teasers, puzzles, digital scavenger hunts, and breakout room escapes! Students will be asked to think unconventionally, creatively, and form new perspectives in order to problem-solve both independently and collaboratively in these team-building and social activities.

  • The Cay Summer Reading Series

    July 6 -10, 9 am - 10 am

    Taught by: Stephanie McKew, BL Lower School Learning Specialist, Fifth Grade Reading/Language Arts
    Ages: Rising 6th Grade ONLY

    Read The Cay, one of the required summer reading books for rising Boys' Latin 6th graders, as a group with discussions, reflection of the plot, character analysis, and overall themes. Rich in dialect and character development, The Cay is a wonderful book to read as a group. Additionally, it offers opportunities to link literature to our current struggles and bridge building in anti-racism; this course offers many opportunities for personal growth as a reader.


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