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Congratulations to our 2022-2023 award recipients! They have excelled in the classroom, challenged themselves, demonstrated creativity, and, most importantly, lived the School's values of courage, compassion and integrity.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS                                                                

National Honor Society Spring 2022 Inductees (see list below*)          

State Merit Scholastic Award: Jacob Pacheco '23, Seth Taylor '23, Ben Thomas '23 & Caleb Woodlon '23

Visual Art Award: Raife Herling '26

Packard Music Award:  Parker Jones '23

Theater Arts Award:  Eric Heider '24, Logan Hollins '25 & Lee Warnack '25

Ann Irons’ Student Director: Jackson Brant '23                                                            

Ralph E. Marquiss, Jr. ’73 Award: Jack Kappus '24

Maroon and White Award: Tyler Owings '23

Excellence in French: Jake Jones '25

Excellence in Spanish: Noah Jones '23                  

Claude Talmadge King Award: Jackson Brant '23                                                        

Excellence in Physics: Jacob Pacheco '23

The John Cameron Freund ’79 Award: Jacob Pacheco '23

Rensselaer Medal: Jake Hutzler '24

The Boyd F. Winkelblech Award: Caleb Woodlon '23

William Pheil Award: Jack Anecharico '25

American History Award: Jack Kappus '24

History Department Award: Jackson Brant '23, Graeme Stephenson '23, Seth Taylor '23 & Caleb Woodlon '23

Ryland O. Chapman III Award: Connor Franklin '25

Sons of the American Revolution: Henry Richter '23

Curtis Carroll Davis ’34: Graeme Stephenson '23

English Writing Prowess: Jacob Pacheco '23                                                               

Love of Literature: Gavin Curtis '23 & Niko Karetsos '23

Senior Speech Award: Cole Gibson '23

Frank Chubb Technology Award: Brandon Oestreicher '23                           

First Financial Scholarship: Howard Denney '23

Zakary A. O. DeGross: Gabe Cunningham '26

Alexander K. Barton 1910 Award: Colin Kenney '24

The Donaldson School Old Boys’ Association Award for Service to the School: Charlie London '25

Socratic Award: Jack Davis '25 & HyunKyu Jang '26

Legacy Award: Caleb Woodlon '23

Jennifer Brock Award: Tyrond Manning '23

National Honor Society Spring 2022 Inductees

Seniors: Noah Jones, Sam Peake, Charlie Savadove

Juniors: Valandi Apesos, John Barrett, Fitz Cooke, Sean Crowley, Evan Dackman, Ben Gibson, William Herling, Skeet Hine, John Huber, Jake Hutzler, George Insley,  Landon Isaac, Nick Johnson, Cole Johnson, Jack Kappus, Colin Kenney, Danyaal Khan, James London, Aidan McCarthy, Micahel Oliver, Swaynee Queen, Erik Roche

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