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24 Miles in 24 Hours

Senior and upper school President Liam McClure never backs down from a challenge.  Last Saturday, Liam woke up at 3 AM, had breakfast, readied himself and was on the Carver track by 4 AM to start his run. 

Liam was determined to run one mile every hour for 24 hours.  This meant not only completing a 24-mile run but doing it on very little sleep.  Liam wanted to push himself, but more importantly, he was raising money for a toy drive that the Boys’ Latin freshman class was hosting in November. 

Throughout the 24 hours, Liam was joined by several Lakers, members of the cross-country team, students from other schools and BL teacher and cross country coach Lisa Reid.  Liam only left the track once for a quick lunch, and between 3 PM and 7 PM, it began to rain.  Tired and wet, he gained strength from students that joined him and cheered him on, and managed to complete the soggy portion of his run. 

“It was so important to have members of the BL community there supporting me,” said McClure. “I couldn’t have done it without them.” 

At 3:00 AM, Liam sprung to life for his last mile. Joined by 15-20 Laker brothers, he posted his fastest time so far. “The last mile was amazing! I ran a 5-minute mile with friends by my side.” 

Congratulations to Liam on his accomplishment, and thank you to all who supported and cheered on Liam along the way.