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BL Mock Trial Team Finds Success

BL Mock Trial Team Finds Success

The Boys’ Latin Mock Trial Team returned to court this year with significant success. Led by senior team captain Jacob Iacobovici, the team showed tremendous heart when facing more experienced opponents. 

Facing Western High School without two of their experienced lawyers, the Laker team pulled off an underdog win with newcomers Jared Forchheimer ‘25 and Asa Bergander ‘26, who joined team captain Iacobovici and witnesses Marvin Harris '25, Seve Sena '25, and Samuel Eisenberg ‘27. Their next match was against Bryn Mawr. Led by captain Jacob Iacobovici and senior Danyaal Khan they presented a strong case, but eventually lost to the evenly-matched Bryn Mawr team.

The final match of the season found the Lakers going up against the #2 in the league Baltimore City College High School with no seniors, as they were away on Senior Retreat. Forchheimer and fellow junior Fritz Fleming and Marvin Harris ‘25, as the Laker lawyers, argued a strong case. Asa Bergander and Samuel Eisenberg ‘27, as witnesses, stood up to relentless questioning by the City College team, and first-time competitor Michael Nwamoh ‘26 earned the team the most judged points of any Laker in playing the expert witness.

Team coach Eric Whitehair thanked his senior leaders for their leadership and noted that the experience and depth earned this year provide a strong foundation for the future of the Mock Trial Team Lakers.