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BL Senior Makes Equestrian History

Boys’ Latin could not be prouder of senior Teddy Davies, who won the 125th running of the Hunt Cup last Saturday in record time. Teddy has been a student at Boys’ Latin since the 9th grade, and throughout that time, he has successfully juggled the academic demands of school (spending time on both the honor roll and dean’s list) while competing on the varsity wrestling team and maintaining a very busy training and racing schedule. 

The Hunt Cub is considered a “timber race,” which is the American version of a steeplechase: it’s a long-distance horse race in which competitors vault over obstacles. Hunt Cup’s total distance is four miles, and the obstacles are twenty-two timber fences. It is generally considered to be one of the longest and most demanding races of its kind.

“This is unlike any other timber race that goes on, not only in Maryland, but in the world,” said Teddy. The son of two accomplished jockeys, Teddy grew up going to Hunt Cup and understands the significance of the race. Its distance, he explains, is longer and its obstacles more formidable than what is standard for most timber races.

While Teddy was a newcomer to Hunt Cup competition, his horse was a veteran. It was the second consecutive victory for Vintage Vinnie, a thirteen-year-old Irish thoroughbred, who set the all-time course record in last year’s race and broke that record this year. “He’s really tough,” says Teddy of his mount, “He just goes as fast as he wants. If you try to fight with him and get him to slow down, he’ll just take off even farther. He’s an amazing horse.”

On Saturday, the excitement was never too much for Vinnie, or for Teddy. “The adrenaline rush is what I love about it,” said Teddy, “When I was out there, I was just trying to give [Vintage Vinnie] the best chance I could.”

With Teddy’s victory, the Davies family cements its place in Maryland equestrian lore. Teddy now joins his father Joseph who won the race in 1998, 2000, and in 2005, as well as his mother Blythe, who won it in 2011. They are the first father-mother-son combination to win Hunt Cup.

“It feels great,” said Teddy, reflecting on his victory two days later, “It still kind of feels a little bit unreal.”

A large contingent of BL students, faculty, and fans was onhand to cheer Teddy on. Among the crowd was upper school Spanish teacher Kristen Tubman, a member of the Maryland steeplechase association, who has worked at Hunt Cup for over a decade. Following Wednesday’s athletic awards assembly, she shared a tribute to Teddy.

“[Teddy] has always been an incredibly hard worker and he would not be here if it were not for all of the early mornings and difficult horses he has been willing and able to ride,” Ms. Tubman remarked, “He so deserves this amazing win that he worked so hard for.”

The School recognized Teddy during their spring athletic awards assembly. On Thursday, the entire upper school was awarded a dress-down day in honor of Teddy’s accomplishment. The boys could wear cherry and gold, the colors that Teddy and Vintage Vinnie wore during the race.

Next year, Teddy will be heading to the University of Delaware. We can’t wait to see what comes next for Teddy, and we wish him all the best in his racing and academic pursuits.