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BL Senior’s Inspiring Story Featured in Hopkins Fundraiser


Baltimore radio station Mix 106.5 hosted the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center’s 33rd annual Radiothon last week, and BL senior Noah Goldstein played a starring role. The annual fundraiser, which is the Children’s Center’s largest, has raised over $25 million since its inception in 1989. Over the two days of the event, Mix 106.5 aired radio pieces profiling some of the many children treated at Hopkins. During that stretch, the station broadcast Noah’s story multiple times, in prominent time slots.  Click here to listen to Noah’s radio spot. 

In September of 2019, Noah suffered a massive stroke that took away feeling in the entire right side of his body, as well as his ability to walk, and some of his cognitive abilities. With the help of physical, occupational, and speech therapy at Hopkins and at additional facilities, Noah’s condition gradually improved. But in spring of 2021, Noah would suffer two more strokes. Again, he faced a long and arduous recovery process, but miraculously, Noah was able to return to School. He has regained many of the functions he lost: he is walking again, speaking naturally, and performing well in the classroom. His senior year of high school has largely been spared interruption from medical treatment.

Noah is proud of his recovery and thankful to the Hopkins doctors who have treated him. He shared his story with the entire community last year, in a virtual assembly he put together himself. Noah continues to draw inspiration from his family and BL classmates, as well as thinking about how much he has overcome, and from hearing his own story as presented on air during the Radiothon.

“I’d been saying the words all this time, but when I heard them played back to me it was just different,” he said, “It inspired me.”

Listener feedback and donations suggest that those who hear his story tend to feel the same way.


Link to Noah’s story: