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BLTV Awards 2023-2024

BLTV Awards 2023-2024

Congratulations to the many talented video production students, especially our award winners.


"The Cut Master"

Best Editor

Cooper Buchman '26

John Barrett '24


"The Eye of BL" 

Best Photographer / Best Videographer


Gavin Adler '26 (photography) 

James Savadove '26


Braden Brown '24

John Wedgeworth '24


"Untapped Greatness"

Demonstrated great potential and ability from day one. 

Noah Sadovnik '26 - camera

Reid Preiss '26 - talent

Tapley Irby '26 - editing

Michael Putnick '26 - producing


"The Jimmy"  - named for Jimmy Uhrin (passed in 2022, friend to BL)

Best Producer

Bennett English '24

Connor Schoenwetter '24


"The Desi" 

Best Host 

Desi Arrup '24