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Boys' Latin's 177th Commencement

The Boys’ Latin community had extra reason to celebrate on Monday, June 5th. Not only did the seventy-nine members of the Class of 2021 officially graduate from Boys’ Latin; the graduates were celebrated in front of a crowd of family, faculty, and friends. The ceremony took place, as is tradition, in front of Williams Hall under a large tent that is being referred to as “The Big Top.”

“My goodness, it is so good to see all of you this morning,” said Headmaster Chris Post, in recognition of the long lay-off between traditional commencement ceremonies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before turning his attention to the accomplishments of the graduates, Mr. Post first acknowledged French teacher Terry Howell, for whom the day marked the official close of what he called “an extraordinary forty-year career.” Madame Howell was given a bouquet of flowers and a standing ovation.

Eddie Loyd, the valedictorian of the senior class, was called upon to speak first. Eddie retold an inspirational parable first related to him by his lacrosse coach, Brian Farrell. His speech ended with advice to his classmates: “Times will challenge each of us, we will encounter complex problems, but please, never stop trying to break free.”

Justin Kagen was selected by his peers as the winner of the J. Elwood Peter Award for the senior who most exemplifies “the spirit of love for and helplessness to his fellow men.”

The Jack H. Williams Award for benevolence went to Vinny Arthur.

The recipient of the Julian and Carolyn Smith Alumni Award, for leadership based on character, was student body president Jonathan Elliott.

Head of Upper School Brian Mitchell presented special faculty awards to Amare Conley, Bilal Razzak, Mac Booth, Jamarr Watson, Harry Genth, Neelan McMillan, and Ethan Rak, and spoke about each student’s contributions to the school.

A musical interlude followed, as music teacher and band director Matt Pisarcik led the Senior Jazz Ensemble (seniors Amare Conley, Johngideon Bedford, Vinny Arthur, Joey Pepe, Sam Billian, Thomas Bogusky, and junior John Stellmann) in a big band tune: “It’s About Swing” by Larry Neeck.

The bulk of the morning’s ceremony was devoted to the recognition of the graduates. As is his custom, Mr. Post spoke about each member of the class, offering comments about their contributions to the class, the community, and their plans for next year.

In concluding Boys’ Latin’s 177th Commencement, Mr. Post offered a final word of praise and congratulations to the graduates. “Someday … it will be your sons, and their sons too perhaps, who will follow in your path, who will inherit what is yours, who will walk here among us, but alas that time is not now. That time is yet to come,” he said, “So dear friends, for a little while, goodbye, forever, great good luck, and may God bless you all of your days. Congratulations!”

You can click here to view our 177th Commencement ceremony, and below is a list of all the senior award recipients.

Upper School Honors Assembly, Faculty Awards, and Graduation Awards

Class of 2021





Name of Award


Recipient 2021

Sons of the American Revolution

Senior-highest ideals of character & citizenship

Xander O’Malley

Visual Art

Excellence and Achievement in Art

Barclay Reith & Luke Thomas

Packard Music

Outstanding Contribution to Music

Johngideon Bedford

Theater Arts

Excellence in the Theater Arts Program

Jonathan Elliott

Ann Irons' Student Director

Senior Play Directors

Vinny Arthur, Jonathan Elliott

Ralph E. Marquiss, Jr.

Demonstrating talent, dedication & enthusiasm in the Fine Arts

Vinny Arthur



Justin Windle

Excellence in French

Excellence in French beyond the first year

Elliott Daniels, Kernan Brooks

Excellence in Spanish

Excellence in Spanish beyond the first year

Hunter Hegmann

Claude Talmadge King

Excellence in Latin

Rafa Sena

Excellence in Physics


Eddie Loyd

John Cameron Freund

Excellence in biology, chemistry & physics

Eddie Loyd

Rensselaer Medal

Given to a junior distinguished in math & science

Rafa Sena

Boyd F. Winkelblech

Excellence in math

Aidan Silverman, Eddie Loyd

William Pheil Award

Enthusiasm for math

Liam Karey

Ryland O. Chapman III (Euro. History)

Excellence and enthusiasm for the study of Euro History (10th grader)

Caleb Woodlon

American History


Saad Razzak

History Department


Kofi Akuffo, Gavin McClernan, Ben Peake, Joey Pepe, Bilal Razzak

Curtis Carroll Davis

Proficiency in English - 11th or 12th grade

Ben Peake

English Writing Prowess


Ian McAslan

Love of Literature


Ethan Rak

Frank Chubb Technology

Computer award

Eillott Daniels, Ethan Rak, Kyle Schecter

Senior Speech


Didier Osias & Pen Peake

Alexander K. Barton

A memorial of Alex Barton's strong character, high ideals & effective moral leadership

Owen Reid

Old Boys' Association-Donaldson

Service to the school (9, 10 or 11)

Jacob Daughtry


for devotion to the pursuit of knowledge-9th or 10th grader

Caleb Woodlon


Given to a junior or senior whose contributions to BL are such that he creates his own legacy while enhancing the school's legacy (Jr/Sr)

Jonathan Elliott

Jennifer Brock

perseverance, courage and generosity (3-6 nominations to C.P.)

Noah Goldstein

State Merit Certificates

Excellence in scholastic achievement, grade point average, achievement tests and SAT scores or similar tests at the national level

Eddie Loyd, Gavin McClernan, Ben Peake, Aidan Silverman




Jack H. Williams

Thoughtfulness and consideration of others.

Vinny Arthur

Alumni (Julian & Carolyn Smith)

Leadership based on character.

Jonathan Elliott

J. Elwood Peter

Outstanding loyalty-chosen by alumni-possessing the spirit of love & helpfulness towards fellow man (senior class votes).

Justin Kagen







Mac Booth

Amare Conley

Harry Genth

Neel McMillan

Ethan Rak

Bilal Razzak

Jamarr Watson






John Bryan

Jerry Carter

Elliott Daniels

Julian Ferrandi

John Fishel

Myles Fresnel

Charles Godin

T'Khai Hogan

Justin Illiano

Justin Kagen

Ian McAslan

Martin Rowen

Pierce Rubin

Riar Schell

Aidan Silverman

Avery Tankersly