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Congratulations to our Winter Athletics Award Recipients

Congratulations to our Winter Athletics Award Recipients

On March 6, the upper school gathered as director of athletics, Michael Thomas and coaches presented our annual Winter Athletics Awards to recognize the 2023 season.

Congratulations to all of our award recipients!


All-Conference Athletes:

Nick Chan '24 - Ice Hockey

Dom Markovich '26 - Ice Hockey

Michael Meredith '24 - Squash

Chase Wehberg '27 - Ice Hockey

Drew Wehberg '24 - Ice Hockey


Ice Hockey

Captains: Nick Chan ‘24, Bryce Antwerpen ‘24 and Drew Wehberg ‘24

Turney McKnight MVP Award: Nick Chan '24

Butch Maisel Award: Baptiste Vernieuwe

Most Improved Award: Zach Adler ‘24

Unsung Hero Award: Bryce Antwerpen '24

Spirit Award: Drew Wehberg '24                                                                 



Captains: Fitz Cooke ‘24, Owen Galiani ‘24 and Gemariah Griffin ‘24 

MVP: Seve Lombardo ‘25

Most Improved Award: Max Ladenson ‘25 and Gemariah Griffin '24

Gamper Award: Donald Obrecht ‘78

Rookie of the Year Award: Rocco Csontas ‘27

Terrible Tumbler Award: Wynn Gardner ‘27

Spirit Award: Jay Greene ’26



Captains: CJ Jackson ‘24 and Ghavyne St. Pierre ‘26

MVP: Elliott Hopes ‘26

Most Improved Award: David Pridgen ‘25

Rookie of the Year Award: Elijah Fonotia ‘25

Spirit Award: Desi Arrup ‘24                                                    



Captains: Evan Dackman ‘24, Michael Meredith ‘24 and Jed Lazenby ‘24

MVP: Michael Meredith ‘24

Most Improved Award: Colby Crooks ‘25

Spirit Award: Jed Lazenby ‘24