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This fall, Boys’ Latin will officially launch a partnership for student coursework with Global Online Academy (GOA), a worldwide not-for-profit consortium of leading independent schools, designed to prepare students and educators to thrive in a globally connected society.  Boys’ Latin upper school students will have the opportunity to take online courses on a multitude of interesting, specialized topics with students and teachers from across the globe. More than 125 high-performing independent schools participate, representing 30 countries and over 30 states. 

Logistically, juniors and seniors will enroll in a semester-long course of their choosing; courses range from Architecture to Personal Finance to Neuropsychology. Ms. Rosiak, Boys’ Latin’s GOA on-site director and director of Educational Support Services, describes the advantages of these programs: “GOA allows students to see if they are interested in a specialized area of study, and gives students the opportunity to experience learning in a different way.” Self-motivation and time management lie at the core of independent learning, and GOA will allow students to hone those skills. Liam McClure ‘22 took the class Entrepreneurship in a Global Context via GOA this past spring in a pilot program. He remarks, “The teacher was amazing, and the content was really useful. It also taught me a lot about what learning style suits me best.”

In a society that increasingly relies on online-based interaction, GOA is an opportunity for students that truly has real-world applicability. Ms. Rosiak is very optimistic about the future with GOA implemented: “At an institution that tries to meet the individual where he is, GOA is one more way to do that.”