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Keeping Students Connected

Megan Kenney, Director Counseling and Upper School counselor, recently submitted an article to Roland Park News discussing the work of our counseling team to keep our boys connected and engaged, even during these most challenging times. (article below)

While COVID has thrown us many curveballs and has taught us to pivot more times than we like, it has also allowed us to incorporate new practices into our classrooms and our community. For some it has been a time of closeness and togetherness, while for others it has brought isolation and disconnectedness. As school counselors we have tried to weather this storm, supporting our students and keeping them connected. 

The pandemic has created challenges for our students like never before, and we know that now more than ever our boys need to be seen and heard. We are committed to working with them as they continue to balance their academic, social, and emotional needs.

In the lower school our counselor creates a calming environment during her Laker Lessons, teaching coping skills through relaxation techniques. Students end the week with an activity on gratitude, which benefits both their mental and physical health. 

Developmentally, our middle school boys need the most social stimulation, so we have given them more intentional time with their advisory groups. We have created Zoom rooms so students can interact across grade levels, no longer possible in person due to designated cohorts. Clubs remain a priority, allowing the boys to pursue their interests and interact with one another outside the classroom.

Upper school also relies heavily on the advisory and club programs to create a strong sense of community and connectedness. Students begin each day with a morning advisory check-in. In designing our cohorts, we have allowed the upperclassmen to remain together, enriching their brotherhood and continuing relationship building. 

Counselors will continue to keep the mental health and wellness of all students at the forefront, working hard to meet the needs of each and every boy.