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Meet New Middle School Head, Pen Vineyard

Starting a new job in a new city in the middle of a pandemic certainly isn’t for everyone, but when new Middle School head Pen Vineyard heard about the opening at Boys’ Latin, he jumped at the opportunity. Pen had been teaching at Fairfield Country Day, a small K-9 boys’ school in southwestern Connecticut. Partly thanks to the International Boys’ School Conference (IBSC), which he attended several times, he knew of BL’s reputation, and once he stepped onto campus, he quickly fell in love with what he identified as its “intimate, highly relational culture.”

“The Middle School is the best-kept secret of Boys’ Latin,” says Pen, who will teach Spanish on top of his duties as an administrator, “It’s a highly functioning team built by [previous Middle School head] Brandon Mollett, and I feel lucky to be stepping in.” (Mollett will be moving into the role of dean of academics.)

Pen has a particular passion for boys’ middle school education, which he sees as his professional niche.

“I love how much development happens during these years,” he says, “Particularly in a boys’ school, where all faculty are dedicated to building relationships.”

His top priority as an educator is to instill in his students a sense that they belong: “Relationships create belonging, and from that sense of belonging, incredible things can start to happen.”