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MLK Day Assembly

MLK Day Assembly

On Monday, we held our annual MLK assembly, with faculty and students from all three divisions gathering to pay tribute to Dr. King’s life and legacy. 

Proceedings began with a musical rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” often called the Black National Anthem, performed by an upper school instrumental ensemble conducted by Mr. Matt Pisarcik. BL’s director of community, equity, and inclusion, Michael Powell, then took to the podium to welcome the audience and to introduce the assembly’s theme, Beyond Service: Making a Just Community.

“We decided to focus our celebration of Martin Luther King on his commitment to service to others in the way of correcting and speaking on economic injustice,” said Mr. Powell, “King was a strong advocate for both racial justice as well as economic justice.”

Student MCs, Wynn Gardner and Christopher Dukes-Robinson, both Class of 2027, then introduced various members of the BAC (Black Awareness Club), who took turns offering details of Dr. King’s biography. A slideshow of images and quotes from his life helped to supplement their words. After a vocal performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” from the upper school chorus, conducted by Ms. Kathy Anderson, four students stepped to the podium one by one to offer short speeches. Brayden Black ’26, Michael Nwamoh ’26, Caleb Woodlon ’23, and Mehki Agudo ’23 served as the assembly’s de facto keynote speakers, each offering thoughts on Dr. King’s teachings. They reflected on Dr. King’s focus on eradicating poverty for people of all races.   

Following a stirring musical interlude from the hand chimes ensemble, Headmaster Chris Post offered his thoughts on Dr. King, whom he called “the most important American who has never held or run for political office.” Dr. King’s legacy, said Mr. Post, challenges us to live out our motto, Esse Quam Videri. “And striving each day to do so, we honor Dr. King and his legacy, ensuring that we are beacons of light shining brightly in our families, in our communities and in our world.”

BL’s commemoration of Dr. King’s life continues this Friday when students and faculty will devote a full school day to community service projects.