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The One Love Club: Celebrating a Decade of Building Healthy Relationship

The One Love Club: Celebrating a Decade of Building Healthy Relationship

Ten years ago Boys’ Latin became the first school in the country to pair with the One Love  Foundation to establish a One Love Club. The Foundation, created to honor the memory of Yeardley Love, who was killed as a result of a toxic relationship, seeks to educate young people in how to recognize unhealthy relationships and to develop healthy relationships. Sean Crowley, one of the club’s four senior leaders, feels that  “One Love is one of those special organizations that looks far beyond itself. The fact that an event so horrible and gruesome can end up bringing so much positivity to our world is quite profound. One love stands for UNIVERSAL love and respect expressed for all people regardless of race, creed or color. That is important, and that is why we do what we do.”

In the decade since its founding as the One Laker |One Love Club, it has grown into the biggest club at Boys’ Latin, with a current roster of 70-75 students.  Senior leader Ryan Kelly says, “Because of (director of counseling) Megan Kenney, Boys’ Latin was the first school in the country to have a One Love club and that is something we take pride in.” Activities aren’t confined to club meetings, but extend far beyond the BL campus and into the greater Baltimore community. Ranging anywhere from bake sales to yoga nights, co-ed lacrosse games, and a dance, these activities bring together students and friends from multiple schools. This year club members are teaching a series of healthy relationship lessons to students in grades five through eight. Leader Trace Davanzo comments, “The mission of One Love is really important to us as a School and throughout my years has done an amazing job spreading awareness through all grades.”

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and in that month alone the club sponsored an assembly, a healthy Valentines program across all three divisions, Random Acts of Kindness and the Escalation Workshop for all juniors, as well as other daily activities. A screening of the Escalation film was offered to parents of juniors this year and was very well received.

Each year in April an entire day is set aside as One Laker | One Love Day. Students in grades kindergarten through twelve engage in age-appropriate activities throughout the day, which culminates with the entire Boys’ Latin community of students, faculty and staff gathering on a field to create a human One Love logo for a photograph. 

When asked his feelings about the club, leader Cole Quenzer responded, “I feel like the club is a great thing to have here at BL because we are all in relationships. Especially with all of us high schoolers, it’s important to know the healthy signs, and if you see a problem you can help stop it. I think I have benefited from being in the club all four years and have imputed all of the information I have learned into all of my relationships in my life.”  Kelly comments that “Being a leader of this club has taught me so much; running for this position was one of the best choices I made in high school!”

Club advisor Megan Kenney is pleased that One Laker | One Love has been able to be more present this year than in the past. “Our goal has been to provide one outward facing event at least once a month.”, she says, adding that “This has been our most successful year.”