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Three Cheers for the 5th Grade Tie Ceremony

Three Cheers for the 5th Grade Tie Ceremony


Joined by their fathers and special friends, fifth graders reached a significant milestone in their Boys’ Latin journey: receiving their first BL School tie at the Fifth Grade Tie Ceremony.  

Headmaster Christopher Post spoke about the ties the boys received today and how it connects them to Boys’ Latin alumni and students who have come before them as well as those who are to follow. He also reaffirmed what it means to be a Laker and explained what the design of the BL tie signifies. The colors – maroon and white – were chosen, naturally, because they are our School colors. The three stripes represent the three words of our motto, Esse Quam Videri, as well as the three core values of courage, integrity and compassion. 

For the remainder of the year, our fifth graders will wear their new ties to School on Wednesdays, which should give them plenty of time to master how to tie a tie. Congratulations, boys – you look great in your new ties!