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Winter Athletic Awards 2022-2023

Winter Athletic Awards 2022-2023

On March 8th, the upper school gathered as director of athletics, Michael Thomas, and coaches presented our annual Winter Athletic Awards to recognize the 2022-2023 season. 

Special shoutout to junior ice hockey player Nick Chan for being named Player of the Year in the MIAA B conference. This is the first time ever the MIAA has awarded Player of the Year recognition in ice hockey. Chan scored a record-breaking 56 goals with 11 assists and an average of 40 minutes of play per game in the 2022-2023 season.

Congratulations to the following award recipients. 


All-Conference Athletes

Nick Chan ‘24 - Ice Hockey

Drew Wehberg ‘24 - Ice Hockey

Michael Meredith ‘24 - Squash

Jake Stout ‘23 - Basketball


Ice Hockey 

Captain: Nick Chan ‘24, Drew Wehberg ‘24 & Bryce Antwerpen ‘24

Turney McKnight MVP Award: Nick Chan ‘24

Most Improved Award: Michael Putnick ‘26

Spirit Award: De’Andre Jones ‘24

Butch Maisel Award: Coach Derek Radebaugh '90 & Coach Mark Moxley '88

Unsung Hero Award: De’Andre Jones ‘24

ALL MIAA: Drew Wehberg ‘24 & Nick Chan ‘24



Captain:  Glen Roe ‘23

MVP: EJ Hill ‘25  

Most Improved Award: Max Ladenson ‘25 & Noah Bernstein ‘25                 

Spirit Award: Jake Bieschke ‘23                                                                              

Gamper Award:  The Laupert Family                                        

Rookie of the Year: Carter Beck ‘26         

Terrible Tumbler Award: Glen Roe ‘23



MVP: Michael Meredith ‘24

Most Improved: Evan Dackman ‘24 & Josh Blank ‘26

Spirit: Jed Lazenby ‘24 & Robert Locke ‘25

ALL MIAA: Michael Meredith ‘24



MVP: Jake Stout ‘23

Most Improved: Mehki Agudo ‘23

Spirit: Wilson Ritter ‘23

Rookie of the Year: Ghavyne Saint Pierre ‘26

ALL MIAA: Jake Stout ‘23