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Parents' Association

If you're a Laker parent or guardian, you're automatically a member of the Boys' Latin Parents' Association. We invite you to get involved in our vibrant, welcoming community of caring volunteers.


The Parents' Association is made up of the Executive Committee and the Division Coordinators.  Meet our 2023-2024  officers below.

PRESIDENT:  Nicole Brown  VICE PRESIDENT:  Kim Wolff  2ND VICE PRESIDENT: Michelle Barrera

SECRETARY:  Pending  TREASURER: Michelle Bengermino

LOWER SCHOOL COORDINATORS: Mary Gordon & Kate Sinclair 

MIDDLE SCHOOL COORDINATORS: Ericka Fowlkes & Melissa Roth

UPPER SCHOOL COORDINATORS:  Amy Johnson & Melissa Puritz

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The purpose of the Association is to foster a positive spirit within the School family, to provide financial support to the School, to assist the School in its admissions process and in its efforts to provide educational facilities, opportunities, and assistance to its student organizations. The Association’s leadership serves as a liaison between parents and the administration and works to ensure the accurate flow of information between parents and other stakeholders of the School.

There's no better way to connect with other Laker parents and to support our School, our boys and our faculty and staff, than being an active member of the Parents’ Association. Whether you are interested in chairing an event, serving on the Parents’ Association Board or volunteering from home, there is a place for everyone.

The Association is a volunteer auxiliary organization of the School and shall be subject to the direction of the Headmaster and the Board of Trustees.