Gillian Vernon

Middle School English, Grade Leader 7th
B.A., University of Delaware
M.A.T., Loyola University (in progress)
"Don't aim for perfection. It doesn't exist. Instead, focus on positively impacting everyone who surrounds you."

Email Address:

Phone Number: 410-377-5192 ext. 3216

Joined Boys' Latin: 

Middle School English

Education & Professional Training:
B.A., University of Delaware
M.A.T., Loyola University (in progress)

Teaching Experience:
Teacher/Coach/Mentor, Americorps at Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington

Awards, Honors and Recognition:
Colbert Enrichment Award, 2015, The Boys' Latin School
The President's Volunteer Service Award

Teaching At BL:
Ms. Vernon likes to describe her English classroom as "a multimodal learning environment where students are expected to take risks during each lesson." So, what does this look like?

She has used Simon and Garfunkel to teach grammar, Forrest Gump to teach vocabulary, and meditation to analyze Lord of the Flies. She regularly recreates scenes from books in her classroom though she scrapped a To Kill a Mockingbird courtroom idea when faced with tons of "lost oreo" cases presented by her student-lawyers.

Ms. Vernon, in all these endeavors, strives to create safe environments where students are willing to take risks in order to learn. Whether that takes the form of improv games or finally figuring out a way to use LEGOs to teach literature, she is going to keep pushing the edges of pedagogy to get her students actively involved in their learning.

As Ms. Vernon says, "Even when students struggle with their reading, you can make them fall in love with the story."

To Ms. Vernon, Boys' Latin is family where the teachers are dedicated to helping each boy. As middle school can be some of the most difficult years of adolescence, Ms. Vernon takes very seriously her role in providing students with guidance and support. The best part of being a faculty member at BL, Ms. Vernon says, "None of it feels like work."

What's More:
Ms. Vernon has an amazing network of friends and family who she tries to spend time with as often as possible. As an English teacher, she finds that she doesn't actually have a lot of time to read during the school year, but when she does, you might find her reading one of her favorites, To Kill a Mockingbird.

If she weren't working at Boys' Latin, and if she won the lottery, she would be traveling the world. Once done, she would come back to BL.



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