Jeffrey Hindes

Science Department Chair, Upper School Science, Varsity Cross Country Coach
B.A., Franklin and Marshall College
"Do not be afraid to make a mistake. Human knowledge has made some of its biggest gains as the result of incredible blunders. It is only through making mistakes that learning can begin."

Email Address:

Phone Number: 410-377-5192 ext. 1207

Joined Boys' Latin: 

Upper School Science

Head Coach, Cross Country

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Education & Professional Training:
B.A., Franklin and Marshall College

Teaching Experience:
Science Teacher, Georgetown Preparatory School
Science Teaching Fellow, Friends School of Baltimore

Teaching At BL:
Scientists learn by asking questions. They investigate their questions in lab, analyze their data, and then ask more questions about what they've learned. Mr. Hindes believes that students should learn science in a similar fashion: ask questions, investigate in lab, and analyze data.

In Mr. Hindes' classroom, students are presented with data or a model system and work together to analyze it, asking questions throughout the process. Rather than passively listening to a lecture and being told about science, students are actively engaged in their own learning by acting like scientists. Laboratory experiments continue this ideal--often, students will collect data in lab before seeing the topic in class, and then analyze their data in class to learn the material the way a scientist would. Other times, students create their own procedures to solve a problem, based on what they've learned in their previous lab experiments.

The relationships Mr. Hindes has built with his students are what he values most about teaching at BL. Whether it's in class, during a cross country workout, or just through interactions around campus, Mr. Hindes believes that the connections he can make with his students make for a more fun and nurturing environment, and help to bring out the best from students in the classroom.

What's More:
Mr. Hindes is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles. He enjoys reading fantasy and science fiction novels. Mr. Hindes' favorite TV shows include Jeopardy! and The Big Bang Theory, and he loves to play board or card games of any kind, from Parcheesi and Rummikub to The Settlers of Catan and Dominion.


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