Matthew Pisarcik

Lower & Middle School Band, Upper School Music
B.M., University of Delaware
"The best advice I can give to BL students is the advice I got from my elementary school band director: Be yourself. It's simple, but after realizing what that actually meant, it made me into the person I am today. It takes so much extra energy to try and put on a different personality every day that it can be tiresome. It is so much more rewarding to share your true self with everyone else and be comfortable with who you are and the choices you make."

Phone Number: 410-377-5192 ext. 1180

Joined Boys' Latin: 

Lower School Band
Middle School Band
Upper School Music

Conductor, Student Instrumental Ensembles

Education & Professional Training:
B.M., University of Delaware

Teaching Experience:
General Music Teacher and Band Director, Saint Edmond's Academy
GIML Instrumental Level 1 Certification

Teaching At BL:
Mr. Pisarcik's approach to teaching begins with a recognition that no two students learn the same way. He says, "Musicians come from all walks of life and play various instruments. This diversity should be embraced instead of looked at as a difficulty."

Being an instrumental music teacher at a school means teaching across most, if not all, grades. Mr. Pisarcik is very passionate about students creating their own musical path and is excited to be potentially a part of a musician's start in fourth grade and then see the journey of growth and musical development all the way until that student graduates as a high school senior. He loves teaching music because it allows him to express his own passion for music and provide others with the means to do the same.

When thinking about joining the BL faculty, he says, "The school's motto, 'To be, rather than to seem,' struck a chord in me and has been resonating ever since I first heard it and I don't expect those words to stop resonating anytime soon. This school offers a truly healthy and supportive environment for learning."

What's More:
Mr. Pisarcik is married to a talented music and choir teacher from Howard County public schools. He enjoys spending time watching Netflix with his wife, as well as performing music, providing private music lessons and attending live shows. Other interests include cooking, swimming and watching movies.

If he weren't teaching, Mr. Pisarcik says he would be employed as a music therapist for local hospitals and hospice care centers - something he's dreamed of doing and hopes to fulfill during summers off from BL.


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