Late Start Morning

A forum for faculty collaboration
Today was our first Late Start Day in the upper school. Once a month, from 8:00 to 9:30 am, the faculty will come together to learn from and with each other.
These mornings will provide upper school faculty extra time to focus on enhancing the academic program and improving the student experience. What do faculty think? They are thrilled. As educators, they know that the world is constantly changing and it is incumbent upon them to ensure that students are prepared not only for college but for the real world.
“There were great thought-provoking conversations,” said upper school Spanish teacher Andres Gonzales-Stewart.
Andrew Robinson, assistant director of college counseling, remarked, “It was great to roll up our sleeves and work on something that really matters and will yield results.”
Some of the key areas of focus included: exploring the upper school schedule, promoting digital citizenship, differentiation in the classroom, building resilient boys, and optimizing our advisory curriculum.                     
And, as a bonus, upper school boys got to sleep a little later this morning, something that research has shown teenagers desperately need.

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