Jonathan Emile shares his time and talent

Jonathan Emile, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and poet, joined us on campus to perform, interact with students, and share his passion. Jonathan is a graduate of a boys' school in Montreal and credits that experience for helping him develop into the person and artist he is today. 

 Jonathan presented to grades 6-12  on the intersection of music, experience, and identity.  He performed a number of his songs and poems - highlighting several themes, including his soul and heritage, perseverance, and love. Jonathan is a cancer survivor and shared with the boys the powerful impact music had on him as he was going through his treatment and recovery.  Additionally, he remarked how music allows you to connect with people in a unique and powerful way. "Life is filled with adversity and confusion. As young men, we may feel insecure and conflicted. Art has the ability to build relationships on a human level. 

Jonathan spoke about the power of music as a vehicle for communication.  "Music was the original social media. When you can't communicate how you feel, put a song on to describe it."  The boys responded to his presentation with energy, enthusiasm, thunderous applause, and lots and lots of questions. 

Following the presentation, Jonathan spent the balance of the day working with 30 upper school students, conducting a workshop on poetry, imagery, and the artistic process. Our boys were then given the opportunity to present their work, and we are excited to report that several will have their writing included in an anthology that Jonathan is producing.

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