Below is a message from Headmaster Chris Post sent to our families on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

Dear Boys’ Latin Families,

Over the past several weeks, we have been confronted once again by acts of hatred and senseless violence, stemming from deep-seated injustice and intolerance.  These racist acts, perpetrated on Black people, are horrifying in every way.  While I have felt a range of emotions from frustration to anger, disbelief to overwhelming sadness, I recognize that these emotions do not carry the same weight as they do for Black people.  I grieve for our boys and for our community.  I am committed to ensuring that our school acts with courage and integrity, and that all are treated with compassion.
Please know that we stand together, and that our divisional leaders, counseling staff and advisors are available to discuss how best to approach these issues with your son and serve as resources. Next week, we will be offering a facilitated conversation for our upper school students, and information regarding the event will be forthcoming. I have also included several links to various resources, listed below.
Finally, there will be a virtual, community conversation on Wednesday, June 3 at 7 PM with other area schools that is co-facilitated by Kristen Tubman, our upper school coordinator of global and community programs. This discussion is geared towards adults and older students, and the login information is listed below. 

Amidst the seas of anxiety and fear in which we are tossed, we know how important it is that we live out our mission. This compels us to foster an environment in which all members of our community – students, parents and families; faculty, staff and administration; and alumni and friends – feel welcomed and valued for their individual perspective. Simply writing or saying these words is, in and of itself, insufficient. We must continually strive to embody our values through our words and deeds.

We know all too well that our children look to us for comfort and guidance, especially in the most difficult of times. Being present, remaining open to discussion and their questions, and most of all, reminding them that they are loved and cared for provides a strong foundation on which to build.
Sincerely yours,

Christopher J. Post

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