Upper School English teacher Sam Voso has always loved the outdoors. An avid rock climber, he decorates his classroom with posters of mountains and often spends weekends traveling to popular climbing spots. Things changed, however, when the COVID-19 pandemic began. With traveling on hold, Mr. Voso had to look for new ways to keep himself occupied.

In almost no time at all, he decided to transfer his energy from climbing to gardening. He constructed a huge vegetable garden in his backyard (11 x 33 ft) and on the advice of his mother and his fiance’s mother, both avid gardeners, he set about planting green beans, peas, broccoli, and squash. Although he has some experience pruning trees for a service in Reisterstown, this type of gardening was mainly uncharted territory for Mr. Voso. He turned to the internet, especially Youtube videos, for further guidance.
A lifelong learner, Mr. Voso, brings the same quest for knowledge and into his classroom and is always open to learning from the boys. “I see the way my students learn to teach themselves about different subjects by researching them on Youtube,” he says, “So they inspired me to try it for myself.”

As his crops have come in, Mr. Voso has found himself doing more cooking as well. His specialties so far include a fresh spinach salad, grilled zucchini, and pasta with broccoli, peas, and kale, all vegetables he has grown himself.

“I’ve had fun learning another way to enjoy being outside,” he says, “And I know I’ll continue gardening after the quarantine is over.”

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