The sounds of Boys’ Latin’s alma mater, Maroon for Courage, played on bagpipes, floating over the lower field signaled the start of the 2020-2021 school year. Rather than gathering some 700 strong in the Iglehart Center for Opening Convocation, this year’s outdoor official opening of school saw our youngest Lakers seated on the field while the senior class filled the bleachers and the rest of the students and faculty joined via live stream.

Student Body President Jonathan Elliott '21 opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and the School’s Mission Statement, after which Headmaster Chris Post welcomed everyone “formally and finally” to the 177th school year. He then asked the Class of ‘33 and the Class of '21 to stand and recognize the 15 seniors who have been with us from the beginning.

In his remarks, Headmaster Post told the story of an old man seeing a young boy walking the beach one morning after a storm. The beach was littered with starfish, which the boy was tossing back into the ocean. Noting that there were thousands of starfish, the old man commented that the boy couldn’t really make a difference. In response, the boy tossed another starfish into the water, saying “I made a difference for that one.”  Mr. Post went on to retell the story of the closing of Brevard Street and Boys’ Latin’s move to Lake Avenue. Tomorrow, September 19, marks the 60th anniversary of that move, as well as the 60th year for Associate Headmaster Emeritus, Dyson Ehrhardt.

“When faced with insurmountable odds, everyone did his part.” said Headmaster Post as he spoke about the relocation from Brevard Street, and what it will mean for each one to do his part this year. Saying that each of us has the power and potential to make a difference, he asked that we choose civility, choose decency, and choose respect.

To watch a recording of our 2020-2021 Opening Convocation, please click here.

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