Courage Class Honors Senior Citizens with Bio Project

One of the goals of BL’s LAUNCH curriculum is to give students an opportunity to connect their Boys’ Latin education with the broader community.
Our Courage class recently visited Woodholme Gardens, an assisted living facility in Pikesville, as part of a biography project.  

During their stay, each group was assigned a resident to interview. These conversations will then serve as primary source content for a biography that each student will write highlighting the resident he met.

For BL Senior Josh Blibaum, learning about the biggest changes the residents saw over the course of their lives was the most interesting part of the experience.

"It was incredible conversing with someone who had first-hand recollections of events like the Great Depression and World War II,” he says, adding that he enjoyed both hearing from elders and having the chance to share their stories with others.

Throughout the field trip, students had the chance to connect with individuals from all walks of life, including military personnel, a judge and a civil rights activist.

"The goal was for each student to get out of their comfort zone and to see another community,” says Courage Teacher Ann Gazin. Since several of the residents had memory issues, the boys also learned a great deal about empathy and adapting to different circumstances.

While the project clearly had a profound impact on our students, the feedback from the residents was overwhelmingly positive as well. "One resident said she wished the day would last forever,” says Gazin.

In January, the class plans to return to Woodholme Gardens and read the biographies.

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