Sarah Mogliazzi Presents at MAEA Conference

This weekend, Middle and Upper School Art Teacher Sarah Mogliazzi presented two workshops at the Maryland Art Education Association (MAEA) Conference.
The first workshop, "The Reality of 'Making' While Incarcerated" explored the themes of self-reflection and growth and discussed how to use art as a tool for healing and transformation. Inspired by the time Mrs. Mogliazzi spends working as a volunteer and teaching art to juveniles charged as adults in the criminal justice system, the session highlighted the creative solutions she has devised when faced with strict restrictions on approved art supplies. The session gave attendees insights on how they could apply similar strategies when dealing with limited resources in the traditional classroom.

The second workshop, "Vanishing Wildlife Awareness: Creating Installations to Inspire Change,” highlighted how teachers could help students design and create art installations to raise awareness about social issues. Last year, Mrs. Mogliazzi worked with middle school students to transform the gallery space in Smith Hall into an eye-catching installation for the Spring Art Show. The installation both educated and inspired the Boys’ Latin community on how to protect the oceans’ coral reefs and many species of endangered wildlife. To make it, the students used recycled materials and everyday objectives to convey their message in a unique and compelling way.

"Mrs. Mogliazzi energized our students via art and research, igniting an interest in valuing and protecting the endangered species from across the world,” says Middle School Head Brandon Mollett. “The students created sculptures in the installation and brought home to our community the stark reality of the plight of these endangered species."

Presenting the workshops was a rewarding experience for Mogliazzi. “I was really excited to attend this year as a presenter,” she says. The conference, which was hosted at Towson University and Dulaney High School, aims to encourage and strengthen the role of visual arts in education by promoting quality instruction and encouraging the study of art teaching.

Mogliazzi’s involvement with this year’s MAEA conference is just one example of the many ways she’s actively engaged with the BL community and beyond. On campus, she currently serves as an advisor for the Middle School Art Club and the Upper School Model UN. She also works as a scenic artist for the middle and upper school theater arts productions. Outside of school, she has been recognized with the Volunteer Excellence Award from the Baltimore County Detention Center.

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