A Separate Peace brought down the house!

The Upper School drama department performed a Separate Peace to a full house.
 "Why do I always let you talk me into things?" says Gene Forrester, the sixteen-year-old protagonist of A Separate Peace, to his best friend Finny. It's 1942 and the two boys are students at Devon, a prestigious boarding school in New Hampshire. In a year, the two friends, along with the rest of the boys in their grade, may find themselves fighting for their country in Europe or Asia, but for now, they are free to be boys. They spend their days smoking in the dorm room, listening to their radio, playing an invented game called Blitzball and, most notably, jumping from the limb of a tall tree into the river below.
Studious and introverted Gene loves and respects his athletic and charismatic friend Finny, but his admiration is tinged with an intense jealousy that will eventually boil over - with tragic results.
With a plot that focuses on adolescent boys at a private school, A Separate Peace, based on the classic novel by John Knowles, is an ideal choice for BL's drama department. Seniors Ely Shilling and Teddy Roebuck, both of whom have appeared in several drama department productions over the past few years, collaborate to direct this well-acted, technically sound production. Jonathan Elliott '21 brings out Gene's teenage insecurity, while his classmate Vinny Arthur'21 plays Finny with brash charm. Frank Rosiak '20 gives a strong performance as Leper, an eccentric student who becomes unhinged after enlisting in the armed forces.  Jake Miller '20 oozes confidence as class president Brinker Hadley. Ryan Koch '22, Jackson Brant '23, Jacob Daughtry '22 and Zack 'Parks '20 round out a solid supporting cast, while Rafa Sena '22 and Michael Chiolo '21 and Ethan Thompson '21 work tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver lights and sound.
The play opened on Tuesday night to an audience of seniors. Before the show, Shilling and Roebuck welcomed the crowd and dedicated the performance to senior Mattheu Thomas. The house was full for Wednesday and Thursday night performances.

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