The Boys' Latin Center for Military History

Honoring Military Personnel
Past, Present and Future

Our Mission

The Boys’ Latin Center for Military History was established to allow members of the Boys’ Latin community and beyond to honor our military personnel past, present, and future. The facility houses an extensive private collection of military memorabilia from the Revolutionary War through the War on Terror, including thousands of original and reproduction artifacts as well as documents, photos, diary accounts, military paperwork and manuals in print and digital formats.

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Housed on campus in Sinclair Hall, The Boys’ Latin Center for Military History showcases military artifacts from a wide range of eras. The center provides cross-curricular resources for schools, universities, military organizations, and the general public and includes a lecture area, library, 20 displays and one large rotating exhibit space. Exhibits contain uniforms, equipment, and personal items. Special display cases aim to immerse visitors inside a particular setting or environment by replicating specific scenes. These scenes include a 1918 French farmhouse used by several U.S. soldiers during World War I, five soldiers in a Normandy barn on D-Day, and a twilight snow scene in the Hurtgen Forest in 1944.

The fee for a group visit is $150.00. The center's staff works with each group to create an interdisciplinary, hands-on experience using selected artifacts and lectures geared toward specific areas of interest. For a complete list of lecture topics or to arrange a visit, please contact Head Curator Butch Maisel at (410) 377-5192, ext. 1124 or


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